$60 vs $600 Vaporizer: What’s the Difference?

$60 Pulsar APX: https://www.vapecritic.com/pulsar-apx/
$600 Herbalizer: https://www.vapecritic.com/herbalizer/

These are the differences between a $60 and $600 vaporizer for dry herb.

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Matt Iannuzzelli says:

That dazed and confused clip was perfect XD

GoryTarrafa says:

0:24 frrrrrrrruuummmm , Frmmmmmm. love it 😀

NicolSD says:

I have an oldish Arizer Air, a DaVinci IQ and a Pax 3. If I want a luxurious feeling experience (best tasting, richest cloud), I use my DaVinci IQ. Otherwise, I prefer the other two, with my old Arizer Air taking 1st place over all. It’s my go to when I have lots of time for two or three session. It’s great.

SeanTron says:

Herbalizer or Volcano if you could only have one?

Revolutionary says:

I love my Extreme Q for this reason. I pack my herb in the top bowl (aka elbow screen), top it with some kief, and holy shit haha the vapor density is insane. Pure milk that could choke a horse. Just how i like it. I pack a new bowl every time i hit it. Just 1 hit and the herb is toasted, lol. The flavor seems top notch too. Ive tried volcanos and other vapes but they just dont come close to the Lung busting, dab-sweat inducing vapor that my EQ makes. Plus theres like no draw resistance. For 150$ ive never found a vape that delivers more Value than the Extreme Q.

Rick Astley says:

You should do that hour long talk! Or at least break it into other smaller videos.

Wendell Hayes says:

buzfeed memes

Nate Kurz says:

Do you think that the Volcano has better quality vapor than the Herbalizer?

HoobaBros says:

Great video ! And honestly an underrated channel, because i like your videos a lot and i’ve been watching since the end of 2015. 🙂 Stay Up ! 😉

lewis ball says:

Dynavap vapcap bought for £29 hits hard and effects are strong but still use my classic volcano which was £275 with easy valve starter set.
I paid £199 for a Elevape Smart (ESV) and hate it. Absolute piece of shit.
X-Max V2 pro £38 is a brilliant vape that I regularly use. Crafty £199 great vape but crap battery mine does 3 sessions and long heat up time so don’t use it that much. I’ve found cheap vapes can be just as effective and satisfying as expensive ones.

maevian says:

Agreed 100%, till I got a vapcap M, it cost 50 bucks and beats my 200 dollar grasshopper

Revolutionary says:

I feel like vapor “smoothness” is something thats quite complex. Theres a big difference between hot, harsh hits that burn your throat and smooth cool vapor that is so thick it makes you cough. know what i mean? Sometimes i WANT the vapor to make me cough, make me feel like im really getting a fat hit, but not scorch my throat. Am i the only one?

TheOne WhoWakes says:

Lmao yeah that’s how it be when you got a cat

LazyStoner says:

Volcano all day long.

Adam Cross says:

vapcap end of!

Frumble Foot says:

Keep up the content !!!!

growing heart says:

great video

Hitman Notoriety says:

The “watch the leather” scene…classic 🙂 Great and informative channel….smooth ass voice!

jnfallin says:

Firefly 2 if I want to be considerate of my neighbors. Pax 2 if I want to get blasted on the go. Volcano if I want to get blasted at someone else’s house.

Stu says:

Waiting for a dynavap review surprised you haven’t got your hands on the entire range

mike night says:

I still hate the firefly 2. worst vape I ever used. its so cheaply made and a pain in the ass to use. It really turned me off to buying higher end vapes. I still love my crafty tho.

Mark1Am says:

Great reviews, would like to see your opinion of the Vapman. 🙂

Gary Shaw says:

when do you reckon we’r going to see another vape from Firefly????

Kent S says:

FYI another popular youtube vendor did a cfv cfc review and they said “hey if you want the details check vape critic.” Hilarious.

Richard Powell says:

Thanks for recommending the firefly2 rental program. It was amazing to be able to try a top vape out for not much money.

c0pyimitati0n says:

I sell SOOOOOOOOO many of those APX vapes.. Have you got any opinions on a $100-$150 portable vape?

Robthered aka DJ_B_RUB says:

lmao the cat. good vid bud!

Bill Wall says:

blah blah blah blah

Matt Iannuzzelli says:

One word: Quality XD

Jason Sims says:

What is the best vape to take out on the town.. portable, something I can pack and take out for the night? I am used to straight flower combustion and want to try vaping.. I’m all set when home but need something on the go.. thanks..

JimmyGoldenDollar says:

Had a DaVinci Ascent, battery fucked up after 5 years or so.
Also have an Extreme Q V3 but I am very disappointed with it, vapour isn’t thick at all, doesn’t get my high, as a matter of fact, I preferred to use de Ascent with the Extreme Q whip because I find the vapour to be more effective and strong.

Now I am looking to buy a VapeXhale and a DaVinci IQ or a Crafty as a portable.
I didn’t heard enthusiastic opinions on the IQ from a bunch of veteran smokers I know, they all told me the Crafty is better than that, I was surprised because they mentioned that the IQ becomes incredibly hot while none of the reviews I have watched mentioned this issue.

Btw, if you could make a video where you go through all the different percolators of the VapeXhale it would be cool.

Keep up the good job, and thanks!

Phuck Hugh says:

speaking of cheap vapes can you review the dynavap. Its a $35 vaporizer that is powered by a cigarrette lighter or a candle.

Revolutionary says:

Lol, whattup VC

Masaharu Morimoto says:

I don’t even bother with other vapes since I got my FireFly2 last year! (Except the odd Lotus WPA milk) I won’t let anyone else touch it, I don’t try to convince people… most are too stupid to use a FF2 properly, and I just don’t care what other people think about it, it’s the best vapor I have ever had.

Bob Mammoser says:

There are many factors, but take a look at the Arizer  Air and Solo. It will give you solid performance and is reliable. A bit like buying a Volvo. Solid, but not flashy or cutting edge.

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