Vapor Genie Review: The Batteryless Vaporizer

Score A Vapor Genie At A Bargain Price…

If you’re thinking of buying the vapor genie pipe / vaporizer then you may want to watch this Vapor Genie review video beforehand because I’ll walk you through the good, the bad and what it’s like to vape from including showing you some real vaping footage.

Basically although I like the idea of the vaporgenie in theory (as in I like the idea of a batteryless and affordable vaporizer) I just can’t give a positive VaporGenie review however simply because this thing is so damn hard to use.

It takes me to many goes of the device to actually get a decent toke that it leaves me reaching for one of my other portables which tend to be much more satisfying and consistent.

Anyway overall this one just wasn’t for me so I decided to give it a 5/10.


derNachbar97 says:

Idk what your problem is, but for me it works every time with this thing.

Luz Azul says:

you are supposed to use a torch lighter.

Truce says:

Bro you look like you’re tweaking out

Reagan Lodge says:

Man my VG is awesome. It took a bit of practice but once I got the technique down it hits smooth and HARD, I never wanna use anything else. Also try using a small blueflame butane torch lighter instead, you get steadier heat application than with your standard yellow flame flint lighter.

Matthew P says:

Have you tried the lotus?

Xx_N0B0DY_xX says:

You make me want to take a shower…

The Fearmoths says:

I wish I’d seen this review before I bought mine. I can’t get a hit from it at all and end up burning my thumb on the lighter.

Ben Dawborn says:

stop using heroin

Damascus Steel says:

Have you been vaping opium?

Red Eye says:

VG is shitty af, inhaling dirty butane fumes… try the Lotus, best tasting vape, two times better than the mighty in vapor quality

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