My Plenty Vaporizer Review: Must Have

My Plenty Vape Review – See my rating here:

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KnicksNYanks84 says:

I came across this post on Reddit:
“Secondly, the chamber is plastic. If you’re worried about BPA, DEHP and the real bad guy MBP (the resultant metabolite of BPA) then this thing is great to inhale plastic compounds with its large deep chamber.””

Is this truly a risk with this vaporizer?

Kenny Sabarese says:

On your site you mention “The end results after a full session with this thing are the closest to smoking you’ll get from a vape, it’s really just as strong and the feeling is pretty similar (usually better).”

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Pax can take a sativa and you’ll get a the same effects of an indica. Whereas combustion gives a strong sativa effect. Does the above comment mean that you get good sativa effects with the Plenty? How does the Vapexale compare in this department. I love sativa but don’t feel I get that effect with the Pax too much and want my next vape to provide that.

Strength is not a concern for me because I’ll only need 2 to 3 draws to be good. 

PS Happy Holidays, as you can see I’m buying myself a Christmas present today based on your recommendation 🙂

jocker blue says:

pourquoi tu ne monte pas comment il fait de vapeur

Alexzond says:

you are the best vape analyzer to ever set foot on earth. Thank you.

mmac071 says:

I am definitely a newbie and interested in buying the plenty. Does the vapor stink?

The Vape Critic says:

+shane alexander – both are equally excellent, if you don’t want bag get this one

Jony Wister says:

Hey Bud! why did you give the plenty a 93 a lower rating then the volcano ?? arent they both excellent vapes which perform outstandingly on theyre individual qualities (bag/whip)? and can i vape the rick simpson oil on the plenty?

Gwai Lou says:

how is this a review without even seeing a hit?

RMTmusic1 says:

Vape Critic I need your help. I’m trying to use my new plenty vaporizer. I turn it on and it heats up and when I take a draw nothing. Help!

Alessandro Ruggieri says:

Hi there, I really like your reviews!!.. considering getting the Plenty but I’m looking for a device that works well with pretty much all kind of materials and portable..I heard of the Haze V3 and I saw your it really the best option or there is something better? What do you suggest? Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work.

Koneser Stylu says:

vaping session upside down amplify your results check it out on my channel

shane alexander says:

would you buy this or volcano , i like the volcano but the bag is annoying to hear when smoking, i want something next to volcano or silver surfer

The Vapor Path says:

I just got a Plenty like 2 days ago… and DAMN you pretty much get the same effect as smoking.. I got the reducer chamber they came out with the dial on 6 and get UP UP AND AWAY every shesh.. CHEERS to “The Plenty”

Polecatt says:

I did actually buy the Cloud Evo first but quickly returned it after a quick trial. The Plenty kicks its ass in many departments & once you get the hang of things you will notice the plenty is quite efficient.

Delta 505 says:

can u vape to show us cloud quality

q1k9i3l0ä5å says:

I’m poor and i only smoke at home. I would like a vaporizer that is as good as possible, as cheap as possible and as effective as possible. I will use it for medicine, not with friends. What do you recommend? Primarely i want the weed to last longer (as i have to cut down on basic things to afford my medicine), and i want it to be healthy.

f2bclown says:

Have you tried the dark knight honour? I would love to get your thoughts on this

Greg Gammago says:

If you smoke weed you’re going to hell.  Jesus is watching you filthy animals.

KyLesCaster says:

the cooling coil is a great idea in theory, but when u cool down vapor, the THC molecules become more dense and binds to the inside of the cooling coil, resulting in a waste of THC

The Vape Critic says:

+jtoregan hey if you have your own apartment you should be fine, vapor odor is much easier to control than smoke because it doesn’t smell as strong and it dissipates faster

+FrogDR80 not necessarily, a single user can get a very good session out of it with just 0.15g, but it does typically use up the material in fewer draws because each draw is stronger than most other vapes

+yo momma – yes the vapor this things produces is right up there with the volcano, top notch

+Magik Mann haha thanks man appreciate it!

+Jack Lu – hey using between 0.15g and 0.5g of material will get you the best results in this vape

Dean Dressler says:

Just ordered it! I can’t wait!! Your reviews are awesome!!!

dappayute says:

have you tried the new mighty or crafty???

FoundationsofPause says:

ohh it still has the power cord. I thought it was portable. Looks cool and a welcomed product from them. But my digit is working just fine 6+ years later.

Citizen Smith says:

thanks for a really great detailed review .. my 5yr old “blue genie” glass domed upside down soldering iron with no temp control has finally died so after plenty of searching and moreover your review means I’ll be purchasing this quality piece this week .. great work … stay lifted..!!

2 weeks after purchase and I cannot praise this vapouriser enough … quite simply brilliant engineering that produces a superb result every single time … my only gripe is that you’ll need a good supply cos this thing has a massive bowl that’ll hoover up the herb pretty damn rapid … stay lifted!!

jessdragonify says:

I have the volcano,it came w one of those so pads.can I use it the same way with my volcano for solo use?

jose hernandez says:

Would you recommend the volcano or plenty?

Anjelo Munoz says:

hey brother just wanted to say you have really wonderful reviews i have a question tough.. I’ve been smoking bong for years but recently i have suffered brain trauma from gymnastic injury and bong has been giving me intense headaches i tried a vape and it was a really beautiful high…i am looking for something that is very powerful and strong..price is not an issue …what do you recommend? the evo or the plenty….or something else..

