Must watch before buying a dry herb vape pen. Dry Herb Vape Burner VS True Vaporizer

Dry herb vapes come in 2 different forms, True vaporizer or Vape Burner. A Vape burner actually burns the tobacco and gives you a similar experience and sensation to a pipe, water pipe or papers.
A True vape solely vaporizes the dry herb, no combustion takes place. The sensation and experience is different from using a pipe or any other form of consumption when it involves burning.


john jamison says:

excellent video.  I can’t believe you never said smoke or toke , etc. when making
this.  Mind control at its finest.  thanks

Tiffany says:

You had Snoop Dogg pen on the true vaporizer side, yet from what i can tell it looks like it has a coil, not a ceramic heating chamber. Is it a true vaporizer?

Mikey G says:

great vid helped alot really like the jubilee vape looks very legit plus i need one that throws vapor out i like the clouds lol

Gr8 Incarnate says:

I think you were high when you made this vid.

Clinton Thomas says:

Is there a discreet dry herb true vape you would recommend?

sixpoc says:

Yo bro …How much odour does the vape let out vs smoking from a rolling paper ?!?

Mariana Carmona says:

Where can I but the vaporizer that you first mentioned ? The ceramic one ?

Jason D says:

Great video review & I love your room / setup. Keep up the good work, brother!!!!

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