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If you Use any herb, sneak a toke Vaporizing is one of the safest ways to enjoy your Herbs. It does not smell as much as using bongs, pipes or other smoking utensils, and with the Sneak A Toke, you can be totally discreet and hidden about your habit or medicinal use.

Scientific Studies Have Shown Vaporizing is Safer than Smoking –

Vaporizing with the Sneak a Toke Vaporizer pen is currently the cleanest, safest and most effective way to inhale spices or herbs. When it is ignited and smoked using the Sneak a Toke some of the substances inhaled are not utilized and can contain cancer causing toxins. It is not the plant itself that has carcinogenic by-products but rather the smoke caused by combustion. Using a vaporizing device like the Sneak a Toke eliminates the majority of these harmful chemicals, because little to no smoke is produced during the process. Scientific studies have proven that approximately 95% of the vapor gas that comes from a vaporizing device is medicinal vapor . Vaporizers are designed to heat the active ingredient to the point where it turns into gas, without getting hot enough to combust the plant material or any invisible chemicals. Since nothing is ignited during vaporizing with the Sneak a Toke, harmful chemicals (such as pesticides used on the plant) are not turned into smoke and inhaled.

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