WISPR Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

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Stoney521 says:

You should compare the WISPR to The MFLB

wearealltubes says:

Not so well, but it does ok if the hash is the kind that can be powdered. Sticky stuff won’t vape at all well.

Austin E says:

my wispr has an opaque viewing port for the butane and also doesnt produce very much visible vapor compared to my friends. i was wondering why that is

TechNicki VapingVeefer says:

Can it be used with hash aswell?

webexploring says:

I’m just bought this WISPR direct from Iolite. When it came it didn’t have a clear window, it has a frosted window, like some showers have. The only reason I bought the WISPR was because it could stand up on a flat surface and the clear butane window. Without those two things you might as well buy a less expensive vaporizer. I called the company to see if I could exchange it for a unit with a clear window or get a refund. I got no reply…only ignored.

The Vape Critic says:

wispr doesnt do that

420squeeg says:

I have the Iolite. Nothing like the smell of butane in your vapor :

Oh, and it barely lasted me through 1 round trip (4-hours each way). Now the damn thing won’t even spark. POS isn’t even worth trying to use the warranty.

brbBRAZZERS says:

If you don’t wanna waste your money steal it lol

Bart Barton says:

the Wispr 2 didn’t produce a consistent high quality vape and I didn’t get any good highs from it. Also, it leaks liquid butane into my mouth when lit. I was disappointed as hell, even though it looks like Prada designed it. The company wouldn’t hear of a refund which I requested in the first week. The service response was lame.

I’ve used the Crafty and it produces awesome bong-like vape always. It has experienced significant quality problems however (battery) — but the manufacturer has always repaired it and after the 6th repair, sent me a brand new unit. WINNER!

The Vape Critic says:

hmm damn, i’m not sure what could be done to fix that unfortunately, maybe contact O&B and see if they’ll replace it?

mat amdis says:

so far almost all the portable vapes i have tried break quite quickly but the oilites have lasted the longest and when i did return them it was easy and straight forward but that was a few years back, also i use a wispr daily and its great i love it but they do go wrong and there not perfect but none are i spent alot of money trying them 😛 looking forward to the wispr 2. if the price was lower be good. but by no means in no way is it the worst product out there seriously no way.

The Vape Critic says:

you’ll know the herbs are spent when there is no more flavor and very little vapor is being produced, it basically just runs out. Usually with one packing you can expect approx 10 minutes of vaping, or roughly 10-15 draws.

joshua lutz says:

After two years of using the wispr2, I have literally melted a cavern in my throat and am in a world of hurt. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT EXTENSIVELY! You are asking for throat complications or worse. I am no longer able to swallow without extreme pain (going on 4 months of pain), sometimes I can’t even swallow my own saliva. I wake up at night with my esophagus stuck closed and unable to swallow. I leap out of bed for water, it’s a nightmare. This all started about 4 months ago until I realized it was from the use of the wispr2. No, I don’t smoke cigarettes, hookah or anything else. Just the Wispr2. The aluminum in it heats to over 400 degrees and then you inhale the dry, hot air inches from the flame to your throat. Not only that, but to my horror, I saw the butane shadow in my garage billowing out of the unit against the wall like a shoe factory’s smoke stack. You can’t see it in the ambient light of a room but against a single light source it’s really scary stuff. To breathe that noxious fumes in is absolute suicide. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t go back in time and fix my body but you can simply not repeat my horror. Careful guys, this stuff is crazy dangerous and harmful. I’m putting this online so others know what the side effects of using an alimunum butane vape does to the human body.

Ben Robinson says:

how do you know when the herbs are spent?

