Dr. Dabber Switch Review // Coolest Vaporizer of 2018

Dr. Dabber Switch – http://bit.ly/DrDabberSw1tch This is my review of the Dr. Dabber Switch. It is a portable desktop vaporizer that vaporizers herb and concentrates. It legit feels like dabbing in the future. The device looks so sleek and functions superb for concentrate. I did not really like it for vaporizing flower but overall I’d recommend this device to dabbers for the long battery life, amazing concentrate vaporization, tons of customization and style. I’d rate this a 4 out of 5, only because I wasn’t a fan of herb in this device. Hope you enjoy this vaporizer review. Thank you to Dr. Dabber for sending it my way!
*This video is intended for legal cannabis consumers. 420 710
*I am a Legal Medical Marijuana Patient in California pursuant to Prop. 215
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KaYoTiiC 504 Louisi-Arrma says:

Shiiiit I used to ride around with my Volcano hooked up and getting stoned.. dr dabbed boost is like a mini one of these. I have one and they’re amazing. Would love to have one of these.

Anthony Acosta says:

Yo on black friday will the price be reduced???

iLL SubZero❄ says:


Stoner Visions says:

This might be a silly question but does this actually vape the oil? I’m looking for a vape because my lung recently collapsed about 2 months ago and I’m scared to actually dab or smoke flower and any other “vape” I’ve used just have coils that combust the flower or oil basically like using a lighter or super high heat.

Weed Guy says:

I want that so bad!!! It looks dope budz

Anthony Acosta says:

And your wax looks lik coagulated blood lol in a good way

Jt Munn says:

Can you get any gayer no one talks like this in real life and if you do you’re fake as hell nothing against gays but damn

Anthony Acosta says:

And those lights match your room lighting

Ryan C says:

Mine is being delivered tomorrow morning!!! I can’t wait. Thanks for the video.

Sarkazz Vapes says:

its sexy

John Green says:

The switch looks so neat! Can you do a review of the puffco peak too? I want an honest comparison of the two. I heard a bunch of bad stuff about the peak when it first came out

Chase Slovak says:

Awesome review. Just a heads up, you are using the cleaning cycle incorrectly. To initiate the cleaning cycle, press the plus button then release, then immediately hold the plus button until the top lights turn purple. The purple lights will indicate that you have started a cleaning cycle.Furthermore, I recommend trying flower in advanced mode. Start with the lower heat setting with flower and work your way up to find the perfect temperature for you. Lower temps will give a more traditional vapor experience, while higher heat setting will give more of a bong like hit.

La La says:

Great review! I wish I could afford it. It looks so neat

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