SNEAK A VAPE:See our Sneak A Vape Vaporizer Pens! a Sneak a Vape is a great Vaporizer pen. The Sneak a Vape Vaporizer Pen has you covered anywhere and at anytime. The Sneak a Vape works great for dry herbs and is very discrete.

The traditional Sneak a Vape has been upgraded and newly engineered. The Sneak a Vape vaporizer is quickly gaining popularity again as the best most popular self-contained portable butane pipe on the market. For the price, you can not beat this pipe!

The idea behind this awesome designed Sneak a Vape pipe is the pipe and lighter are built into one piece. The pipe consists of 4 connectable parts. The bottom of the pipe is the lighter which is a refillable jet-flame torch lighter. Connected to the lighter is the first chamber, that is vented and screened with a large gauge screen. The second chamber connects to the first and holds your dry herbs. All connections form a tight seal to ensure a perfect hit every time. Once the pipe is put together, just load your favorite herbs into the second chamber and Sneak a Toke!

You never have to search for a lighter or matches again! You can take your pick of 4 great colors. Start enjoying the convenience of Sneak a vape!

Sneak a vape Metal Pipe Vaporizer is one of the most portable, compact and discrete herbal vape!
The Sneak a vape portable vaporizer is unlike any other vaporizer that is available on the market today. Sneak a Vape is compact and portable so you can enjoy the best vaporizing experience anywhere you like. “Sneak Toke” in the club, in the bar or wherever you feel the need to use. You can carry it in your pocket and not have to worry about it until you feel the need to vaporize.

The Sneak a Vape is no bigger than a regular cigar, making it a very discrete vaporizer. This vaporizer is perfect for discrete use in small spaces or shared rooms. Its great for concerts, clubs, bathrooms, the movie theater or pretty much anywhere you want to sneak a vape from your portable butane powered metal pipe.

Some call it a vaporizer, some call it a pipe with a built in lighter. We call it awesome. You can take this thing anywhere and it is refillable with butane!

You can pick up the Sneak A Vape Vaporizer here :

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