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The Vape Critic says:

some people like to scrape off and save the buildup inside the whip, and they get mad at me for saying this, but i just clean the parts with rubbing alcohol and warm soapy water – alcohol for the glass parts (in a ziplock) and the warm soapy water for the tubing, and depending on how much buildup u have u’ll probly have to find something that fits down the tubing to do some scraping, or u can try soaking it for a longer period of time

The Vape Critic says:

hey what’s up i actually think the standard glass is the slightly safer option because you have to hold the wand in your hand to take a draw, and then you put it down, with the ground glass if you’re clumsy (like me) you could potentially pull it out of the heater cover by mistake and have it drop down on whatever surface ur on — realistically both models are good i just think the SSV is a little better and if u can afford it i would get that one

Oxygorjia X says:

What’s better the SSV or bdv in performance??

rumrunner12 says:

I bought this device back in ’08 and it worked beautifully until this past spring when it finally died. I figure I got at least 7000 hours out of the thing and was very happy with it. I actually never even considered leaving the wand in the heater cover and always removed it. I found the ground glass to be mostly useful in providing a sealed airway. I had a friend with an SSV and found that it was vastly inferior performance-wise in that it lacked the power and intensity of a DBV, mostly due to the lack of a good seal and more focused stream of hot air. However, another friend bought a newer version of the DBV a few years ago and they appear to have lowered the wattage on the heater, leading to lower performance IMO. I may consider another unit if I ever decide to get back into this sort of thing.

PissOnaMonk says:

I’ve had the Da Buddha for almost a year now with no issues. awesome, affordable vape. I’ve almost completely stopped smoking its that good. gotta get used to it tho but once you do its fantastic. 

Believe. says:

Does this get you as high as the flowermate mini? I have the latter. I love it but I wish I could get bigger vape clouds with it. You seem to get good ones with this.

makemusicnotwar says:

The best part of this vape is the hand hash that builds up on the sides of the wand. Tokinglx has a tutorial video on how to clean your wand and get the wand hash out.

The Vape Critic says:

+PissOnaMonk sweet man glad ur diggin it!

+WickedG5150 in due time, depends how much u pack and how finely u grind, can range from just a few to roughly 15-20 max

The Vape Critic says:

i would choose the SSV

EQ is ok in whip mode but the bag system is kinda lame IMO, and the whip isn’t as good as the SSV

Da Buddha is good too but I don’t quite like it as much as the silver surfer

The Vape Critic says:

+David Kindscher yes indeedy

shortz101 says:

Best vape I’ve ever owned. My only concern with it is that sometimes I forget & leave it on and that makes me worry a little about the heating element being engaged for a long period of time. Not a deal-breaker but some kind of safety timer as an upgrade would be great.

crasy64 says:

I think you should review the vapor brothers vaporizer and then compare it to da buddha. They’re around the same price and look like they function the same, but I want to know which one is better overall

jooka2010 says:

I just got one of these and it seems that you get more drawls from less herb, i fill mine a little under halfway and in about 5 drawls its done for D:

Gideon Waxfarb says:

So the only non-cosmetic difference between this and the SSV is that this isn’t diagonal? Hardly seems worth the $80+ price difference.

TheMadProphet says:

i actually prefer vapes with horizontal heating element most of the time when i pack the whip it will stay flat and wont fall uneven i use a vp600 it sits horizontal payed 60$ and still going strong 2+ years

fuck your comments says:


Kevin D says:

Forgot if I already thanked you for your advice or not (that’s a bad sign right there lol) so just in case: thanks a lot. I’ll check if I can try out some of these vapes before buying whilst saving up 😉 Silver Surfer does sure seem appealing to be honest… Love the little custom glass work as well.

The Vape Critic says:

it’s very close but i like the experience with the SSV better, easier to get consistent vapor

jooka2010 says:

That stuff is half vaped anyway i wouldn’t smoke that

† øʏstɛɪn † says:

Thank you for your reply. I actually ended up ordering a SSV. I found that had some in stock that were at a pretty good discount because they had been scratched or dinged. I didn’t get the choice between standard and ground glass, but luckily I ended up with standard. Plus the only thing wrong with it is a scrape on the side of the metal, so I think I got a pretty sweet deal.

Lolp821 says:

For anyone who’s only used the low end vaporisers; £100/$150 and under e.g. the magic flight box, Iolite etc. and want to know if the more expensive ones are worth it, I’m here to tell you that yes, very much so. The consistent temperature and the fact that it evenly vapes the bowl makes it a godsend. You don’t get that feeling of picking up your bong/pipe from an unsatisfied feeling either which I’ve heard of and experienced myself – also I only use 0.1g a session for very decent effects.

propoetide says:

Great reviews, as always. I upgraded from a Vapor Bros to a Buddha more than five years ago and it’s as good as it was on day one. It’s low tech but high quality, and even better with one of their “ice chambers” (basically a bong extension). It draws great, with some risk of burning, but you just have to find your temp & speed, like on most vapes. 7th Floor after sales is great too, and they’ve been around a long time. My buddie went for the Arizer Extreme – but the high tech on it failed, and he switched to a Buddha, no regrets.

ctldvd says:

I’m confused about systems like these. I thought no smoke is what vaping is all about, but when exhaling in this video it looks the same as if he was smoking from a bong. Is that a vapor cloud or smoke cloud he exhaled? Sorry novice to this, be kind.

