VapCap M Vaporizer Review – short&sweet

Check out the latest vaporizer review from VapeFully, which we’ve been waiting for with baited breath! The VapCap M is the latest version of the cult vaporizer, made in USA by DynaVap. Why butane powered VapCap M Vaporizer stole our hearts? It has exceeded all our expectations! Check it out yourself!

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››› Ratings:

Vapor quality – 8/10
Efficiency – 10+/10
Ease of use – 8/10
Portability – 10/10
Stealth – 8/10
Battery life – no battery 😉

››› Additional accesorries:

1. DynaStash:

2. DynaMag:

3. Fat Mouthpiece (serves as a water pipe adapter):

››› Script:
Hi guys, this is Kate from and today I’m gonna do a review of this tiny little vaporizer –the #VapCapM by DynaVap. The VapCap M is a butane powered vape, what means you heat it up with a torch lighter. So it’s great, you don’t have to worry about charging the battery, no cords, no chargers, all you need is a torch lighter. This makes the VapCap M a perfect vape for situations when you don’t have access to electricity, such as outdoor activities or travel. As you can see, VapCap M is incredibly small and portable – it is almost exactly the size of a cigarette, so it is very easy to pocket or conceal. Small size makes it easy to take your VapCap M with you wherever you go and that’s a huge advantage. The cap of the VapCap M features quite unique temperature indicator – it simply clicks when the temperature is reached. After a couple of hits it clicks again to let you know that re-heating is necessary. This makes using the VapCap M very straight forward and intuitive – it somehow resembles smoking from a one-hitter. Why is the VapCap M so amazing? First of all, it is incredibly efficient – the oven holds roughly 0,1 g of your herbal material and one load of that size provides extremely strong sensations. You get tons of thick and potent vapor within seconds! So it is basically #ondemand vape. The vapor quality is very good, too – maybe it isn’t as smooth as with some other vapes, but it is not harsh by any means. Also, the VapCap M is truly amazing when you pair it with a waterpipe – this allows taking huuuge rips, it’s really fun. Finally, the VapCap M is made mostly of stainless steel, what makes it practically indestructible – that’s another huge advantage. Trust me, we’ve tested that!


DanielsT says:

How to vapcap with extracts? 🙂

Łukasz Cysewski says:

absolutely awesome vape!


Nice Booty!

DanielsT says:

Nice gal 😀

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