Desktop Vaporizer Review

Vapesterdam gives you a few helpful tips on the top vaporizers of 2019 to help you spend your hard-earned cash well! Vaporizers keep coming out, so we’re here to keep your eye on the prize for the best budget, best on the go, best convection and more! Check out the latest news and reviews on […]

We’ve fallen in love with manual vaporizers and have been testing out a few models over the last few months. Matt goes through the most outstanding models and covers them in details. If you are considering getting a manual vaporizer, watch this video and let us know in the comments section if you have any […]

The Ditanium Desktop Vape + Enail is available at

🇨🇦 – 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 – 🇺🇸 GWNVC YouTube 📺 – Welcome to my annual Vape Awards! Here are my choices for the Best Vaporizers of 2018 in a variety of categories. Please subscribe to my channel for more reviews and comparisons in 2019. As always let me know your thoughts in the […]

Here are the top 10 best vaporizers for dry herb to start 2019, desktop and portable, based on your feedback. 00:57 Dynavap M 03:55 OmniVap Ti 08:15 Mighty & Crafty 13:32 Ghost MV1 18:05 PAX 3 29:48 Plenty 33:45 Volcano 37:10 E-nano 40:00 VapeXhale EVO 45:33 NewVape FlowerPot These were chosen based on what you […]

Dr. Dabber Switch – This is my review of the Dr. Dabber Switch. It is a portable desktop vaporizer that vaporizers herb and concentrates. It legit feels like dabbing in the future. The device looks so sleek and functions superb for concentrate. I did not really like it for vaporizing flower but overall I’d […]

Find out where you can buy REAL and DIRT CHEAP Volcano Vaporizers here: The Volcano Vaporizer is often referred to as the best vaporizer that money can buy… but is it really worth is premium price tag of over $500? To find out I decided to buy myself a Volcano Vape and I have […]

Welcome to my review of the Quant Dry Herb Vaporizer. Save 15% on Premium Vaporizers with the code RUFFHOUSE: Watch this and hundreds more cannabis culture videos on our site: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/ruffhousestudio

☞ NEW FIREFLY 2 REVIEW: Original Firefly vape review page: Referral link to buy: Stay up! -Bud ☞ FORUM: ☞ BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: ☞ BEST VAPE PENS: ☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS:

🇨🇦 – 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 – 🇺🇸 Ditanium Vaporizer 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – The Predator V2 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – The Ditanium Vaporizer provides incredible flavour and large hits for either dry herb or concentrate! The Ditanium is made in the USA from high quality materials such as natural wood, […]

☞ PLENTY REVIEW: ☞ EXTREME-Q REVIEW: ☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: Stay up! -Bud ☞ FORUM: ☞ BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: ☞ BEST VAPE PENS: Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review Vapor Nation It’s not the volcano but it will get the job done so head on over to vapor nation the link is above to get you straight to the vapir rise vaporizer.


The Volcano Digit, the king of vaporizers is the unit we are reviewing on this video. The Storz&Bickel Volcano Digit is considered to be the top of the market, the best vaporizer that there is. But is it really? We have reviewed the Volcano Digit in details and condensed the learning into this less […]

🇨🇦 – 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 – 🇺🇸 Arizer Extreme Q 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – Sneaky Pete Globe/C-150 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – Dynavap/DaVinci IQ 3-In-1 Adapter 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – Jyarz Satchmo 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 – The Extreme Q is made by the legendary Canadian manufacturer Arizer. […]

Buy now – If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe! Watch more – Subscribe to our newsletter – In this vaporizer review, we have the new Vapolution 3 vaporizer, one of the only true glass on glass vaporizers on the market. The Vapolution 3 requires no grinding! This […]

Here I talk about the differences between “Session” vapes and “On-Demand” vapes. Ask questions on the forum: This is Part 3 of my VAPE 101 series. Part 1 – The Basics: Part 2 – Components: Stay up! -Bud ☞ BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: ☞ BEST VAPE PENS: ☞ BEST DESKTOP […]


These are my current top picks for best desktop vaporizer, I have a full review for almost all of these vapes if you want to see more. These range in price from $160 to $800+ Order shown (random): Volcano Extreme-Q E-Nano WoodScents Glass Symphony FlowerPot Sublimator VapeXhale EVO Plenty ☞ Forum: Stay up! -Bud […]

Check out the forum: This is my annual “State of Vape” video where I talk about what’s on my mind and what’s new in the vape industry. Stay up! -Bud The Vape Critic

TVape takes you through the setup and operations of the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. Read on to learn more! To jump to a specific section of the video, click the time below: Extreme Q 0:03 Accessories 0:15 Preparation 0:48 Get Started 1:28 Temperature 2:04 Features 2:45 Key Advantage 3:45 The Arizer Extreme Q has […]

go to To get your evo today The evo has been a vaporizer that i wanted for some time and finally got one…im super pleased with it and desktop vaporizers provide a different experience than portables…the evo has been around and rivals the volcano and herbalizer and it has the best concentrate mode i […]