Review: Iolite Wispr Portable Vaporizer & Vapor Clouds

No electricity u say? Extra Butane laying around? Perfect 4 the Wispr! Get a wispr at great prices on Ebay: -wispr Other excellent Vaporizers at The VapeLife Store: ~


Chris W says:

very very very nice review°!, helped me decide to get this one. 🙂

ps. r  u  a model ??

mat amdis says:

my best vape, use it for all matter but myself mainly oils, its easy to use maintain and recharge time is almost instant, its always there for me. though it is noisey and can be a pain to start sometimes its still the only portable vape i would ever recomend. (others ive tried davinci, puffit, thermovape revolution, vapor blunt 2, vapir oxygen, volcano, original iolites)

anthonyfranco88 says:

What kind of butane do you use to fill it? I’ve read people here on YouTube say super refined butane (5x) is the way to go, but I can only find ones like the white Ronson can or the Zippo kind. Is standard butane good enough? What’s the difference?

Outlet says:

its actually designed to blend in with ur 80’s walkitalkis

VapeLife Will says:

Lol All I had at the time! haa

Ricky Connaughton says:

Awww fuck im the 421st viewer of this video…fuck the last person

mmanda515 says:

….. KRS whooooooooo?!? 😉 lol ♫

tony nguyen says:

It look like a juice box

anthonyfranco88 says:

You’re cute

K. B says:

can you smoke weed with it and will it get you stoned??

420protoman says:

yep, own one. wasted 260 bux. shitty customer service. and they dont’ seem to care that your vape doesnt’ work… they are full of shit about the types of butane u need. the entire company is a scam. don’t buy this product. i own one lol they break after less than a month

NoisyWombat says:

old fashioned radio speaker

aseips says:

Does it leave a smell behind it, would it be usable in a dorm.

fuck your comments says:


Ryan Baskin says:

It looks like a 1970’s “price is right” set background

Tavon Fenwick says:

Bought mine today at Karmic Connections in Fell’s Point in Baltimore, Maryland

Tavon Fenwick says:

I’m not so sure it’s supposed to look like anything in particular… It just has a retro-look

Tony Stair says:

It’s a vaporizer…vapor evaporates into the air and goes away. Though, I wouldn’t buy this vaporizer, as it blows.

fessss83 says:

It looks like 1970’s pocket radio, don’t vaporize to often your brain man!

kingRC1977 says:

Old Transistor Radio……with antenna

Charles O says:

curious , if you smoke bud out a vaporizer do you get the same amount of high as a blunt or joint or lesser because im thinking about buying one someone pls respond thanks

jacob blinkhorn says:

it looks an old hand radio

AbstractMindX says:

looks like the walls of studio 54

VapeLife Will says:

YOOOOO, I think you nailed it!!!

Jimmy H says:

The WISPR is an awesome and portable vape.  I found great articles on vaporizers at

MrKavon2010 says:

@joshua cook wait until it stops working, then see how good their customer service is. This is not worth the headache. You can buy a less expensive vaporizer and get better results.

Aizura77 says:

if you whisper while using this thing you can’t even hear yourself

Kyle Blair says:

vaping is a totally different high than smoking, its light and hits you with an all over feeling. But if you got the bud to vape, you will get ripped as fuck.

xLegendaryxHero says:

A juice Box !

Rogerio Lima says:

Please Will, will this vaporize a hash rock?? Have you tried??

SkinCareLuver says:

Lmfao wtf!?

Paul N says:

looks like a juice box :p

Alex Ashworth says:

On your other vid about the hammer u said there mite of been combustion, was it to hot? And is it the case of finding the right temperature just a learning curve like most vapes and I cant imagine the taste is lovely cos of glass stem

CosmicPentastar says:

It reminds me of a funky old portable radio from maybe the late 60’s or early 70’s.

djmpulse says:

looks like one of the inventions the father created in the movie Gremlins!

Anonymous 1001110100 says:

Dude, please help me. I’m looking for a good vaporizer that “vaporizes” and not “burn” flowers. I don’t care about the price when it comes to quality. Dude help

Mal Cohen says:

looks like 60s am/fm portable transistor radio

drbluntastik says:

Looks like oldschool speaker grill

R C says:

my shades lol

Kevin K says:

So discreet too…like you’re sippin’ on a juicebox when you’re puffing the ganj’!  I’m pissed as hell because I broke the wand to my old style Element 6 and even the company doesn’t make that size glass wand anymore so I’m back to the shitty old school for a while.   🙁

KungFuChess says:

bro u have to get the Puffit

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