Leandro Valdez says:

“No funny business in here” LOL

Polecatt says:

Finally bought the Plenty and I must say out of any vaporizer I have tried, this one knocks me fucking sideways. An amazing unit that everyone needs to try!

Dick Dansom says:

I know I’ve commented on this a few times, but just got my plenty last night. Thanks again for your reviews. Your the only ones I trust. This think is like having a volcano in your hand with a whip! Super dope, and the resistance when inhaling is non existent. Very similar to hitting a bag (as far as the feeling and inhalation goes).

Will D says:

I’ve tried/experimented with a few different vapes over the years. Not great experiences to date; there are a lot of people who have given up on vapes due to bad early generation vapes on the lower-mid ranges.. A few years later, with mixed results from one of those wooden boxes attached to a whip that I had to modify to get erratic results that were sometimes good, I graduated recently to a couple of second generation mid-range portables that were anywhere from 0 to 2.5 bongs out a possible 5 in terms of effectiveness, with aesthetics to match. Sometimes worked, but frustrating and unpredictable, even trying different things to try to get them to work.

Finally spent the extra to see what’s up with these “higher end” current generation portable and home units, while trying the high-end for the first time, hoping for better. After years of waiting, using a Crafty for the first time…he knows his shit it’s on a different level. It gets a full 5 bongs. I notice also that he’s stayed with this company from the beginning. Crafty is simple, easy, effective. I’d say just go with something from their line, spend the extra. There might be other 3rd generation pipes that are effective, but at this point unless you have some patience and want to sample what’s out there (staying on the high end my not be essential with good mid-range vapes like the Solo, but it also might help), I’d say the easy end game is just get something from their line. Like anything, there might be some problem units that have to be sent in, but most comments reflect my own experience that it’s problem-free, easy to use, takes care of business.

Miguel Cabrera says:

I bought one of these vaporizers and I’m really happy with it

Adelaide Skye-Yoga says:

hey ….saw both videos on the arizer and plenty vapes and i 
thank you for it . …. i have the pax , and firefly , very happy with both ….
interested in getting a desk top vape   …so the arizer extreme or the plenty are my choices  ? what do you think ?  …..
and no i don’t like the volcano i used it …….thank you xo

GanjaCityStudio says:

ordered one of these tired of the smoking gonna try this out then step up to a volcano

Mesh Frequency says:

Hello Vape Critic! After watching your review of Plenty I went and bought one. When I turned it on and took a few draws from an empty chamber I felt a very unpleasant plastic taste in my mouth. Could you recommend a way to get rid of it? Or will it go away or get masked by material I’ll be vaping?

juntjoo nunya says:

Useless warranty. Less than one year top piece loosened to the point that tightening it sufficiently to keep it on during use caused plastic threads to crack. I explained this before sending it in, but still they instructed me to send it. After arriving they determined the unit had been dropped, then offered me a used one for around $270. It cost me over $300 new. Beware.

Alexi123skate says:

stellar review. deffinitely gonna buy this for home

Endo Roboto says:

I’ve had my Plenty for a few months now and been very pleased with the quality of the vapor. Thanks to your reviews I was able to make a good decision. Recently I’ve had an issue with the power cord! I pack it up on a daily basis and coiling the power cord back into the box so many times has loosened the wire and makes the unit turn off when the cord is held at certain angles. The manual does warn about cords being too tightly wound up, but I wanted to mention to anyone out there that does the same be careful about this!

Justin M says:

What’s up Bud, I picked up a plenty a couple days ago and it is not performing well. I followed the instructions it came with and watched your video and I’m just not having a good experience. I loaded the chamber about half way with the liquid pad on top to fill the space. I let it heat up on level seven for about 3 minutes. Then I went to take a draw and got nothing. So I tried it again and got nothing. This went on for about ten draws. I finally got fed up and grabbed the Lsv. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong? I have 3 other vapes and have never encountered such a problem.

SlabHardcheese says:

I’ve had mine for a year and love it. I leave mine on 7 and use the steel pad so I can use less herbs at a time. A couple usage comments: 1. I wish the dial was easier to see when holding the handle. The way the handle is positioned, when I set the unit down the dial and light are naturally pointed away from you. Not a big deal but ergonomically could be better. 2. The temperature dial reads a temp that is in advance of the chamber temp by a minute or two. Typically I let the device go all the way up to top of red temp, the heating light indicator generally turns off there. Even so the chamber temp is not quite ready. It may take a minute or two after that when the chamber is actually ready. By then the dial says the temp is dropping but actually the chamber is just getting started and then awesome vapor kicks in. Once you realize that and get used to it, it is great. But I would prefer the dial to more accurately represent the chamber temperature.

The quality of the vapor is truely awesome for sure, the cooling works well, and I love not having to worry about batteries and being able to load enough for a bunch of friends at once if I want to. Great device!

Edit: I just read elsewhere that older units may have a different temperature behavior. I bought mine in 2015, and even on max it has never combusted the herbs.

thelocustemperor says:

They make the plenty/crafty as well right?

Daniel Felder says:

which is better the plenty or the mighty

Sérgio Luís says:

Anybody could tell me if the site storz-bickel is trustworthy?

le on says:

yo people, suggestions on how much is ideal to put in the plenty?

Jacob C says:

Why so expensive?

Duarte Alves says:

+The Vape Critic would you recommend the plenty to vape concentrates?

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