Best Manual Vape 2019 | Manual Vaporizer Buying Guide

We’ve fallen in love with manual vaporizers and have been testing out a few models over the last few months.

Matt goes through the most outstanding models and covers them in details. If you are considering getting a manual vaporizer, watch this video and let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

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Your average human says:

Hey man! Love the vid! I ordered the Lotus myself, still waiting in anticipation for the arrival, but it was because of you that I chose this one. I joined the Lotus train. Keep making great vids and a fantastic 2019 to you!

Ronnie Cassady says:

Do you much work, give me a battery every time

Rodney Reviews Things says:


Jt Munn says:

Gold flake paint on the vapman have you lost your mind that is Mica for heat resistance not paint. dude if you’re going to keep making these videos you at least need to start getting your facts correct. It’s not good to put out bad information I’m glad that you’re trying don’t get me wrong that’s why I’m still subscribed but I’ve seen you put a good bit of bad information out there on Vapes. Also the cap on all the dynavap’s are stainless steel none of them have a titanium cap what some do have tho is a titanium tip the part where you pack your herb. But all the caps are stainless steel. And last thing it’s being Vaporizer not atomized come on bro .

Jt Munn says:

Not a single one of those came out in 2019 makes no sense to even put that in the title

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