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Oxygorjia X says:

Where can you purchase it??? And compare it with a Pax 2

CruisinMKE says:

rebranded china vapes are tight

Chris gonzalez says:

hello bro been watching your reviews for a long time and honestly like how accurate you are with your reviews! question what is the best hands down portable vape herbal. not price just pure quality

anthony durrence says:

what would you prefer. vapium summit or this?

Robert Stokes says:

does it vape well? no combustion?

Tyler says:

Compared to a pax 2?

Adrian Garza says:

what is the battery life

Ndasuunye says:

Not gonna lie bro, for one you claim is pretty good, this is a weak review. Very suprising. You went harder on reviewing the Vapium Summit vs this one. And theire both within competing price range. Since I look to you a lot for my best pick of purchases based on my preferences, your review is STILL making me want to go for the Vapium Summit.

rrgert4 says:

blue smoke ? wtff

Haboo Naimee says:

that’s hip man kinda looks like it might have a pax feel na?

Hikaru Eyre says:

How would you compare this vape to the FlowerMate line?

Anthony Russo says:

Thinking about trying this one for my first vape lol

Popcorn says:

Okay review, lot’s of information that is useful to me, but still some points were missing. I enjoyed it, though.

The Vape Critic says:

I can always count on you guys to be honest LOL #KeepMeInLine

ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

Hey, can I offer a word of advice? I think that when it comes to dry herb vaporizer reviews, maintenance is the most important factor. When you look at something like the Arizer Solo/Air, The maintenance is boil your stem every couple weeks. This thing requires you to brush it out every use. That’s… burdensome… to say the least.

Really, this review could be structured as a cheaper alternative to the Pax. It’s stealthier than the Flowermate v5.0s, and it’s cheaper than the Pax..

Chris gonzalez says:

thanks gentleman!

Moe Chi says:

I just ordered mine and its my first vaporizer. Hopefully its the right choice

app source says:

This was your worst review ever, seriously lacking in detail. People watch your videos to avoid reviews like this one…..smh

Brian White says:

Looks like another Pax imitation…


lol someone found out how to streamline the Pax

The Vape Critic says:

I feel you all, it’s a basic review because it’s a basic vape, too many vapes to go into the same detail with each one! More coming soon that I think you’ll like better thank you all for your patience!!!!!!!

ArnArmor says:

I think for this form factor, and price, you should check out the FM Aura that just came out. You can adjust your own temps and with the new herb pods, it seems super easy to pack, throw a new one in, and keep it clean. I don’t know. I’d really like to hear your opinion on that vape, as I value all your reviews!

Jose Vigo says:

Great review, but how does it compare to the Flowermate 5.0 in regards to price and performance?

ruiz simon says:

so how can you tell if this one combust or is a true vape device???

Leonardo Quispe says:

question, do you let your herb air dry before you pack it? I have the Titan 2 and I don’t get good results. or actually any vapor. is there something I’m doing wrong?

Sungodv says:

This tastes OK? Better than Vapium Summit? Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

chillbabe104 says:

Just some info on my personal experience for those who are considering getting this Vape. This was my first vape I ever bought thanks to The Vape Critic and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. It wasn’t without its’ issues tho. The power button would not register every time you click it which becomes a problem since changing the temperature requires rapidly pressing the button 3 times in a row. I’m assuming this is a rare issue that not many may encounter which is good. The sour note of the entire experience was their customer service. I emailed them my issue and they said that if I send them a video of proof, they will send me a new one free of charge. Awesome. Sent them the video and haven’t received a response for more than 3 months even with periodic follow up on my end. Vape itself is pretty worth the price (I bought it for $90 with code) but don’t expect too much from the customer service.

HoobaBros says:


Christopher Person says:

reminds me of my old pinnacle. rip pinnacle my parents found it

Ndasuunye says:

if you click the written review (apparently nobody likes to read anymore) you can see why he didn’t go in on this. The vapor quality & taste is average, though what average means TODAY, is hard to tell and since he makes no comparisons, you can’t really judge BUT that sounds like enough not to go totally gaga over anyway. Especially when you realize it’s $108 after promo. Fuck Combustion doesn’t really help when it comes to vape quality so I’m gonna have to go by what Bud said. BUT what FC has confirmed is that’s it’s pretty much an imitation of the Pax. From the light mechanism down to the way it indicates battery and so on. Not very original. But then if that was the case many people wouldn’t buy the G-Pen am I right? (we’re a small branch of little more educated about vaporizor people than the average buyer or else Mighty purchases would be slim) And being that the vape quality is meh, it’s a round about knockoff with an official independent website.

Clerkz says:

Battery life?

thisguywhocamps1 says:

what a shitty review

Scott Warner says:

So I bought this yesterday and can’t wait for it!! Anyone know how long it will take to ship? I’m in Arizona

Carlos Hernandez says:

lol at some of these cats…you should check out the xvape xmax v2 it’s a pretty dope 3-in-1.

sorryimhigh says:

Bruh. U Keep us starving for new reviews lately and then u come around with some low tier vapes when there’s way better stuff out there (grasshopper..) Sorry but the frustration is that high just because u do the best reviews✌ 1st of march..!:) Keep. It. Up.

The Vape Critic says:

☞ TOP PICK UNDER $100: (Flowermate)

Ooohkill em says:

Welcomee back ha ha!

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