This Dry Herb Vaporizer Comes With A Hidden Secret | Linx Gaia Dry

Linx Gaia Weed Vaporizer


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Linx Gaia Weed Vaporizer

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Purple Weekdays says:

just sent mine back for the 3rd time I love the Gaia while its working tho.

King Jalen says:

Instead of smoking weed
Smoke cigarettes next

Aj gelatoo says:

I’m all baked rn but question does sitting down get you higher or does standing up get you higher #StayLoadedUp !

Stan Lee parable says:

love watching all you guys bruh srsly each of y’all is cool in different ways.
and its always fun token up to one of yalls vids breh!

Purple Weekdays says:

Randy is my fav stoner on here now at first it was stroby

Trey P says:

I love these vaporizer videos

Klackklack 619 says:

FAKE REVIEW/sponsored . Straight up. I got mine in the mail just yesterday, I am now in the process of a refun. In my best way to describe this product it gets really warm/hot as soon as it starts to heat up and half way through to the bowl it’s already hot af definitely not enjoyable to hold in your hand. Also the battery last literally only 6-7 bowls at its full(at 360 degrees). And the taste yes it’s extremely flavorful the (the first and second hit only) after that it just tastes like vape while at the same time heating up your hand because how warm/hot it gets. I’m my personal opinion I give it a 2/5 stars. Don’t waste your money people, definitely not worth 160$ dollars. When I called customer service the representative/spokesperson tried to make it looks its fine and that it’s “common” for it to feel that warm that fast and when I tried to review them on their official website they only accept/post the 5 star comments nothing negative/REAL no wonder they’re doing a good job at looking so good besides sponsoring and bribing these youtubers with a free product from them. Don’t waste your money people. I’m getting my money back for sure good thing they have a 1 yr warranty that’s the only awesome thing about them. Can’t believe all these YouTube reviewers are being bought over a lame product. Sucks

Kinq Clout says:

12th Comment and 15th like

Evan Kelley says:

What’s the intro song I’ve been searching forever

Avante Ramsey00 says:

when yall going back to the schmop house?

punchyloc1 green says:

love the video my guy’s stay smoking and stay loaded up

Colton Buelna says:

yall should review Mr.nobody glass

Carlos Broughton says:

Dickson cider

Jerry Godinez says:


DomiricanKId101 says:

Randy always looks like he sweating

John Revell says:


J Ogden says:

I have one of these, Crutch turned me on to it. Love it man, the taste is unreal! Plus u can take your vaped herb and put it into edibles. Keep up the awesome vids.

ct smoke says:

yo i made a WAKE N MAKE if you guys can check it put it would help alot thank btw nice vid

Anaise Whitworth says:


Herbie Versmells says:

tried to watch but couldnt make it 1 minute. you 3 swag fags are annoying as fuck.

Both Exponment says:

Stay loaded up

Jim Bond says:

much love for all you guys stoners for life

Anaise Whitworth says:

When I get my medi Im coming down there to work for yall

Zachary Helms says:

Stay loaded up

Purple Weekdays says:

turn it down to like 405 and mix it up after a few hits

Ray Gallardo says:

y’all need special guests ! I’ll volunteer as tribute

Stoned Stone says:

im still trynna get some stickers tho… i know yall got some more fwm

brian blazingit says:

wich one of yall are responding to the cooments

abraham Romero says:

loaded up

KittyKong650 says:

Ever been to airfields

iL L says:

Keep them comin guys, good shit!!!!!

Lokelani Ripley says:

loaded up 🙂

jonathan hudson says:

Micheal Jordan died on June 25th when was this recorded lol

Colton Buelna says:

the nirvana jam in the beginning had me dying. keep up the good work “ya feel me”

luka gashi says:

Stay loaded up

DomiricanKId101 says:

That close of the fat dude was disgusting ewh

bigboy_tron says:

by far best channel to watch high /rated !

Joshua Daniels says:

stay loaded up

ThatSelfishShow says:


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