NonaVong S Vaporizer Review – short & sweet

Guys, do you know DynaVap products? Sure you do! The NonaVong S is one of the best devices ever made by DynaVap. It is very powerful yet extremely compact butane vaporizer that natively fits 14 mm female joint. Great efficiency, great vapor quality and reasonable price tag. We strongly recommend this one, you won’t be disappointed!

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Additional accessories:

1. Jet Flame Lighter PROF:
2. Degummed Hemp Fiber (for concentrates):
3. DynaKit Basic:


Vapor quality – 8/10
Efficiency – 10/10
Ease of use – 9/10
Portability – 10/10
Stealth – 6/10
Battery life – no battery ☺
Additional features – fits natively into a 14 mm water pipe!


Hi Guys,
this is Jenny from and today I’m gonna do a review of #NonaVongS #portablevaporizer. The NonaVong S is one of the so-called #VapCaps, what stands for #torch-powered vaporizers made by #DynaVap. The NonaVong S is a bit different than all other #VapCaps. Why? Watch my review!
The NonaVong s features a beautiful wooden body that is a bit thicker than with all other DynaVap #vaporizers. Thanks to that, the NonaVong S fits natively into 14.5 mm female #joint, one of the most common joints when it comes to #bongs and #bubblers. So you don’t need any sort of adapter whatsoever and that’s a great idea! Besides using the NonaVong S through the water, you can use it without your #glasspiece, just like any other DynaVap vaporizer. The “S” version of the NonaVong features also a spinning mouthpiece, which makes spinning the device while heating up much easier.
As all other vaporizers made by DynaVap, the NonaVong S uses no batteries or any other electronics. Instead of that, after filling the titanium extraction chamber, you put a stainless steel cap on it and heat it up with a butane torch lighter. Once the optimal temperature is reached, the cap clicks to let you know that you can start taking draws. After a while, when the temperature drops below optimal level, the cap clicks again to let you know that the heating-up is necessary. That’s very simple and intuitive method of controlling the temperature, yet very effective.
You’ll be amazed with the vapor output. The NonaVong S allows blowing monster clouds with ease, especially when you use it with a #waterpipe. The vapor potency is great, the NonaVong S definitely gives me the face-melting sort of experience. And the best part is the efficiency – the extraction chamber holds up to 0.1 grams of #herb but you can use a half of this amount (or even less) and still get dense clouds and great results. So it’s simply one of the most efficient and herb-conserving vaporizers on the market.
Ok, let’s look at the cons of the NonaVong S. For sure using a butane torch in public is not too discreet. So for me, this vaporizer is meant for use at home or other discreet places. Also, the NonaVong S is designed rather for solo session, the chamber is too small for more people. Of course you can re-pack the chamber after each person but it’s not very convenient this way. Besides that, the NonaVong S is almost perfect!
Giant clouds, awesome potency, amazing efficiency and water pipe integration – for me the NonaVong S is simply the best! What’s more, it’s very budget friendly and that’s the feature that is always desired. I highly recommend the NonaVong S to you! Get yours today at – Your Vaporizer Experts!


Seba se says:

Widze że skorzystaliście z moiej rady

Ms Swan says:

Oh my god, you just sold me on this. I can’t wait to get mine.

Michaël Br says:

talk about egocentric

Jordan Harris says:

Weird fucking review video. It’s like they played the cute girl card way too hard.

Martin Schmidt says:

Bacardi ad in your Video. Wtf? Commercial interests over weed? Go f*ck yourself 🙂

J says:

i personally think this was a very informative video but heres a few pointers- lower the background music it’s too overpowering. focus more on shots of the product instead of the narrator. other then that the editing was very well done and the video followed a pretty good script. 7/10

c4valry says:

I think this was the dumbest video I’ve ever seen.

Hez Uleh says:

The fuck is this? Weirdest review.

Luke John says:

Sry, is this supposed to be about a vape or some clothing line ad?

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