Vapor Genie Vaporizer Review

Check out lighter powered vaporizer! Wait….what?


clorox bleach says:

heres an idea how bout not sucking so hard i get blowjobs from this

Alex Bennett says:

Does it produce a smell with herbs?

Davinder4770 says:

Good vid, how much?

GrilledCheezeSammich says:

Butane burns off as Co2 and water vapor. I really, REALLY hate dumbasses who think butane is going to hurt you. The thing you have to “worry” about is flint dust which burns off after 2-3 seconds. Stop spreading bullshit.

xAIB says:


snakegamer1 says:

pourquoi aucun testeur nous montre l’herbe après avoir vaporiser avec la pipe génie??????l’herbe est brulé?elle est toute noir???si oui,alors ce N’EST PAS UN VAPORISATEUR!!!!!!!

Mrsingingdude1 says:

Hit it real gentle. Like you’re sipping coffee. you’ll get huge clouds

Teachermark says:

Inhale butane? No thanks.

Charlie Gnarly says:

here’s a trick…
heat the stone first with either a butane torch or any other way you’re comfortable with, THEN screw the top on and enjoy your vaping. The stone will stay hot a decent amount of time, and you won’t need to breathe fumes.

Sammy Sain says:

The glass Sherlock version is the best.

iGoByNaughty says:

1:10 lol idk dude you’re doing something wrong… I got a cloud like that my first time

disastrix47 says:

i heat my vape with the heat of my oven where i roast jews

Kristian Farren says:

Works way better with a butane torch cigar lighter – as recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaner, more reliable, and quicker . Check out the ‘Scorch’ brand lighters on amazon for about $10 – works great!

Ryan Arborio says:

very little smell, dont have to charge, 60$…. sounds fucking fantastic to me

David Smith-Tan says:

I’m a faggot

Vinny Ramos says:

Does it produce a smellier smell than just a normal bowl?

Vaporizers Reviewed says:

Look around, but its roughly $60.

zekehooper says:

did it make you cough? For me that is what I am looking for. I HATE coughing and want some thing that doesn’t make me cough.

Ryan Arborio says:

very little smell, dont have to charge, 60$…. sounds fucking fantastic to me

Vaporizers Reviewed says:

BS? What, that normal ‘clean’ air is better than lighter flame exhaust? The flame is not burning clean. Watch the video especially for the part where I say:
“its probably not butane either…” What exactly is it burning? You, and I, have absolutely no idea. I am looking for a cleaner way. The exhaust from any lighter, butane or not, can’t be preferable to normal *clean* air. Please be civil, use facts and a constructive argument. You went right for childish name calling.

Matthew Borell says:

Helpful, thank you.

travel girl says:

I am so confused. Why is everyone talking about being able to “see the vapor”? That means you are doing it wrong. You’re not supposed to be getting any smoke from this I thought? It cools it….cools it to the point there’s no smoke………what am I missing?

TeaParty1776 says:

I made an el cheapo homebrew vaporgenie, maybe, by simply putting an ordinary bowl screen above the exotic herb. It seemed to be smoother and cooler, without recent throat irritation, and the effect seemed much calmer, with no nasty paranoia. But maybe I dreamed this or somebody dreamed me doing this… 

Jake Inglis says:

if you dont want the lighter fluid buy some hempwick bro!

Anestheticum says:

If you use ‘hempwick’ to light this badboy you won’t have the problem with the butane..

FatherBacon24 says:

Brown herb sounds like ditch weed.. shiddy taste and bunk high, it’s got to be sticky icky!

Jasonyohon says:

Completely burning butane produces essentially only carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are harmless. Other compounds are created in trace amounts (partially combusted hydrocarbons, NOx, etc). Lighter exhaust is invisible, which is an indication that it contains little soot. 

Butane lighters burn quite clean, provided that the flame is undisturbed (i.e. not flickering or touching the filter). A flickering flame, or a flame that is touching the sides of the intake will produce undesirable unburned hydrocarbons. Consequently, technique affects the cleanliness of the vapor. 

The toxic flint dust from a flint lighter (like the BIC you are using in the video) is much more dangerous than the trace compounds in lighter exhaust. Consequently VaporGenie specifically recommends not using a BIC lighter. “Because flint sparks contain toxic rare earth metals, we strongly recommend using lighters with click / electronic ignition rather than lighters with flint wheels.”

Anyone using a flint lighter to light a cigarette or smoke a pipe is inhaling rare earth dust. Any smoker concerned about their health should use an electronic ignition lighter. If you must use a BIC at least let the toxic flint dust burn off before drawing on it.

Jennifer Bockenstedt says:

so I have one and confused . you put your dry herb n I can’t understand if you’re supposed to see smoke or not? also is it finished when your herbs are not Ash but just turned into a brown? Don’t know if I’m using it right and I hate to waste product

Nate L says:

Just use hemp wick to avoid the health issues

linuxgirl says:

Have you tried the Vaponic? It is lighter powered also but doesn’t make you suck up lighter fluid.

Jesse Rodriguez says:

I’ve used the classic natural waxed vapor genie from the above video for over 5 years and would recommend it to everyone. It does take a little practice but once you feel comfortable with it nothing else compares. I would recommend using a hemp wick as the heating element instead of a lighter though. No fuss cleaning, solid construction and a comfortable weight convince me this pipe will last decades.

simon jones says:

19 attempts to get  good cloud jeeze I don’t like the sound of that

salvatore guerriera says:

use hemp wick and it’s the best bang for your buck.

turbotonic27 says:

great for inhaling butane

Squidwards Feet? says:

Buy some hemp wick 🙂

Basel B says:

Hahah did you really say ‘vaperologist’? Real niceee

ZippoBolter says:

I find this thing pretty good! At first you will find it hard to get a good smoke from it, but once you “break it in” like a pair of shoes, it only takes a few seconds of heating. I’m not sure if it was because i was using it wrong somehow or something but now it works like a charm and even though it can still make me cough if i take a big hit, it feels a lot smoother then smoking, the taste is nice and most importantly the high feels cleaner with reduced paranoia. I don’t have experience with other vaporizers, but i would prefer to use this over smoking, personally.

clorox bleach says:

the video

Eric Barnd says:

I would rather drop 400 on like 8 vapor genies rather than get a volcano. The genie lasts 5+years if u get screens and once you learn to hit it right it’s a champion.

Danyal Yahya says:

Use a torch lighter then it wont be so hard to produce the vapor

Jason Lee says:

can you use torch?

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