Joemer Gauiran Arellano says:

this is now a product roll back , mine broke the gas chamber inside usually crack cozof bad quality of plastic that when you refill it with gas it slowly crack down . now took away my WISPR and gave me an OLD iolite vaporizer untill they massively fixx that problem , im still waiting for 3 months now

Mr. R says:

it is my first time that im gonna buy a vaporizer, do you think this one is a good choice? or do you recomend another one for beginners?

mat amdis says:

sad you all hate them i love em i tell you i do hate da vinci puffit vaporblunt 2 i hate them i guessing you all probably love em ? lol well as long as i can get high i dont care 😉

420protoman says:


The Vape Critic says:

Hey, this vape will work ‘ok’ with only a pinch of herbs in the chamber but it definitely works better when packed at least 3/4 full. If you did get this one I would probably pack it full and just stop vaping after a few pulls and save the rest to re-vape later. As for your 2nd question it’s pretty good at not producing sidestream vapor so there will be minimal waste. The best vape for very small amount of herbs (just a few draws) IMO is the Launch Box.

kim ballard says:

Don’t buy one they are shit, it will break, they burn to hot it is more pipe than vaporizer blue smoke and black burnt herb, the old model was better but again it broke.

Vintage Audio Workshop says:

just got mine today & i’m more than pleased with it (white rhino) so far no serious complaints just have to get use to the hissing noise. At last i’m getting away from the thick tar with bongs etc

Genesyxx says:

Hey, I can’t get mine to spark. Think the line got blocked on the cheaper butane. Any suggestions for a fix?

Arthur Andersen says:

Worst product out there. It works great for a little while then nothing. Customer service is a joke. I have been trying to get service for weeks. I wasted my money, don’t waste yours.

so.ny says:

Ur not suppose to use Robson name brand gas..it breaks ur wispr like it did mine..call iolite and ask them to email you the list of gas that you can use ..they’ll tell u its critical..it can void the 2 yr warranty but luckily they didbt mind takin mine back in

Fisch Spiel says:

Is it normal that the vaporizer gets warm outside?

dafusion says:

whatever they’re product is solid, you get paid off or something?

erratic_calm says:

IOLITE vaporizers don’t last. Under heavy use the ignition breaks easily and the company doesn’t honor their warranty. Who wants to put butane in their vape either? The WISPR looks very cool but I wouldn’t recommend it or the original IOLITE either.

Stoney521 says:

Thanks appreciate the videos!

nole23 says:

FAIR WARNING: WISPR won’t work at high altitudes, such as Denver! And Iolite customer service is horrible, I would never recommend this piece of shit and their company. After getting 2 replacements, neither working, they refuse to issue a refund, instead trying to send me yet another replacement. What a pathetic joke of a company.

The Vape Critic says:

the vapor it produces will smell, the unit itself stays fairly odorless, and it’s not the easiest vape to clean but it’s not that difficult either

The Vape Critic says:

Hey sup, if you’re looking to buy your first vaporizer i would recommend watching my 12-vape roundup video to get a good idea of the pros and cons of the most popular units. Generally the Wispr is not one I would normally recommend for a beginner – check out that vid if u can and then let me know which models ur interested in or have questions about – also think about if u really need portable or if u will use it mainly at home

Harry Ballzack says:

Which portable vape do you get the most hits out of or the thickest vapor? I saw your review of the Pax, which I have really been thinking about getting, but which is the best for what i’m looking for?

Harry Ballzack says:

Really appreciate the reply and all your contribution to the noobs of vaporizers. Subbed 🙂

The Vape Critic says:

Hey I’d have to say that the Pax or Solo would be the best for you. Both have some draw resistance, but if you take a long pull you can get a good amount of vapor, the most from the portables I’ve tried. The advantage of the Pax being that it is more advanced, easier to use, and easier to carry around – and the advantage of the Solo being that the taste of the vapor is slightly better and if you wanted to you could put the stem into a water pipe to condition the vapor a little more



datrucolombianballer says:

at 374 F there is not much visible vapor, but it doesn’t really make a difference in THC extraction man

Will Fisher says:

The first and last thing folks should know about the Wispr is that it WILL fail. You may love it at first, but it will break.

UltimateEnd0 says:

Worst, overpriced and dangerous vaporizer ever made. I owned several Wispr 1’s and two of them melted down because I forgot to turn them off with a full tank of butane. Buy an Arizer for much cheaper instead. I’m happy my house did not burn down because of these POS. Oh yeah the other Wisprs igniters failed.

matt hebert says:

With the original iolite vape, when you shut it off after a session it would make the heating noise 1 or 2 more times after you flip the switch. when you turn off the wispr, does it do the same thing?

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