Sticky Brick Review: HydroBrick Maxx & Junior Butane Vaporizers

My review of the HydroBrick Maxx and Junior vaporizers from Sticky Brick Labs. These are butane-powered portable herb vapes.

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Brad says:

Aren’t you still taking in the damn butane vapors on every hit!? This seems counter productive to a healthy, flavorful hit….

Glorius Klaus says:

This might not be the right place to ask this question, but which vaporizer would you recommend to me for maximum 300$ ?
Id like to have a changeable battery and a pretty big temperature range, looks etc dont matter to me I just want one that lasts one and does what is should

Āris Plūģis says:

DynaVap and StickyBrick are leaders of new generation butane powered vaporizers. both are my ‘go to’ vapes for three months now. i LOVE analog. this is convenient and also some kind of statement against this digital era.

FlamingAssassin3 says:

Fucking died at 1:50 haha

The Vape Critic says:

Sup guys, these vapes are cool, if you wanna buy one use my promo code VAPECRITIC10 on for 10% off. I don’t get a commission on this one but I still love ya’s, stay up!

Three Percenter says:

I like the MFLB feel with the wood. Good review.

Donn Patton says:

As usual I had to watch this review twice. You do such a great job of providing details, and opinions in a condensed entertaining form. Excellent review! I think the review on the IQ required three viewings to get most of the info.

I don’t own any of the sticky bricks, but only because I do not trust myself with open flames. But I still might get the junior. It just looks too good.

savantx1 says:

I have the Brick and it’s great. It’s the closest experience I’ve found to smoking a pipe. You don’t have to inhale on it forever like some vapes, and you can take a hit, walk away, and come back later no problem. Also, you can see how much vapor you are getting while you use it.

hweezy vapes says:

Don’t they kinda just look like you’re smoking a bowl?

Little tip here though, if you use the cork they give you to plug the carb in the hydrobrick maxx i find it easier to hit. Just adjust your draw.

Keshia K says:

Haha I like this guy, he’s cool.

Kallapryy says:

“….and ah….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

crackedupmonk says:

Dude you provide such an important service, lol no joke man swear your reviews are the only ones truly taken seriously

Hans Kanns says:

Chamber size, cleaning, price? Please do longer vids and of course MORE VIDEOS.

growing heart says:

best video yet!

ZenEnemy says:

I have the JR. It’s a fantastic vaporizer. You can get very large hits with tiny amounts of flower. I dont think Ive had any other vape hit as hard as this thing can. Its nearly bong like hits. It has a learning curve, it took me about 3-4 days to figure out the sweet spot with the torch to prevent combusting. Ive shelved all my other vaporizers in favor of the sticky JR.

Booboi010 says:

Been waiting for this review for a long time. Was Interested back when an other company was making the Daisy.

Dan P says:

lol uhhhh

SlowDraw McGraw says:

Thank You for this review Bud! Sticky Brick Labs appreciates it! Stay Up!!

Monty S says:

This or the lotus for dry herb?

Jkorben says:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. i just got suscribed

Neo Smith says:

What lighter are you using?

Dov Tov says:

great work once again, Bruce

N M says:

What wood type is that junior?

187541 says:

Vapcap review next? :}

arun dayal says:

That face

balob says:


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