GrassPossum says:

Vaporising is just distilation by another name in this case. The goodies are distilled gently and drawn away from their planty home ….. some of them condense in little oily droplets upon the clammy cold glass and plastic containment of their journey’s progress. At this point and until they are destroyed by oxidation (happens fastest by increased heat, oxygen, light) they remain pure as the riven snow and able to be gathered up and consumed in any fashion which is pleasing unto you. Bom shiva.

fuck your comments says:


Stephen Eubanks says:

I use the no2 it has saved my life

tart green says:

Great review, keep ’em coming!

Candy Land says:

You left wand in machine too long means u smoking the plastic

The Vape Critic says:

+crasy64 thanks for your request i’ll definitely consider it

The Vape Critic says:

yea most of the time, i’m just personally not a huge fan of vaping thru water but i know a lot of ppl like it

The Vape Critic says:

that’s one of the disadvantages of a horizontal chamber design, sometimes the material will fall on it’s side, but most of the time if you pack it down a little bit it’ll stay pressed against the screen

the oil/resin in ur material is what vaporizes

Beer Drinker says:

The ground glass is pretty pointless it just heats the centre so i burn my herbs sometimes. The should do some shisha type whips that are more flexible as well

Ben Dover says:

How does the quality of Da Buddha compare to the Vapor Brothers vape?

JayEdom says:

so… vape for weed is just the same as smoking weed just less ash but vape for       e juice is actually not smoking cigarettes just flavour and nicotine why call it a vaper if its smoke just cause its extracting the thc and some other shit without burning it its still burnt material not vapour right? or wtf lol

Reptile Creation says:

I love my Dabuddah, i like the hands free use vs the silver surfer and i find the burnt taste is fixed by using it just slightly at a lower temp. As for the boring glass the company does offer all kinds of custom glass that you can change out so that does improve the draw backs from what you said. All together great review!

tart green says:

Excellent review, thanks! 🙂

Tony weed says:


Hey Bud I was wondering do the ssv and da buddha have the same hit quality do you get the same amount of vapor from both and is the quality of the vapor the same

Kevin D says:

If you have to choose between an Arizer Extreme Q, Da Buddha + some extra bud or an SSV. What would you recommend? Basically I’m pretty new to this and not yet sure if I like whips over bags or like them equally but from what I’ve heard the Extreme Q’s whip isn’t close to DBV or SSV but does do a pretty decent bag… Damn choices. Gotta save up for one for quite some time so ”just getting one” is no option for me =)

† øʏstɛɪn † says:

I’m trying to figure out what to get for my first vape. If I save for a little I can get SSV, but I’m also clumsy oaf and don’t want to break an expensive gizmo. Do you think with the ground glass design it would be possible for someone clumsy enough to snap their wand inside the vape or some such nonsense? I would be as careful as I can of course, but I’m still horribly accident prone. So… I guess between these two what do you think would be the safest investment for me?

Gideon Waxfarb says:

If you’re thinking about getting the Silver Surfer instead because it’s slightly diagonal, just fold up a couple sheets of paper and tape it underneath one side of the Da Buddha – problem solved 🙂

The only thing I really don’t like about the vape, and something the guy doesn’t mention, is trying to replace the screen is kind of a pain in the ass. To steal a quote from AVGN, it’s like trying to stick your dick in a Cheerio 😛

Other than that, it’s been a really good vape. Also works nicely for DMT, but you should get a separate wand and whip for it. Also, got a D020 bubbler to pair with it from DHGate.com and it makes taking hits a lot smoother. It’s even better than the Vapor Tamer that 7th Floor sells.

ALiiENactivity says:

Does it smell?

420protoman says:

da buddha rocks. good customer service… easy as shit to repair. when my element burn out.. cuz i had the first first issues they put out lol. they sent me one for 5 bux and some extra things too lol. they a good company. it’s worked ever since. no problems.

Kevin D says:

Alrighty! Thanks for the advice 🙂

Laurie B says:

Thanks so much for all your great reviews. Really helped figure out what was best for me. In the end I ended up with the Dabuddah and I’m very happy with it. It is very well made. The only thing I would like is if the electrical cord would detach from the unit itself for easier storage.
Question, Since I don’t smoke out of a pipe what can I use the kieff for that is left over in the grinder? Can I still use it in the vape?

Brendan Schwartz says:

Yeah and the SSV is also double the price. Is it really worth it? I’d say not.

randalkinghustla says:

da buddha is a great product works awesome & lots of accessory’s are available  for it

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