12 Vaporizers, 1 Review by The Vape Critic

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Inlovedness says:

Just wanted to thank you VC for all the vids you do.  I just got my Pax last Thursday on my food stamp card lol.  I was going to rob the gas station for the Volcano but man you’re wrong and this ain’t opinion.  The Volcano you call the best vape on the market and I don’t care what it does, is as primitive as rubbing sticks for fire even if they’re teak.  Pax=Freedom.  I can stand right next to you in your mansion, house or apartment and while you toke the bubble bag I get just as high on my Pax.  But when we leave your apartment or whatever and go to my shelter, you got to toke on a portable cause I wouldn’t pay 600 bucks to sit in an opium den everyday if I had to leave the toke behind.  Next vid do the portable’s first and call Pax the best unless you are gonna stick with landline phones, ISP internet connections and 1962 Caddies.  jk VC u da man for helping me quit smoking tobacco.  Thank you.

hman111 says:

thanks!! you are a good reviewer!!

tyler s says:

Can someone make a price list

Clayton says:

Easy vape is actually one of the better vaporizers i’ve used.

The Vape Critic says:

hey thanks as long as you like it that’s all that matters!

uahow23 says:

you remind me of a younger christopher walken

Hyuna The Hyena says:

Why are you wearing sunglasses? Are you a hacker?

Bongtasia says:


amitheonlyone says:

hey, can i ask question about lupan vape pen? is it good for e-liquids? cuz i want smoke make my own e-liquids from weed. and also diffrent type of liquids. maybe sometimes i can use for dry stuff. why didnt you suggest it? is it working bad?

Josh Mooney says:

This is great info.

The Vape Critic says:

+collin hales RE: “you need a screen for the atmos raw to get vape”

It still does not perform very well even with screens in the chamber, very little vapor production before it starts to combust. 

ollygee says:

dude!! you’d make the best housemate with all those products

The Vape Critic says:


sherry smith says:

Hey, I just got a Sonic and I don’t really like it. What r Ur feelings on the device?

slimjim355 says:

you should review the vape brothers vaporizer, please.  I believe it is the original box vape and the EZ vape is a clone of this.  maybe youll like it better than the EZ

zeds dead says:

I’m wondering what’s the general opinion on portables vs home after nearly 5 years?

juan esteban perez ficachi says:

I think volcano is the best vaporizer ever.

rym tadet says:

that little hole in your wall behind your head, thought it was dirt on my screen, spent 20 minutes scratching it

The Vape Critic says:

+harrison bergeron – i don’t own a store but i could probably open one now with all the vapes i bought

Justin Jone says:

I bought an easy vape and I do not regret it so far.

I’ve had it for a month and it works fine. It can get good vapor going. 

I don’t mind that the bowl is downward.. I just slide it on in such a way that doesn’t lose any herb.

Geph Geoff says:

Hey Critic, is there any chance you could do a review on the new G-pen if you haven’t already?

Blood & Gold says:

All though i due respect your opinion and review “Vape Critic”, i dont give a rat’s about the ballon system, I’m only interested in using the whip!! Don’t care how dirty it gets, as long as it hit’s well which you said it did. Thanks for helping me make up my mind!! Godbless legalized medical Marijuana. My back hurts, it’s time to order online and medicate!!

The Vape Critic says:

the V is an engineering marvel, if you had one in your hands to feel and use you would understand the quality and performance, i try to convey this the best i can in my videos but i understand it’s hard to visualize some things without seeing them firsthand

Mike Sell says:

Hey, I’m in the market for a  vape cause my lungs can’t take smoking anymore, but it seems that vapes are just another way to deliver smoke without using a bic lighter. I was hoping that vaping was not like smoking at all so I could save my lungs. This does seem to be the case. Could you tell me about your experience with vapes? Thanks

The Vape Critic says:

hey thanks for ur request i’ll definitely consider it

are u talkin about the snoop dog herbal one?

based on my experience with pen vapes so far i would be very skeptical of any pens that claim to truly vaporize herbs, most either burn it or produce very little vapor

but i’ll still consider trying it, stay up!

Rawhead Rex says:

The pax is fantastic

spencer bancroft says:

The zephyr ion costs 360 and is just as good as the volcano

The Vape Critic says:

☞ BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/best-portable/
☞ BEST VAPE PENS: https://www.vapecritic.com/pens/
☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/desktop/

ChaosBlack STL says:

Want one of those home caps a$ap

Josh Dargrove says:

cool glasses… that you wear inside, for every video. 

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