Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review and Tutorial –

Full review of the dual purpose Arizer Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer. This Extreme-Q Review includes features, how-to-use, vape session with both whip/bag options, pros/cons and best place to buy.

Full Arizer Extreme-Q review –
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Megan M says:

We want to do away from the stigma of pot and start getting EVERYONE to be more accepting of medical marijuana, yet everyone doing these tutorials where shady shades… Dang.

Tito Kaka says:

Any ideas for a portable power source?? For like camping?

breandanc says:

Nice job! Best video on the Arizer that I’ve seen

Aaron Staley says:

Excellent review, very professional.

Maxemus Meridius says:

Are you trying to start a sunglasses war with that other dude?

Garysson says:

I heard if you pancake it you can add concentrates like crumble. is this true? and what temp do you bump it up towards the end of your sessions?

This Guy says:

Tip: standard magic marker or high lighter cap is the perfect size to cap the balloon.

ldb says:

Do you wait until it’s heated to use the fan

Paul Davies says:

Excellent review and tutorial mate! Just about to follow your instructions 😉 Cheers!

Keaton Shoults says:

I think hes exaggerating the bowl piece doesnt get that hot i can always take it off with my hands alone

Jason Cordeiro says:

excellent and helpful video, brother!

Rezident says:

I don’t understand . . . why would you want to take the bowl off during a session . . . ?
Great review btw, Sold!

Francis Drake says:

Just bought the Extreme Q and your video was so much more helpful than the booklet which came with the device.

noname lastname says:

that was a really informative video, if I can just make one suggestion, try to slow down when you deliver information, some of us are really slow, I had to rewind a few times, im tired thats why, overall really informative and exactly what I was looking for thanks a lot.

The Peace Project says:

Has anyone had a problem with the ceramic heating element on the Extreme Q?

Igor Ernst says:

Extreme Q also it has a cap for the balloon.
A glass mixing tool not only for mixing herbs and mashing, but also fits
nicely into the mouthpiece, the steam does not leak out.

Luke Rideout says:

would wearing mechanic/dirt bike gloves be good for taking off the hot bowl during a sesh?

Eric Cryderman says:

excellent video very informative

420dabber says:

great review man

phantom three09 says:

Thanks for a good review of this device. I looked at reviews before buying, and after. I found your review to be fair, concise, and easy to follow, more so than many others. I like the bags way better than the whip. I’m still searching for those huge clouds of vapor! I feel as if I’m inhaling an invisible canna vapor, because the effect is there but the “smoke” is not.

Spencer Clizer says:

Awesome review! totally gonna get one soon

godisall1222 says:

just got mine today

Katie Casey says:

I just got one of these, I really need some info on what temps you guys are using with the balloon? I use it at 220c with the whip and this gives me a nice vape but my balloons always seem a bit crap.

Jacob Cote says:

What does the fan do?

ainsleywainsley says:

any bong smokers out there tried this?? ive tried a few portable vapes befroe but don’t like them cos its nothing like a big hit from a bong but i was thinking the balloon might be able to give a similar effect, anyone got any feedback?

Entahteenmunt says:

Never had any problem with the heat of the bowl. I prefer packing the elbow, much thicker vaping

Justin Reed says:

SOLD… Really cool sunglasses man.

Sonny Breeland says:

Got mine for $130 on eBay

Cam H says:

how long do I wait until I turn on the fan after I put the cyclone bowl and bag on the heating element

flo_worsnop says:

Are you going to get baked well? just liek with a bong or Joint/blunt.. ?

Ahmad Subhi says:

Please tell me this gets me higher than a solo.

Christian Reyes says:

Got mine for $70 on Craigslist basically brand new it came with almost everything wrapped still, at first I thought it was broken because I didn’t let it warm up all the way before I started taking hit. Worth the money

HipJipC says:

Thank you for your review. I made my purchase based on your review. I noticed that websites are still selling it for $200.00 or more. I found it for $159.00 on planetofthevapes and received it today and it includes the upgrade on the mini-whip connection for the bag, a really nice grinder and a handy vita vac. The upgrade on the mini-whip connector to use the balloon bag is an all glass piece instead of the glass piece with a small hose which allegedly was more difficult to remove the balloon bag from. It is the real deal and not a knock off so don’t waste your money on over-priced websites. There may be better deals out there but I chose planetofthevapes for the awesome reviews they received on trustpilot dot com and the free shipping. I received it in just 2 DAYS! I would also recommend being careful while removing and replacing the battery slide on the remote. After removing the thin plastic piece that is put there to protect the battery life I dropped the slide and the battery. I put the battery slide back upside down and it got stuck. I had to pop the bottom of the remote out in order to get the battery slide insert out again and turn it around. Luckily I was able to do this without damaging or breaking it. Happy Vaping!

Robert Purdin says:

it may be a stupid question, but can someone please tell me if this has a plug, battery operated, or both?

TheBobwatermellon says:

i have a friend who has a volcano the valve for the bags does not work as well as people think you still need a finger over the hole

thetowelbringer says:

Great review man

Thomas J. Damario says:

P.C. Principal?

Laura S says:

Thanks for this video but still I’m not sure if I am using it right.
I had a couple of fairly successful newbie sessions.
Then I read and watched too many tutorials. I cranked up the temp to 240 and tired without the fan. It ended up burning, stinking up the room, and the smoke left a nasty film in the tube (btw, I’m using it whip style). I saw or read to try packing the elbow, so I did and used the fan. I cranked up the to 240 again. Started getting some draws and then bam! The flowers fell down into the cyclone bowl and actually had an orange glow to them! UGh! It stunk up the room so bad that I took the unit and attachments and put them in the garage to cool off. The cleaning was a lot more work after the second time.
So this morning I obtained some top shelf and eagerly tried using my extreme q again. I kept the temp lower than 200 and packed the elbow. It never quite produced great vape, but at least it didn’t ignite and make a big smelly mess. When things started to wane, I shut it off and did another Google search and found a link to this video.
Well, even though I assumed that I didn’t get any vape, I’m suddenly higher than high! Maybe the vape wasn’t all that much to write home about, but the effect has once again knocked my socks off.
I’m thinking next time to load the cyclone bowl and go very easy on the temp. I think you’re right about the number 1 fan setting being the sweet spot.
I just DO not want to set fire to my material again because of the horrible mess and smell.
I wonder if it’s set on Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? I’ll have to check that.
Ok this stoned woman just wanted to say thanks for making this tutorial!

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