Vapman Vaporizer Review (w/ Station) // Swiss Made, Torch-Powered

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My review of the Vapman vaporizer, a very unique butane-powered vape that can be used as both a portable AND desktop unit (with the Station add-on).

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The Vape Critic


kalistalev says:

Mastering it is big part of the fun. You didn’t use the holes for thicker clouds.
Super efficient, great for smokers who need a bit of a routine.

0601989m says:

I have two massive reasons for loving this vaporizer:

1) I quit smoking 6 years ago, the day I received it. I had been using an ecig for a year before that, and now I use both. Not a drag of smoke ever since .

2) It’s one of those rare objects that bridge the gap between engineering and art. It’s hugely fun and intuitive to use, and delivers unparalelled flavour and effects from a tiny pinch of material. Once you have the technique down, it’s ridiculously easy and discreet to use: I take it everywhere with me and keep creating new converts as I go.

I bought the station recently and it’s a thing of beauty too, works flawlessly. I use it less than I thought though since it’s so easy with the lighter but now 2 of my friends have vapmans(-men?) we share the station between the 3 of us, which is fun!

This sticks out from most other vapes on the market, which tend to be shitty-looking plastic gizmos with batteries and screens. To me that’s kind of like putting your nice herb into an iphone and sucking out of a tube. Easy but just not the kind of experience I’m after!

The Vape Critic says:

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Amitz Dullnicker says:

Everyone without a Vapman in his vape collection does not have a vape collection. What a great and wonderful device. Sometimes, I just marvel at it and forget to use it, because it is so special and beautiful! Thanks for the review, it is spot on!

Lulz says:

This guy is such a wanker lmao

Red Eye says:

My favorite vape!

Douglas Elliott says:

Thanks for offering something different for our consideration. The idea of offering a “natural” vaporizer that doesn’t require batteries or charging and that meets the minimalist standard is a welcome product! It is so nice to see something different. Well presented and much appreciated!

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