Review: Super-Efficient! The Hammer Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

People always ask me what the best butane Vaporizer for around $100 is. In my opinion the Hammer Vape definitely could be in the runnings for that title. Most $100 Vaporizer cannot throw the dense vapors that the Hammer can handle. Although You may smell or taste butane a bit while vaping, there is no ignoring the massive clouds made with just a bit of Dry Herb. Hammer Vaporizers sold at The VapeLife Store: ~


Michael Coffey says:


Gollsodia says:

I guess you could attach the hands free blue one to the other side of the vape so that you don’t have to pull in any butane, but then it might be difficult to manage.

BB2Gamer says:

Have u ever tried the Iolite vaporizer? I have one its cool

Onelatino says:

woop woop

Victor Telles says:

Always honest. You give us 420 vapers good insight. Btw take a look at etc atomizers. Great product.

Mike Geier says:

U need to make a video on the f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube for arizer solo it looks amazing. Vapelife baby!!!

kdighop says:

VLW, you got on that quick!  Definitely appreciative of your in-depth opinion on The Hammer.  Decisions, decisions…

hoodlife27 says:

Wtf I just bought a usb chargable one for 25$ thats a rip

Christian Rodriguez says:

do a review on the Cannastick micro , I’ve heard a lot of good reviews but no videos of use , google it,

senppu says:

Would you recommend this or the Solo? 

Richard Morton says:

U look very gay dude fag from yea mom

Mikey Bolanos says:

Maxin n Paxin brody!! Where them pax reviews at young jedi?! Much love tho, great vids, keepem going!

Nightmarelord says:

VLB! Just kinda sad it seems like you’re doing crack with that thing though lol. would be too afraid to take the hammer outside er to college with me LOL. You must confess if you prefer the pax over it or not seeing as cleaning will probably be a general and must for the hammar.

Jimmie Lavender says:

wbh around the sides LoL

Bob Barker says:

This looks like a dumb vape. Especially having to constantly deal with and purchase butane. I got the old design of the Davinci on ebay for $120 and my magic flight launch box for $80. The Arizer Solo can be found on ebay for $130

just do some surfing for discounts fellow vapors !

Puabond says:

The smoking style is not to my liking either. It looks as if Meth would be more at home with this device. I’d probably grab a MFLB on ebay at that price point. I’m trying to upgrade from my old school Vapor genie handcrafted. 

VapeLife Will says:

Super-Efficient! The Hammer Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer. Best Butane Powered Vape

Alex Ashworth says:

Is it better than a wispr mate?

GanjaQueen82 says:

So where did you get that blue glass stem from? Is it sold at the VLS?

Skept3k says:

Oh damn son, that is a beast for $100 budget. Does kind of look and sound like you smoking some crack or meth, though. Vapelife Baby! 

ross huckfeldt says:

Have you got your hands on the atmos i4 at all?

MrJoachimc says:

Anyone ever told you that you look like Kassem G

ithemadhatter says:

Cool, burn your weed with butane. who would have ever thought of that. So sick of these overpriced bowls moon lighting as vaporizers.

Jeremy Cupp says:

Pax ploom>

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