Balloon Bag Vaporizer Review

This is the Digital version of the Volcano, which features an LCD screen and degree by degree temperature control. How does it perform, and how does it compare to newer vapes on the market? Find out right here on the ISMOKE channel. Get your Volcano DIGIT from Namaste Vapes here –

Hey, I had a request for a review of the Volcano Vaporizer, so here it is. I know it’s a commonly discussed topic back at my Crohns and Colitis Cannabis Community (Yay alliteration). I hope it was informative, though I may have over-explained, which I tend to do. Let me know if anything else can […] Get ready for an erruption of fun! We finally review the Volcano that we’ve been selling for forever now. We all know how badass these are. Gary and Brandon tak about the best and not so best parts of owning a Volcano and why it’s still the most badass thing you can vaporize cannabis […]

A full review of the Volcano desktop vaporizer. This Volcano review includes features, how-to-use/tutorial, vape demo session, pros/cons and my recommended place to buy from. ~ Full Volcano Vaporizer Review: ~ Buy Volcano: Volcano Cleaning Video: Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe! ********************************* 👉 Best Portable Vaporizers 2017 – […]

In this video I put the Volcano Classic vape up against the Ditanium. The $480 Volcano is a bag/balloon vape for dry herb and concentrates. The $260 Ditanium is a dry herb vape and enail. You can get both at and save 15% with code “420vapezone”

Check out the Plenty Here: —————————————————————————————————————— This has to be one of the more interesting vaporizers out there. The Plenty is basically a handheld Volcano. The only thing bigger than this vaporizer is the vapor production. —————————————————————————————————————— – STRONG convection vapor production – Nearly open airflow – Industrial strength heater – Packs about a […]

Changing out your #Herbalizer Vaporizer Balloon Bag, with the #VolcanoVaporizer Solid Valve Balloon Bag.

Vapesterdam reviews the Arizer Extreme Q and sees how this fan favorite gets cookin’. Read on to learn more! The Arizer Extreme Q is a powerful and versatile herbal vaporizer from the esteemed Canadian manufacturer Arizer. The Arizer Extreme Q offers a wide temperature range, a glass-on-glass vapor pathway, and generally terrific vapor production. Check […]

Find out where you can buy AUTHENTIC and CHEAP Extreme Q Vaporizers here: I recently did a review of the Extreme Q vape and found that it’s an awesome value for money vaporizer that comes PACKED with a tonne of features. And this got me curious about the ‘V Tower’ vaporizer which is also […]

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Looking to pick up a desktop vape? The two most common types of desktop vaporizers are balloon and whip vapes, meaning that they utilise either a balloon or a whip delivery method. Check out the best desktop vapes here: Desktop vapes are an awesome way to enjoy your herbal blend in the comfort of […]

Get the authentic Digital Volcano As mentioned the fakes are always changing. Since we posted our first blog on the fake digital volcano the fakes have changed a bit. Here is the latest we have on the newest fakes.

Attention medical cannabis users. The Herbaliser vaporizers are one of the premiere desktop vaporizers at $600 (Chong’ s Choice model $500 and good enough). The four supplied balloons eventually get a very thin coat of cannabinioids and become difficult to inflate. They have replacement balloons for $35 four four balloons which works out to be […]

Easy Valve – The Easy Valve System breakdown for the Volcano.

Watch the shorter, updated video: … This is probably THE first and only tutorial on how to assemble the Collection Bag for Arizer’s ‘Extreme-Q’ Vaporizer. My Collection Bag recently began to leak a bit at the bottom seam, so I needed to assemble my spare bag to use as a replacement, but no longer had […]

*NOTE* The Volcano bags come in a roll, so you’ll need to cut it down to a size that’s to your liking. Tie the other end of the bag using the thin strips of plastic that come with the official Storz and Bickel Volcano Bags. How to change the bag on your Volcano Vaporizer Easy […]

Find out what’s inside every box of the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate desktop vaporizer as we unpack one in this very quick video. Made by Vapir of California, this device is versatile in many ways. Learn more below… Product Page: Subscribe: For more Unboxing Videos go to: VapeFuse Blog: Instagram: Facebook: […]

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Find out where you can buy AUTHENTIC and CHEAP Extreme Q Vaporizers here: The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer is a vape that aims to give you all of the same high end features that you would expect from higher end devices (like the Volcano Vaporizer for example) but without the expensive price tag. […]

So I recently discovered a large tear in my Volcano bag, and I wanted to use it. Cat had always replaced the bag in the past, so I figured I’d film my first time trying to do a replacement. I hope you all enjoy watching me struggle through this. It all worked out, as you’ve […]

I use and review the amazing Volcano Vaporizer VOLCANO digit Vaporizer Demonstration and Review. Check out the vaporizer review and informational Video and digit demo by Volcano. Official Volcano digit Vaporizer Company Review. Before you buy a Volcano digit Vaporizer see this review. The volcano digit vaporizer is reviewed in this video. Volcano digit Vaporizer is a of the line Vaporizer. Watch […]

The only thing I did with the Volcano before recording this footage was load the filling chamber with about 0.25 g of herbs. If you are a medical consumer like myself (especially if you have progressive multiple sclerosis), you need to check out a couple of my playlists. You will know which ones.