Best Vaporizer Poll Results – And the winner is…

Best Vaporizer For Dry Herb Poll Results

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Liam King says:

Good reviews man

IISourAyyII says:

Last time I was so early you were wearing shades/sunglasses

Paul Kersey says:

Been smoking female seeds man boobs

iVoLcoMxHD says:

Are you going to do a review for the Vivant Alternate?

Gegeg says:

Do the vapcap

S_ says:

Bought the Mighty off of your review more than a year ago. Still can’t thank you enough.

HazardousPleb V says:

I have the volcano and mighty and the volcano kicks the the shit out of the mighty. I think more people have the mighty, that’s why it’s there but the volcano hands down!

Rob's Reclaim says:

To be honest I really like the go bee for a portable vape pen. Have you tried that one yet?

LazyStoner says:

The volcano is a beast I LOVE mine, I will be buying a second one if I ever need to!

ShowerCat says:

Mighty is the AK-47 of vapes

Hans Kanns says:

Wow first time i saw your teeth because you were smiling. Big cross in my calendar. Keep smiling, at least from time to time a little bit.

Sly simon says:

you plan on reviewing the Focus Vape anytime soon??? im wondering how it compares to my flowermate v5

Joe Rossi says:


HoobaBros says:

Anotha video ! Cheers 🙂

Will Dlc says:

i bought the GPen Elite,,not the best vape quality but chamber and design are second to none.

Richard Powell says:

I want to treat myself to a mighty. I’m hoping they come out with a newer version later this year.

fatima abreu says:

Hey, I wanted to know which vape you would chose if the most important factor is potency? The Airvape XS, the Pax, or the Flylab Lift? I’m trying to decide what to get for my first vape and would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you!

Neil Sampat says:

Everyone who actually owns a grasshopper know for a fact that it shits on all the rest.

Nicole Palmer says:

CFX with the ELB mods all the way

Matthew Goodman says:

Vapexhale period.

Vapletrichs Gne says:

best desktop Vapexhale awesome extraction/all glass pure convection does concentrates the best too imo, Volcano in seconds (reliability, function is impressive, and never disappoints) portable: firefly 2 (as long as it doesn’t break within the first two years), new titanium grasshopper (with titanium 14mm WPA on a rig). Vapcap ti NonaVong S (with 14mm straight pipe Bong with 18mm honeycomb perc) it extracts like no other, the vapor is unique and very high quality. Also, the new basic model titanium (just released yesterday – no soinning mouthpiece, but he says it’s a lot better than the Glass one. He’s trustable, and loves his work (made in america, and it shows. smallest size, 3 second heatup time, very very high wuality materials that will last a lifetime, and is customizable in hundreds of ways, with some of the finest woods in the world, and a really great finish with intricate and quality job (you can tell these guys are having a fuckload of fun with their machines (plenty of work by hand), and as someone who uses this type of machinery (jeweler), you get into the zone and get enthusiastic as the piece progresses, and you actually want to impress the customers in a personal way – this is when the best manufacturing happens with fine materials. Just get one..i could definitely use it as the only vap Id ever need to own, and it gets you real fucked up because of such an awesome extraction, and so smooth. I almost want to give it the best rating for a portable, and finally the mighty (it chugs big ass clouds, but it’s such a mess when they break..and they do constantly). I’ll just stop there..I forgot the format you told us to use in the (use if if needed lol). Last thing: I just got the Firefly 2, and if it keeps extracting so well, and lasts years without breaking – I’m sold in the ff2 and ti NonaVong woody s. BTW flower is getting more popular again because these vapes extract like a dab (but better body high imo).

TheBigB40 says:

Im in the desktop vaporizer market but after seeing this video and where the vapexhale evo scored im wondering if I should rethink things and get a mighty. They both are fairly evenly priced and seeing how the mighty scored on this list im now conflicted. I only vape in the house so portability is a non issue. If im gonna pay $400 I want to make sure I make the right decision. have any input? A mighty vs Evo vid would be awesome.

HazardousPleb V says:

suprise to not see Boundless cfx in top ten. my pal has one and for the money………

POGMAN says:

I’m not an everyday smoker. My choice of vaporizer is the Apex Pulsar. It is both dry herb and wax. Its around 50 60 dollars. I haven’t had one complaint. Super easy to load and clean. Also had a selection of temps to choose from. Taste great.

Kay Fabe says:

Yo bro u from NY?

Eric Owen says:

you always start your videos like we’re an ex that did you wrong and you’re just like, whats up bitch, miss me?

thewrightstuff1836 says:

dude i can not believe the Mighty is #1 in 2017… that sooooo 20151!! lol but ye i hear that its an amazing vape. hands down, but its just tired already, like t hit it a bit hitter than 410… its just not ht nough sometimes!!

Christian O'Neill says:


lipsticklezy says:

<3 my volcano I'm a newbie to vaping only since last September .. but I've smoked it since 1977 having stopped completely for over 10 years then now a Legit MMP in New England .I've tried the gpro and cant stand it I waste more than anything so I stick to volcano I cant afford anything else right now I'm dying to try the mighty or crafty ..... maybe one of these days when I hit powerball

Austin Tobin says:

The mighty is awesome!! Such clean and flavorful vapor, and the herb really lasts if you start at around 160C and slowly cook it up until 210C (max). This shit gets me sooo high of a few pulls. Love the mighty!!!

Hans Kanns says:

Still using my Aromed 4.0 since 2010 because i am afraid of getting a vape that is not so satisfying like the Aromed is.

Dakin Real says:

oh man really thx for doing this kind of review ! youre the best and your content is top notch

i have the pinacle, the pax 1 and the crafty
my favorite best is the crafty but the battery really suck to be honest

(little question, why dont you monetize your videos?)

timspellman47 says:

Arizer Air is my favorite.

smile anymore says:

I have a Firefly, DaVinci , fake pax and the mighty … and for me it’s the Mighty

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝʇoɹ ǝuop ᴉ zlol says:

I have 3 vapes; Vapor Genie, Solo, and IQ. They all have their advantages, but I think the IQ wins out. It is the most discrete and portable, it heats up the fastest, it produces vapor the fastest AND coolest, and it is probably the most sturdy, all parts considered. Downsides over the others are the battery life, and the loading/emptying time, and also, I actually use the stirring stick that came with the Solo when I’m loading and emptying the IQ, because the ones that came with the IQ were so small (and I already lost one for a while) so I just keep them in their cases for a rainy day. Like the other 2, the IQ also requires stirring in the chamber, and it is the most tedious with the IQ, because of it’s tight packing and deep chamber. It also smells the weirdest up close in my opinion. All in all, my honest opinion is that a big breakthrough would be a vape as good as the IQ that has some sort of inbuilt mechanism to stir the chamber…. or even just one that actually cooks evenly.

TheNLSClan says:


mike night says:

Because it’s the best! FF2 can kiss my ass!

BTW I been enjoying your recent reviews. I like that you are doing unique vapes. Rock on!

Mande Peer says:

I swear to god this is Mr. Nightmare

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