Easy Vape Vaporizer Review (Not a Fan)

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The Vape Critic says:

hey i haven’t tried any vaporite models yet but i appreciate your request

hackleback says:

I ended up getting a vapor brothers one

The Vape Critic says:

thanks for sharing ur thoughts!

Transcended Experience says:

Holy shit, I was looking for an actual problem that I thought you were going to introduce.

I’ve used mine for 1 year, and used a volcano for 1.5 years. The quality of smoking is the exact same. You can’t get different results of vapor if they’re the exact same temperature. One is expensive and brand name one is cheap and not brand name.

You didn’t introduce one problem with this device. If you didn’t know, this piece was designed for aroma therapy, and the-like. The manufacturing companies simply added a whip and a mouth piece and bowl so it can hold herbs and channel the vapor. It wasn’t initially designed for inhaling directly. It was designed to make the room smell like whatever you put in it.

That is why the piece is angled *UP not angled DOWN like you stated in the video. I don’t know if you’re directionally impaired. And also, you must be some sort of privileged priss to say you don’t like it ON THAT REASON ONLY. The video was more then terrible.

xswangsx says:

not worth it, this man speaks the truth, i own one of these units and well.. i mean its not the worst piece of shit ever made but, as he said you dont really get a consistent draw and well if you leave herb, unattended or turn temperature up can combust and well if your vaping for health reason, this is a bad vape, magic flight all the way!

The Vape Critic says:


Josh Makler says:

it wont let me reply to the dumbass who said 216 Celsius — its definitely ffarenheit the temp gauges just don’t work!!!!216 C is actually like 7300 degrees farenheit man

testi420 says:

there are better versions… currently using a v5… let me tell ya!!!

The Vape Critic says:


Motorhead86420 says:

where do you get the other whip for this?

SuperDamonw says:

your such a tool

hackleback says:

I was looking at one called “Vaporite Solo” , the one that has the digital dial as opposed to the analog/turn knob. When i tried to ask the shopkeeper about it he wouldnt say more than one word, he just acted like i was either waisting his time or he thought i was up to somthing. Would you be able to give me your opinion on the vaporite?

drkex says:

The difference is the easy vape is 60 bucks, while the one you got is over 180.

some of us have budgets.

kitube14 says:

i used this vaporizer for about half a year (moved and gave it away) and for me it worked fine, i never had trouble with weed falling out or anything like that, to get the temperature right is not hard, one long session and you got it figured out. smoke density without a fan will vary, nothing gonna change that, if you wait a different amount of time to take a hit itll be different, if youve been vaping the weed for a while ittl change. It get’s the job done.

FoShizzlNizzle says:

ur fucking sellout i have a perfect working one and its awesome =. u just gitta learn liken the magic flb

Parick Holmes says:

this clown gets the high dollar ones for free , so which one do you think he likes

The Vape Critic says:

cool do u like it?

Blazin Berto says:

can I just have that? Just send it to me. you don like it right

Rain Wrap says:

hey man i totally feel you, i just got it yesterday and i fucking hate it

i have the launch box for a few years now and i shouldn’t have betrayed her…fuck the e z vape man

Forrest Baranoff says:

Can also load the herb through the other side of the whip so it lands on the other side of the screen.

The Vape Critic says:

☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/desktop/

cocaineinmyvein says:

You need to start using your vaporizers consistently before writing your reviews. I have owned two of the vaporizers you gave a thumbs down and all you need to do is understand it more to properly use it. Your reviews aren’t credible just because you opened it, read the manual, and tried it once…..

Kyle Biso says:

lol o u poor baby

hackleback says:

Thats all good, when i get one i will let you know my opinion. Will need to get a few tips off you on how to use best and what temp settings would suit, ive only used one before but it was very cheap and didnt really know what i was doing.

Mike G says:

I have the Easy Vape deluxe digital vaporizer, it did take some time finding the correct “temperature” but man do i love this thing.. overpayed alittle for mine but iv had it for about 3 years now and still going strong, i think its a great alternative vs spending 100$ or more and it’s very healthy for you compared to a pipe or papers/blunts

Gaston Pierce says:

I just bought the easy vape and I love it!! Put some books under It for the eating element to be where you want

Rock Hill Farm says:

These base units of the Easy vape were originally purchased from a Chinese Warehouse as Soldering Iron bases, so that explains the angle design where the whip bowl rests. They inverted the heating element and applied a stainless screen to keep material from touching the heating element. Really the only thing they “invented” was the glass bowl and whip design. I Have one and use it everyday and the trick to it is knowing the moisture content of your weed before you set the heat level. I Typically set the temp. to 400 to get it up to speed then set it back down around 320 average depending on how much moisture could be pinched from the weed or smelling it good. I Suppose if you tried hard enough you can find fault in any product.

The Vape Critic says:

good choice my friend

The Vape Critic says:

cool yea def lemme know what u think

420schmokey420 says:

as long as it doesn’t doesn’t the heating thing it won’t burn, its defenitly not the best vape. But my dude spent 250$ on another vape and I spend 64$ on this and it hits just as good, if not the same


lol vapecritic was such a noob back then. doesn’t get the box vape style. these style vapes work great. probably the best deskstop vapes cost/reliability wise. although the easy vape brand is not the best example.

Blazin Berto says:

ahahahaha well played main

john adams says:

God your a dumbass stoner…tilt the machine when you put it on or off problem solved.

HenryNofSaid says:

i got a glass piece with my vap and i have no idea what it is for? any one help

Margaret Wilson says:

@vapecritic Where do you get the upgraded two-piece whip you mention in your review??????

The Vape Critic says:

naw haven’t tried that one yet either sorry man

Ca$hMoN3Y says:

this Is a knock off of the vapor brother vaporizer

qcanicguy says:

I have this vape. You have to use it alot to get the hang of it cuz theres usually no instruction manual that comes with it. I personally set it at 216 (it may seem low thats cuz its in Celsius) put around .5 of good stuff (cheap stuff won’t do the trick unless you lay the vape on the side so the stuff doesnt move) finely grind it and then you need to find yourself something big and flat that fits into the ”bowl” to press the stuff on the screen so it stops fallin on the screen.

007EVK says:

I have that vape. Sucks arse. There is no setting that doesn’t burn your weed and you have to control it by gapping the contact with the heating element. I went back to my other device. But now…Pax…go look that up. 😉

rippleh says:

tilt it forward you re re

hackleback says:

Have you tried the ‘Deluxe Daddy’?

The Vape Critic says:

buyer beware! 😛

TrueTreeRadio says:

You got the punk ass bitch version of the EZ vape. EZ Vape V2 has a fan, a remote, fills bags. Herbs don’t fall all over unless you’re a fucking retard. Are you a retard? No? Then don’t bring it up. Just say “I don’t like the angle”, don’t come up with convoluted hypothetical scenarios.

MrMrwanderlei says:

Two protips with the EZ Vape:

#1: You pause it at 1:43 IRL and keep that bitch tilted. The reason it is shaped that way is so the rubber legs on he bottom of the unit can form a base with the rubber tip on the whip like a tripod.

#2: Attach the other rubber end to a waterpipe so you can take fatter rips.

The Vape Critic says:

damn sorry man : glad ur diggin the launch box though!

The Vape Critic says:

which vapes are you talking about?

Cliff Gibson says:

It just sucks how much the price doubles at the store.

Blazin Berto says:

I almost got super desperate and went an got that, but i decided instead to jus save up for the No2, the simplicity and quality i saw in your review got me 😀

josiah nichols says:

does anyone know the easiest way to get the whip for the easy vape . because i need one.

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