Ditanium Review – Enail + Dry Herb Vaporizer (Budget Friendly)

The Ditanium Desktop Vape + Enail is available at Puffitup.com


John Bennett says:

Too much kazoo kid for Troy

WickedWonder1979 says:

This would be my next choice for a desktop vape. I don’t have concentrate access but hope to someday, this would be a good “just in case”. Have a good one Troy!

NizzyJones says:

Nice, these look interesting

Usama Asad says:

How does this compare to the flowerpot? I feel like theres nothing better than my vrod flowerpot at this moment!

det0nator says:

This looks like a good upgrade from an arizer vtower.

dinklemen22 says:

How does it compare to a ssv with a flavor chaser combo? Seems like it might drop bud in since it’s not angled.

manichon says:

“it doesnt look like drugs” I lol’d

PureRageRS says:

This looks very similar to the EQ/DBV like you were saying! How does the vapor production and quality compare?

Ps. Great video as always.

rumplestiltskin mcrumplestiltskin says:

Surely normal arizer(and cheaper)screens fit in there troy?ddaves stuff isn’t cheap for what it is

dr octagon says:

wow troy got so chopped in this video… these reviews are awesome..

El Jefe says:

This is bordering on infomercial territory.

Hugh Jundys says:

I did a some research before I bought my Ditanium two weeks ago. Not to brag Troy but my cord is much longer than yours. The bamboo version came in at 9’6″ length on the cord. Knowing that before I purchased I wisely chose the bamboo over the black. Thanks for the tips on the DDave!

Andrea Andrea says:

That LED should be RGB and compatible with Aura Sync.. need it for my PC

PureRageRS says:

New Troy! Exciting.

PuffitupTv says:


Nate Richmond says:

Nice Table of Contents :33, I like it, new ideas

Hemp4eva says:

Great vid, that’s prob my next desktop vape! I am still using a plenty because it riiiips but being able to dab as well is tempting as hell!

Hans Nossing says:

Troy, i love your videos and all of you! i follow you from Italy by a couple of years, and i’m happy for your return!!! Excuse my terrible english.

Nanuuun nu says:

Hey Troy!
Where to hit you up for some life advice?

The Jester77 says:

Hope DDave Mod will make a collection for this instead of having to use the Arizer mod for it

Paul says:

Glad to see your channel is growing again. Hope YT doesn´t delete you again

MF MERIK says:

Been waiting for more reviews on this one. It’sbeen my most probable buy for a few months now

Alex Hernandez says:

I could watch you review a toaster lmao you are awesome

GideonHiker says:

10:50 I was at the edge of my seat to see if you’d try toking on the wrong end

El Jefe says:

Some of those train hits seemed wispy.

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