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jerrold mcdowell says:

Can’t wait to see what you have to say about the arizer air? I’m really looking for the best portable to date for my first buy. Thanks man

Scott Boraman says:


SAVAGE _ O.G says:

It’s crazy u don’t give the solo its props like it’s due I get massive tasty clouds

Michael Becerra says:

Any plans on doing an Alfa video ?

Stay up B)

Jonathan Saenz says:

Haha awesome

Aidan Mager says:

can you please review the flowermate vapormax v5.0s

¿Venceremos?¿Convenceremos? says:

hi all I have doubts about buying the Herbalizer, someone help me?thanks

Brian White says:

Haha I am imagining this being your only video and that’s how you review all your vapes. “it’s alright”

Faceless says:

Thanks for all the good info. I watched your videos before I bought my first vape about a year or two ago (still do obviously). I bought the Extreme Q and it’s decent but, the glass pieces are very cheap and break all the time. I ordered a replacement part and it literally crumpled in my hand when I unwrapped it and they refuse to refund me. I want to try something new that’s more durable and less pieces. I usually use bags but, I don’t mind the whip and have been thinking about getting the SSV or maybe a DBV. Any recommendations for the 1-200$ range? Thanks again.

Albert Jurkowski says:

Heres to 50 more vapes and 50k more subs!

John Hotdogs says:

lol that’s crazy man and yeah if one had all those they deff could stay up.  Well if you have the herb to keep em full that is 🙂

TheRicchini says:

Yo Bud, what if I told you the only vapes in my collection are the Vapexhale EVO and the Storz and Bickel Crafty.      

Appreciate the input, you’ve informed a lot of my decisions. 

Barry Keaveney says:

So, um….after this do you have any other hobbies? (P.S. – Thanks for your reviews, quite nice, really).

fiending says:

Happy New Year!
2017 here we come

liamthedevastator says:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the search for a vaporizer! Just someone to say “yay” or “nay” and give me a few options to look at. My hours of research confirmed by a “love it” means that the launch box is looking like it’ll be my first dry herb vaporizer! Thanks Vape Critic, that was awesome.

lmathieu968 says:

A friend of mine really wants my Pax. I’m thinking of giving it to him. Do you recommend anything over the pax or should I just stick with pax. (Pax 2 arizer air… Etc)

clerus17 says:

I am thinking between the Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer and the Trifecta Portable Vaporizer.. which one you recommend? mostly i am gonna use it for dry herb..

aLi says:

Please make a review on the arizer air and flowermate 5.0s ty

mrbuttercake says:

Sell all the ones you don’t like and buy a sublimator.  You won’t regret it. (unless you are going to start a vaporizer museum or something)

matt mcdowell says:

This is Prolly an already answered question, but if you could pick one for home and one for the pocket, what would they be? thanks man awesome vid.

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Hey +The Vape Critic  I found this newly launched indigogo project for a new type of wearable vape. Do you think it’s worth investing in just an innovative idea ? Thanks!


TMODCustoms says:

Great channel bro! Do you have any vaporizers that use hash oil?

Christian D says:

Yo Vape Critic… I just got an Arizer solo and I like it for its affordability and easy home use. They say they have improved a few features (air flow is one of them) so you may want to review it again… maybe alongside the new Arizer air. Also, this company Wulf vape has some new pieces that are very affordable… consider reviewing these as well, I look forward it

linus vapor says:

Easy vape knocked us off 6 years in… they originated nothing… haha, I will send you one of ours, just for fun, no review needed 😉 Love your attitude & work. ~LV

ugn669 says:

How about the Wulf Vape? Not the Tundra, they have a newer, digital one out. I just picked one up, love it so far (but being my first I’ve no experience to speak of), would love to see how it compares to some of the more expensive pieces you got.

Elemenemo says:

I wish this video went on for like 7 months.

Benjah Alvarez says:

im watching for the best price/quality for all of this… i like the V2 pro, the pax and the launch box… considering the price which one do you recommend man, i saw all your reviews and your page and i really like the pax 2, but it’s too expensive, i only had once an “easy vape” and it was a bad experience so i don’t want to spend so much for a “first” vaporizer… help!

Angel Lerma says:

Could you please do a review on the grasshopper it’s very unique and I would like to hear your opinion on it. Also it just became available for purchase. Thanks in advance.
Cheers bro.

mbaxter22 says:

You’re a serial vapist.

toobroke2fight says:

I should have waited a bit untill I spent lots of cash on vaporizers, but being new to cannabis, I just got two top of the line models. I should have given this guy more credit for what hes doing and listened to him more. I think i could have been quite happy with a cheaper model. So far I love the bags. I can dose smaller since i havent built up a tolerance yet. depending on your dosage you look at differient products. I thought smoking pot is smoking pot when I started trying cannabis. i knew nothing and just went and bought the high quality rounded product, and started my drug trial. I have not used them enough to know what this guy knows. but im not unhappy with my choice. I was able to use some of my disability money to buy my vaporizers. ( I thought this was funny even before using cannabis, now its way funnier!) Basically I wanted to thank you for showing us your thoughts as a vape user. I dont want to smoke, so I have to pay more than ones that dont mind smoking. I want to help my body, so I vape. You helped steer me to the volcano and Ascent, and I knew i wouldnt be unhappy, but I now see how easy it is to vape, but having used each product… and more than just once… can change your mind on them. basically, I am thankfull that you helped me choose a quality product.

Fyra Banks says:

it’s aiight

Josh Salter says:

eh yall. I have gone through many of the herbal vaporizers in this vid and a few not in this vid. Many of these I feel when I put the herb in the unit that i dont get the full effects and that my herb is being wasted, until i spent the extra dollar and purchased the crafty. if you are like me and consume the herbs daily than I would highly consider spending the extra dollar on the crafty or mighty and get something that will get you medicated. Ive only had it for a few days now but I can already tell this will be my new everyday unit.

Luigis Almanzar says:

What was wrong with the puffit? I been getting mixed reviews about it. And what did you like about the magic flight?

Strainiacs says:

Where and how do you store these ??

gwendal says:

Best video of vapes ever

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