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My review of the Sublimator – Very cool and very strong but has some build issues with build quality and how the parts fit together.

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Wavy Vaporizers says:

wow this is 800$? sit I’ll rather buy the herbalizer than this

Zeldkamp says:

I’d have to agree with you Mr Critic, I want my money back! It’s an amazing flavor but it’s cheaply made and way overpriced!

Randall Montano says:

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Thanks for being honest, I appreciate that in a review.

Jonathan Handel says:

it really is more for dabbing…. you have the dabmaster 2.0 with the safety guard and a V4.

MrJimodoom says:

Thanks for the review – I’ve been asking for this one for a while, it’s good to see a true review that isn’t glowing. I agree with all the cons and I had no idea there was such janky construction with the misaligned parts.. really not inspiring at all. What I like about it is the strong vapour from a small amount of material, it’s main selling point. I think I’ll stick with my volcano and other portable vapes for now, until either the construction improves, the price drops – or preferably both. Nice one & stay up!

Thomas Scott says:

Storz and Bickel > all

James de Luna says:

A few people now say that the Dynavap line of vapes compares in quality to the vapor from this .. could you review the Vap Cap or Ti Glassy and then compare vapor from that with oils and herbs to this with oils and herbs please ? 🙂 If the $35 vape beats the $800 vape that would be so sweet …

Simplicius A. says:

I can’t decide between this and the Cloud EVO…. if it really delivers so much more on the potency side of things, I think I have to go with the science project that is the Sublimator…. but in every other aspect the EVO seems to win. I wish you would do a vs. between these two devices…

Willy Wonka says:

I was laughing at the design before you put the heat shield on then holy shit, what the fuck is that? Looks like it’s ready for war! Not for me this one. Great vid.

anthonyvc821 says:

for 800$ they have to do some major upgrades first. reminds me of the hassle of setting up the game mouse trap back in the days.

heinz abednego says:

whats up pimp. how u been. nice vid as always

Alexander George says:

Any plans to review the new pen from Dr Dabber, the Aura?

Toastergrow 420 says:

I’m so glad I watched this before dropping funds on one of these…I’ve never seen one in person but they look like they deliver a great hit (as you said) but I hear it is very difficult to consistently repeat the same vapourising experience,and that is some list of cons,poor workmanship/QC..great review man..I think every other sublimator review I have seen has either been sponsored or by someone who has a vapouriser shop/site..

Acolis says:

do they make one you can just hit like a bong and not through the tubing?


yo real talk just get a bong. and some good flowers so u can taste the weed.

Matt Chae says:

may u do a review on the Zeus Ice Born please!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Nguyen says:

Price aside, size aside. Does the Sublimator hit harder than the Cloud EVO? I have a Cloud EVO and I get pretty baked off it, however I feel like the Sublimator can get me more blasted from watching videos. What’s your opinion on this? Also, is the heating element conduction or is a mixture? The amount of vapor it produces in such a short amount of time astonishes me. The Cloud EVO is full convection so it takes at least a couple seconds before you start seeing vapor.

jae ski says:

you can remove the tube mouthpiece and use it like a bong… if ya want… i remember when this was first being hocked on line, each one was said to be all hand made and assembled. then… $$$ started to flow in… so this is what happened. and… is it really ….really performing “sublimation”? or just the catchy name ? good for this dude who made this, no dis, everyone has to eat!…
imo it just seems like a herb iron mixed with an e or d-nail, modded with metal covers and a temp control with no button to press. and alot… nay…too many hot metal parts to warn your friends about

jack johnson says:

Def agree on the jenky construction what the fuck is up with a plastic tube next to the atomizer…. 1k for some plastic that may melt and fumes i may inhale shit i’ll buy the 1000$ attachment made by the swedes before i get that shit

John Smith says:

I’m pretty sure this video was longer than 6 minutes

Степан Грисько says:

It looks like a tool for torture or for medicine

neogitusss says:

garbage review lol. sublimator < every other vape on the market. You're giving it a bad review based on how it looks? Any true heavy cannabis smoker I've met loves the sublimator, its obviously not for the once a day smoker, but shame on you for turning so many people away from a great product. Janky? I've had one for 2 years haven't had a single problem. That's a lot more than I can say for the extreme q or source orb xl. Looks shouldn't even matter when it delivers a stronger hit than any other vape, I've tried vapexhale cloud evo , extreme q , solo , volcano , etc. If you smoke once a day don't buy it, if you're a heavy daily smoker with a high tolerance, there is nothing that compares, it is the best. And what about the dabmaster version that can smoke oil? If you care more about looks than actual function, flavour and potency then the sublimator is not for you, if you smoke a lot every day and need something to deliver potent, quick hit, after hit , nothing compares, even vapes in the same price range don't compare. Don't be mislead by this seemingly incomplete review, the sublimator is a great product for heavy users.

Eyedunno says:

Hey Vape Critic, how about doing one on the VapCap? That’s the next one I have my eye on. I guess you could say it’s a more advanced Ubie.

colin b says:

stronger than a vape for sure

Dov Tov says:

Wow, another great video production. I just can’t see myself spending $800. I appreciate the Vape Critics Review.

Sublimator - Beyond Vaporization says:

Vape critic well this was an amazing review I agree with you on almost every point sublimator is a drag racer ! Fast powerfull and not for everyone !! tastiest hits ! I command You on your honesty! I really mean that !!! Great review !! But unfortunately !! your CHEAP comment on the penis pump ! And the title of your review ! Made it mostly unprofessional !! For a man of your caliber

mrbuttercake says:

“Really strong, really efficient, great flavor..” still not too thrilled though, eh? Sounds more like you wish you hadn’t spent $800 on what you thinks looks like a penis pump (and does lol) and just got an adapt-a-kit instead. Make no mistake folks, this unit delivers BEASTLY rips. The ability to do double deckers (dabbing while vaping flower) is a huge draw to this unit for those looking for that punch-to-the-face type vaporizer experience. Definitely not for everyone. I’m still in love with my first gen unit I got in Sep 2013. Keep on subbin!

Ash Patel says:

Bro have you managed to get your hands on the Grasshoper vaporizer…on the waiting list but was hoping to see your review before March when mines is due to be delivered lol

KnifeFan says:

Is there a dish type nail attachment to dab globs er u
Have to poke ur extracts via that tiny hole …?

jesseeatsbrains says:

Have you gotten your hands on the grasshopper yet?

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