RBT Vape Review: Milaana, Splinter & Zion

My review of the Milaana, Zion & Splinter vaporizers from RastaBuddhaTao (RBT).

Milaana thread on forum: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/732/milaana/p1

Zion thread on forum: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/2000/rbt-zion/p1

Splinter thread on forum: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/2216/rbt-splinter/p1

RBT website: https://www.rastabuddhatao.net

My RBT review thread: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/2329/my-rbt-review-milaana-zion-splinter/p1

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The Vape Critic


Aaron Lee says:

The box mod+splinter reminded me of the Target mini+mig vapor sub herb atomizer

XZodiakX says:

do the airvape X, its their new version

The Vape Critic says:

Love ya guys thanks for watching!

the beav says:

Your the go to vape guy I almost thought you sold out with the ghost but now I want one. I got alot of vapes to get before I get that one but thanks to you and a couple other reviewers I know what I want. Keep up the awesome videos bud.sorry for ever doubting you. YOUR THE MAN

Timothy McDonough says:

You should live stream sessions

NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 says:

The Splinter is mad cool. I already have a battery mod.

john williams says:

definitely want a Milaana, all
uk retailers out of stock

MrGetthefuckup says:

I want all of these. Have been seriously considering ordering the milaana but think I am going to hold out for the uk release of the splinter

PureRageRS says:

Comments enabled? Magical

Will Arthur says:

Which one do you find yourself using the most?

valveman12 says:

The Vape Critic
Another great review.
I believe the battery insulator on the Milaana, is used when you are carrying it in a backpack etc. so if the button is depressed, it won’t heat up.
BTW: The Zion looks like an electric Sticky Brick.

BubbGumpShrim says:

Cool on demand vape but no temperature control

Buysome Bitcoin says:

After seeing your fantastic vape collection, the blocks of wood aren’t so attractive. Certainly not pocket size. “Hey is that a RBT vape in yur pocket or are u happy to see me?”

Vicious112 says:

What is the best oil and herb vaporizer… that is worth my money and no problems .. I just want a perfect one for both oil and herb

lmclrain says:

Please review the Gaia from Lynx

theherbpuffer says:

Better than the ghost mv1!

Victor Fadlon says:

Would the stem from an arizer fit?

soter305 says:

Your videos are always awesome. Keep it up.

Scarpie Dread says:

The splinter concept is ingenious

Jamell Tate says:

RBT Shutdown

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