My Boundless CFV Review – Full Convection Portable Vape

My Boundless CFV Vape Review – See my rating here:

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TurtleTrader says:

Your review is very precise, with great attention to detail while explaining every step of using the vape, point-by-point (it’s like going to school for Vapes!).

TY! 🙂

Kyle Stocks says:

Let us know about the CFC!

LB says:

Are you gonna do the flowermate swift pro too ?

Chris Rimby says:

Thanks for the review! What is the name of that little spoon you use in the vid?

Gaming Laboratories says:

Awesome video! Keep up the great work!!!

420 Vapezone says:

Nice review. I knew you’d enjoy this one!

David Warner says:

Thanks for another great review!  However, I would like to know how it compares to the Crafty which it is obviously modeled after.  Be nice to have an idea on price too.  Please keep up the good work…we really enjoy the vids.

Raider Power says:

Always a pleasure seshing with you bud.

Michele DM says:

Hi my friend, i really like your videos, you explain all in details and very clean. I want to get my first vape, i was going for the firefly 2 but it is kinda expensive for the first approach. Do you think Boundless CFV is a good vape to start with? What i’m looking, as first thing, is the taste of the vape. How is it compared to the firefly 2? Can you suggest me any other vape? Sorry for the long question, i hope you will answer me.
Bye man keep cool!

Lol says:

hey bro whats a good vape that i can hit shatter out of as well, and doesnt smell as much

Marcos Britto says:

I have a CFX, overall which one you prefer?? CFX or CFV?? This sterring pause is not good right?

M8ze says:

another great video! can you review linx vapor new products? check them out.

ruberband29 says:

Boundless CFV Vs Crafty ?

Gene Parmesan says:

Does this thing leave any smell at all?

Funny Comment Guy says:

someones gonna get too baked and break that skinny mouthpiece

oscar nunez says:

can you review the milaana

Oxygorjia X says:

What score did it get and what’s better the cfv or the flowermate convection one?? I have both firefly’s I know it won’t beat them but would be cool to have a more portable convection unit if you havnt reviewed the flowermate one can you please do it and tell us which is better??

RSK RC says:

How’s the battery life and charge time?

BumperMorgan says:

A buddy of mine just got the CFX and says it hits with the intensity of a bong. How would you say the CVF compares? I have a Firefly 2, which I really like, but I’d like something affordable for home when I want to get REALLY medicated.

whatup kiids says:

The mouth piece/cooling unit really reminds me of the Mighty and crafty

homegrownbuddy says:

Another unit I would probably buy 3 of if it had a removable 18650. These companies are killing themselves with these built in lipo garbage. I would pay $300 for this unit several times over if it had a replaceable battery. Same with the mighty. Let me unscrew the bottom and pull out the batteries and I will buy several. As i stands now I just simply can not wait for a unit to charge. I have Parkinsons and use cannabis to ease the tremors in my hands and legs and on demand vaping is a MUST for me. I just picked up two davinci iq’s one stealth one copper, I like them okay. They don’t seem as efficient as the AIR. Takes a lot more herb to get the same kind of hoots. I feel like all of my friends have these impressive collections with dozens of vapes they can reach for, and on my table I have 2 arizer airs and 2 davinci iq’s. I feel like these companies just aren’t hearing the importance to some of us that the battery pops out and pops in.

oscar nunez says:

cfv or cfx, please explain why?

Jonathan Manieri says:

hella people are copying the crafty design, or did the crafty copy all of these other ones?

esta canail says:

between this one and the crafty wich one do you recommand ( forget about the money just the flavor, efficiency, quality product …)?

EMAN00619 says:

Can you review the Dabado Bolt?

MrNiceGuy80x5 says:

cfv- $220
davinci iq- $275

price isnt that far off, so how does the cfv compare to the iq

Pistol Pete says:

How is the taste and is it smooth? I have a Firefly 2

oscar nunez says:

what temp were you using with those clouds?

Al Carajovete says:

Hey dude! Thanks for your reviews..So which is better CFX or CFV??


Where did you get that small spoon your using at 3:12 min

NYREPS says:

Looks really cool but too many darn pieces and have to clean …not really on the go Vape …too much work involved with maintenance

Alluvian says:

Thanks for the reviews, I am VERY new to this. I live in california, and this just got legalized so I am looking into this as pain management. I probably could have gotten it via medical marijauna just as easily but I never bothered.

I am not sure if I want extracts or ground leaf and if I want combustion or convection. I am not thrilled about the stirring issue on this one, but if convection means less burning this seems like one of the best hand held portable convection ones I have seen.

Besides being harsh, is burning a risk of more carcinogens? I have in the past had weed out of pipes which is purely combustion and the flavor did not bother me, but if I use this more long term reductions in carcinogens would be nice.

Marcus says:

VC, How does the airflow of the CFV compare to the airflow of the CFX?

Bryen Damer says:

bought the CFV based on your review, it has become my favorite and most used vaporizer……unbelievably efficient . that helps being on a budget….great clouds, great taste

NissanPacific says:

are you a wizard?

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