PUFFiT & PUFFiT X Review: Is The ‘Inhaler Vaporizer’ Any Good?

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The PUFFiT looks just like an asthma inhaler but in fact it’s actually a vaporizer. So today I thought I would do a full PUFFiT review and let you know whether this thing is actually worth getting or not. Plus I’ll also got the newer model too (the PUFFiT X) and be doing a full PUFFiT X review… so stay tuned!

Coming into this one I didn’t really know what to expect because on one hand I have a friend that absolutely loves this inhaler vaporizer and swears by it but then on the other hand I’ve also heard a fair bit of smack about it too. So naturally the only way to find out the truth was to try it myself.

My initial impressions of the PUFFiT was pretty good. The packaging is colorful and very well done and the device also comes with a really cool carry case.

Furthermore the PUFFiT is very easy to use. Although it does have a smaller herb chamber than I would like but I suppose that’s to be expected with such a small device.

However my main gripe with the PUFFiT inhaler vape is that it is just so freaking weak and not satisfying at all. I get very minimal throat hit and find myself constantly trying to chase a ‘decent’ hit.

I have found that if I put a LOT of work into it and really suck hard then I can get a bit of a better hit but it really shouldn’t take that much work and what’s more is when you do this the taste starts to get a bit funky too.

Furthermore the PUFFiT X didn’t really seem to be a whole lot better either. It’s main selling point is that it has a forced fan feature added to it to theoretically push the vapor out faster and better but although it did make it a little better I still find it’s nowhere near as satisfying as some of the other options that are on the market.

Overall for my PUFFiT vaporizer review I decided to give it a 4/10. I really do think the inhaler vaporizer thing is a bit of gimmick to be honest.


Tim Allen says:

you dont feel satisfied cause u got shit weed. what the fuck is it

Ahmed Elsheikh says:

You sound like JayVapes.

Hotdog Molly says:

what one do you suggest for under 50 bucks I live in Canada

Punks Not Dead says:

Asthma puffer?do u mean it looks like an inhaler?

Jaelyn & Jaslyn says:

do you have asma

malik williams says:

knew sumn fuckex up

Jack says:

What the hell did you just pack in there?!

EmilyPorterOfficial says:

Can you use only water with this and use it as a steam inhaler? If not, is there a pen you could recommend that could? Thank you 🙂

Hanna Bradley says:

2:28 that’s what she said (literally)

Tim Allen says:

what in holy shit did you put in there .

Eirin Flores says:

What did you add in a inhaler

M R says:

The vapor cup is A LOT better than the puffit or puffit X just saying

Dailydoseofdumbness BnY says:

U can vape better with real inhale

NALU 4L says:

Or just use a ansthma inhaler

hbtatt says:

Its made to look like a blue mdi inhaler

Aleksandr Merchant says:

But did you get high

Jakey Jake says:

what you smoking?

Connor mitchell says:

What is in the herb?

Colin Bever says:

Ya but its so good if you want to smoke something at school without knowing *WINK*

malik williams says:

shitty puffit

Dawson Tracy says:

use that shit in school

Unwanted 666 says:

Needs to review the weed vap

Kickboy says:

Good review. They almost got me with the discreetness factor.

William Maltby-Wehner says:


spancer87 says:

For the love of vaporizers, please get the hair out of your face! It’s really distracting and it looks like you’re too high to notice how you present yourself.

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