Vapman Vaporizer Review – short&sweet

First of all, we want to wish you all huge and potent clouds for #420! REMEMBER that vaporization always makes you happy, not only today!

To the point 😉 The Vapman is a quite unique Swiss-made portable vaporizer primarily made of wood. It looks really great and will fit any pocket. As there’s no battery you don’t have to worry about charging it, which is cool. All you need is a torch lighter and of course your herb of choice :).
The Vapman is very efficient and herb conserving so definitely check it out if you want to reduce the amount of consumed herb.
Enjoy watching mate!

About to buy a vaporizer? Get the Vapman Vaporizer in the authorized official store:

Wanna know more? Take a look here:

Additional accessories:

1. Wooden mouthpiece:
2. Highest quality Colibri butane:
3. Torch lighter:


Vapor quality – 8/10
Efficiency – 10/10
Ease of use – 7/10
Portability – 10/10
Stealth – 9/10
Battery life – no battery ☺
Additional features – works great with pressed resins


Hi Guys, this is Mia from and today I’m gonna do a review of the #VapmanVaporizer, which is quite unique. The Vapman is a very small, Swiss-made torch powered #portablevaporizer. There is no battery or any electronic components, so you don’t have to worry about charging the battery or failure of the electronics – all you need is a torch lighter and of course your herb of choice. The Vapman is very easy to use – you simply heat to bottom of the unit for a couple of seconds with a #torchlighter and inhale through the mouthpiece. So it is basically an #ondemand vaporizer that allows quick and discreet sessions on the go. You have to spend some time to fully master the heating technique, but once you get, you get it and it’s super-intuitive afterwards. The vapor quality is surprisingly good – you get very smooth, tasty and potent vapor clouds every time. It’s neither hot nor harsh at all so I’m sure you’d be satisfied. The efficiency of this vaporizer is top-notch. You can use far below .1 grams of the herb and get a very satisfying quick session out of such small amount, so it allows for so-called micro-dosing and that’s great. Unlike most vaporizers, the Vapman works extremely well with #pressedresins as well, which is a huge advantage if you live in Europe. Small size of the unit combined with the fact that you heat it up for only 2-5 seconds provides an ultimate discretion. OK, so what are the downsides of the Vapman? Surely it is not a vaporizer for group sessions, so have that in mind. Also, there’s no temperature indicator, so you have to rely on how long you’re heating it up. So definitely it requires some attention to use this vape, but it’s not complicated at all. Besides that, it’s a great little vaporizer – it’s very well made, incredibly efficient, super-small and discreet and delivers great vapor. So it’s definitely worth buying, especially since it’s very affordable. Overall, I highly recommend the Vapman. So go and get yours today!


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