The Hammer Vaporizer (Review) by The Herbal Review


Really enjoy this vaporizer and the various accessories available as well. EASILY the best butane vaporizer on the market; 10x better than its competitor, Ioilite.


Logic: Break It Down

Logic feat Dizzy Wright: Young Jedi


TheHerbalReview says:

Thanks homie! I really appreciate it. Been listening to Logic for awhile now, ALL of his mixtapes are worth a listen! I actually thought he was black for the longest period of time lol.

TheHerbalReview says:

You’re the best!

TheHerbalReview says:

Yeah it’s dope for taking on the go!

a jerk says:


TheHerbalReview says:

Agreed! I had to empty and purge my tank and use Vector brand. It still worked, but not nearly as efficient.

egomez559 says:

One of the cooler vapes I’ve seen

TheHerbalReview says:

Yeah, butane is really handy when you’ve got no access to electricity!

mos619 says:

I’m thinking of getting a portable soon and am split between this, the Solo, and the Inhalater XP. I’m not too worried about stealth, just ease of use, taste, and efficiency. Do you have a recommendation?

idgadamn1 says:

logics the shit

TheHerbalReview says:

I’ll use the Hammer more than the 2.0. The taste is better.

Micah Jack says:

Nice, thats different.

TechShmoo says:

Great review as always!

TheHerbalReview says:

Not silent, but a slight whisper of the butane. Nothing too noticeable tho. Make sure you fill it with higher quality butane tho.

Deandre Stuckey says:

Can you tell me the name of the song that starts @ 1:26

Mike S. says:

they’re the same it just depends how precise the people are

cmorgn1243 says:

Okay this or the palm 2.0. I don’t have my bong any more (glass+tile is not a good combo) so I don’t care about the water pipe attachments.

AstroJatt says:

hey mate does this run quietly?

Alex Ashworth says:

Is it a convection vaporizer?

TheHerbalReview says:

Agreed, they are now making deeper stems which help.

Dubsupman says:

Hammer is dope. Small chamber but super efficient

Doja .Regime says:

Looks sick, Logic. amazing choice in music. great review

Dubsupman says:

Don’t use Ronson! Vector 5x at least!

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