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Welcome to my annual Vape Awards! Here are my choices for the Best Vaporizers of 2018 in a variety of categories. Please subscribe to my channel for more reviews and comparisons in 2019. As always let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Best Non-Vape Product – Jyarz
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Best Overall Concentrate – Puffco Peak
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Best For First Time Buyer – Arizer Go
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🍋 Of The Year – Haze Square

Best Value – 2018 Dynavap M
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Best Non-Portable – Ditanium
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Biggest Surprise – CCell Palm
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Hardest Hitter – Ditanium
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Best Overall Vapour – Lotus
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Vaporizer of the Year – Healthy Rips Fury 2
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Keep it green, keep it sneaky!



It’s that time! My favourite video of the year! This is a chance to take another look at all the vapes I’ve used and tested during 2018. Time really does fly, some of these vapes I thought were from last year, but it was more like April. This year I’m doing things a little different. Certain categories will have a runner-up because some of them are just such a hard choice that second place deserves a shout out, but the focus will be on the actual winner of the category. Grab your favourite vape, load it up, and have a session with us as we present to you Sneaky Pete’s 2018 Vape Awards!


Winner: Jyarz

Runner-Up: Vape Press

Jyarz are another product I discovered through you guys and thank you for this one. These are my favourite herb storage containers by far. Your herb is isolated totally in glass and they are strong as well as smell proof, everything I’m looking for in a storage container.


Winner: Puffco Peak

Runner-Up: CCell Silo

The Peak essentially created a new category for concentrate use. It is a digitally controlled easily replicable way to consume concentrates through water and it still provides a vapour experience that will satisfy most dabbers. The Peak’s design is iconic, I think it’s gorgeous and so well done, and I think the Peak brought a lot of people over to, or at least created a lot of interest in, the concentrate world. It just has that kind of appeal.


Winner: Arizer Go

Runner-Up: Flowermate V5 Nano

Arizer just makes some of the easiest to use, easiest to figure out, easiest to clean and most consistently performing vaporizers on the market. They are also known to be among the most reliable, really a very easy company to recommend. The ArGo is a highly portable handheld with a removable battery and a pure glass vapour path. It doesn’t sacrifice on quality or performance despite its tiny size.


Winner (or loser?): Haze Square

I wanted to love this vape, it has a fantastic concept, but it just missed the mark on execution for me. I had a faulty unit, which isn’t a big deal I always let a manufacturer troubleshoot with me and sent me a new one. However, the new one provided an identical experience. There are just too many parts, cleaning it is difficult and too complex. To troubleshoot, they sent a document with about 15 things to try out and check. If there are that many things I may need to do to fix a fault with their device, something is wrong. I would love to see a V2 for this one though, it’s a fantastic concept but needs some work on the execution.


Winner: DynaVap M (2018 model)

Runner-Up: CCell Palm

It’s impossible to not give this award to the 2018 M. Not only is it the cheapest vape that we sell, but it also offers fantastic efficiency and huge, thick vapour clouds that many other vapes struggle to produce. There are no batteries required, it is essentially everything proof as long as you don’t damage the cap or lose it. It can be heated with a variety of sources. It is amazing how many customers talk about this vape being the one that they needed to stop combusting. On top of all that, the M is only $60, which is very tough to beat.



Foxer604 says:

Just gotta say – dealt with Sneaky Pete to get a vape for my dad who needs medical marijuana to fight pain but cant’ smoke due to bronchitis and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Very helpful and a great company to deal with. And he knows his stuff.

Rick Leetham says:

The ditanium works perfect for rosin instead of shatter

Deejay Trix says:

I’m still happy with my mighty

Manny G says:

Would the Fury 2 still be recommended to someone who couldn’t attach it water? Is it still top marks out of the box?

AngryTranny says:

my haze square happen to me aswell

lefthandedpolack says:

i have a sutra mini. it looks just like that fury 2. good vape.

Craig Carr says:

There is no way in a million years anyone that has used both the dabber switch and the puffco peak chooses the peak.. No friggin way. I have went back to mine once or twice since my switch arrived and that was enough to ensure me I won’t use it again. handy if I wanted a more portable device but then I’d get the cheaper and more portable puffco plus.

Canna bis says:

best vape reviews on the toob. Great channel dude keep up the good work. Peace from the UK

Catnip1977 says:

Happy New Year Pete! love your channel and videos

ni8shadow says:

What water tool was that?

Michael Williams says:

When are your globe glass pipe coming back in stock?

