2017 Volcano Vaporizer Review w/ Plenty Comparison (Extended Cut)

My Volcano Review: https://www.vapecritic.com/volcano/ – My Plenty Review: https://www.vapecritic.com/plenty/

This is my 2017 review and comparison of the Plenty & Volcano vaporizers (top-rated desktop vapes).

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CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Another great video! Such a good comparison. The Plenty is rarely talked about so nice content. Also I found I get the best performance out of my Volcano when I run the heater for 5 seconds, then put the chamber on top without the bag for 3-5 seconds and then put the bag on. This gets all vapor, rarely just air. Cheers !

pierre richard Dalcourt says:

4:20 BABY

Pedro Matoso says:

great video, thank you, stay up.

Christopher Russell says:

I’ve been on a two week hiatus from my Volcano, so when I get back it’ll wow me. I also re grind the herb again to get it ultra fine. You can get an extra bag or two.

The Vapor Path says:

It kills me when you get the Plenty Hack and still try to maintain your coolness… Lmao “That can happen sometimes”

afrosoul4eva says:

This man is ROASTED from this review hahahahaha…. Volcano for the win

Kyle Berube says:

could you make a video comparing a high end butane vape with a high end electric vape? I’m torn between buying the plenty and the sticky brick bc I have no idea how butane stacks up against comparable electric vapes.

jeat says:

Volcano for the win

Three Percenter says:

After Years of wanting the volcano and never pulling the trigger. I finally did and used your referral link. Thanks Bud

LazerC4 says:

I’m don’t get high anymore and I still watch ur videos. Great work!

Sack Twist says:

this guys reviews are super dope keep up the good work!

Shamoo Tamu says:

The Volcano is such a neat experience as well as the mighty and crafty

RPilgrim says:

I ordered myself a plenty and i was wondering when putting your dab on the pad do you place it on top of the pad or on the bottom of the pad when your putting it in the bowl/holder. Thanks

Cheryl Phelan says:

After vaping small amts. using the wax pad, saving up the ABV, I filled totally the Plenty to the top and got another great solo session from it:)

Three Percenter says:

I’ll have to play devil’s advocate. I think the plenty is plenty cool. And if someone else thinks it’s ugly that just means they won’t steal it. (It’s a sleeper)

joecyclewarrior says:

Thank you for this informative tutorial vaporizers help a lot with being of calm mind being a long term cigarette smoker. l stopped 6 yrs ago.Bongs any combustible smoke is bad. l only use cannabis in vape form breathing is much better without my asmol. Cheers.

ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

Why did they have to make their vaporizer look like a power tool? That thing is absurd.

Hypolaristic says:

how to get rid of this plastic bag noise?

Emil Novruzov says:


tenspinya says:

Looked like fun making this one. Good shit

Jkorben says:

hey do you know if the crafty has gotten any fixes on the battery or the life of it, i read it migth only last 100 hours or so

zxG777 says:

You can replace bags on easy valve too, I do it Atm, it’s a massive saving just cutting them yourself

AimlessRyan says:


jeremy trusty says:

so you helped find me a dope product now i need a dope grinder. hook up a top 3 list.

Chris Stigall says:

Have you tried letting the heating element on the Plenty heat up before attaching the bowl? That-s what I prefer, you can taste your herb longer and when the vape hits its full force and STRONG. Give it a try!

Acid Skies says:

Letting a full Plenty hit out really slowly is absolutely gorgeous

Curtis Kapitan says:

does anyone know how the volcano high compares to a bong rip? I hear the bong still get you more fucked up. what do you volcano owners think?

Spc Bitcoin says:

If i was a professional vaper, i would have gotten a volcano. I settled for a vapir somethingorother. Tower

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