Convenient By Nature says:

Haze square Is such trash. I tried it. Do not buy people

420blaze it says:

I wana buy a vaporizer but dont know which desktop to get I want the best high to get totally wrecked and smoking just isn’t getting me high anymore what would u recommend for best desktop vape ?


best vape under $100 is the Utilian 420

Alex Hernandez says:

thanks for this!

Carlos Piedra says:

i use a huni badger and puffco peak for concentrates and a pax 3 for dry herb.

Rob Mcvety says:

Try using a chillum like a vape work great

Sonomann 33 says:

Great awards! Fury 2 vs argo vs solo2? For first time, looking for flavor and clouds also to transport. Thanks

Chayet Pagano says:

You’re awesome Pete! Love your videos (and the background music DT).

killabee312 says:

Love the video Pete!
Wondering if you could give me a top 3 or 5 when it comes to flavor. I have a dynavap now and loving it but debating on grabbing a lotus based on your recommendation but curious what else you would recommend.

Reddy Tuckedin says:

Pete the sneak keeps it sweet

Matt Solomon says:

Got the Dynavap M just before Christmas and it has been so amazing. Significantly lowered how much I use compared to smoking and using the crappy Snoop Dogg vape, which is so handy (living in Australia). Thanks heaps for all your vids man 🙂

Auto Highwayman says:

Great stuff Pete and Happy New Year man. Another excellent desktop I would love to see you review is the still largely unknown Herborizer Ti from France. It is right at the top for vapor quality, smoothness, taste and potency. On par with the Sublimator but way smoother, safer and very east to use. Its also one of the sleakest, smallest desktops out there, with unbeaten power and extraction capablities. It is the best desktop which is so unknown, especially outside Europe. The Flowerpot is another superb one it would be a shame if you didn’t try at some point. Very close to the Herbo Ti in performance. These 2 are surely very closs to the Ditanium, but I expect the Herbo Ti has the best vapor quality and taste of the 3, it slightly edges the Flowerpot. Sebastien the inventor, a lovely guy, recenlty released a new digitall version- the DigiTi, with upgraded more powerrful heatee for a 3 minute heat up plus precise temp control. The analogue version itself is still exceptional. Anyway just wanted you to know about it man, such a great vape to not be better known.

astrog8tr says:

Not only excellent reviews but the ability to speak in long and complex sentences without breathing. 😀 Kudos to you.

Mike Rodriguez says:

I love my Dynavap M 2018 however I think I would like to get something in a battery operated option. Looking at the Fury 2 or the DaVinci micro. Great videos, I love your input on these things as there are so many of them.

concrete man says:

With all due respect. Takes a bonghit off the vaporizer of the year and almost nothing comes out. Lost all credibility with me. I bought the fury 2 and don’t use it.

Sharma 409 says:

Haze square did not work at all for me.

Jason Voorhees says:

and to think my grandpa smoked out of a shotgun receiver…

Superphase says:

Haze definitely the worst of the year , and I think they flew by night, so no Square V2 that was promised with the pre-order purchase. Now I’m still looking for a vape that provides session capacity with on-demand capability.

mow d says:

Hi dude how R U do you know of any HASH vaporizer and can you do a video about it

Rick says:

Dr Dabber boost black edition

Rob Erickson says:

Used the mighty last night for the first time and I’ve never been so blasted from a Vape in my life

Luca Slerca says:

I’ve been watching your vids for a while, this one got me to subscribe!

Tyler Kier says:

@sneakypetevaporizers can you tell me the name of the attatchment/mouthpiece for a water pipe you use for the CCell Palm and where I can purchase it?

caleb middleton says:

Nice Video. Where can i buy a rubber adapter to use oil cartridges through water pipes?

cragg07 says:

Do you have videos for beginner vapes

Charles Veader says:

I boy the c cell palm with cartridge for my brother and he loves it. Best mobile rig

Ken Taylor says:

Love your work….
Do you have any sneaky tips about what advancements we can look forward to in 2019?
Is something going to come along and knock the Solo2 and Mighty off their perches?

floryzzz says:

Fury 2 or arizer go or should i go for the og crafty?

K C says:

GREAT video !! Which vape or vapes would you recommend with regard to being the ‘healthiest?’ Many thanks 🙂

Reddy Tuckedin says:

What about Roisin?

Nasty Gary says:

Damn its 2019 and I still don’t own a Lotus

Jamie Hosking says:

Holy crap, Pete! We can see your face! A benefit of national legalization? Btw, thanks again for the great service and extras with my Arizer Go purchase, Friggin love that thing.

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