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Lotus Vaporizer Kit
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Lotus 14mm Water Pipe Adapter
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Lotus Concentrate Pad
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Sneaky Pete Globe/C-150
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Sneaky Pete/Great Lakes J-Hook
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The Lotus in an incredibly flavourful and uniquely designed butane vaporizer that produces vapour in as little as 3 seconds. It’s very easy to use with the included torch, and has a unique design to separate the butane fumes from the air that you inhale for maximum health and purity of flavour. The Aluminum Pipe is incredibly durable and helps to cool the vapour down, meaning the Lotus is smooth and tasty every time. For anyone who has struggled with butane vaporizers in the past, the Lotus provides a more straightforward experience with a minimized chance of scorching or burning your herb. You can also add accessories to make your Lotus work with a water piece or with concentrates, but how does it compare to something like a Sticky Brick? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!



victor bow says:

I am super glad you brought this to Canada, was going to get it this past 420 but shipping was way too much, one day one day.

Gargoyle Jizz says:

Honest to god how is it vs dynavap m for risk of combistion and vapor quality? Thanks for your help

Steve Holt says:

I wish they didn’t include the torch and they lowered the price. I don’t need yet another torch.

BRAVERY600 says:

This one has such a humble elegance to it.

ekpyrotic21 says:

when you said 0.18 “You do not inhale the direct flame like with the dynavap” I assume you meant “Stickybrick”. looks very interesting, seems like this might be a good option for distillate

Thomas Glassner says:

The Dynavap is the greatest and you’ll never own just 1!
Sneaky Pete is so honest with his great reviews! He has been reviewing this Lotius for over a month because I inquired and he emailed me and told me review soon! Pete is great!

I also like getting my dynavap in reg packaging from Pete- less$ The bright green in the mail from dynavap is like to obvious news you vape!

Big Mike says:

I wish it had clicking feedback like dynavap

Zach Blair says:

I think the dynavap will suit me more. I’m actually in the market for my first butane vape for the longevity cause I’ve had a cpl others crap out on my. granted they were cheaper options as far as electronic vaporizers but I wanna buy something that lasts. I like the size of the dynavap as well as the look and the joys u get from it. ntm the diversity. great review tho this is the other one I’m deciding between. the stock brIdk isnt really an option because of size. it just looks big and I want something pocket friendly but has adapters for my water pieces

eddy1367 says:

My favorite faceless reviewer..

Alfy Rocks says:

Polyphia yasss

Michael Khederian says:

How would you rate it with concentrate?

Carlos Coto says:

Is that some polyphia i hear?

Kim Wallace says:

I have a brick , dynavap,e nano and now I gotta buy another vape? Your killing me.

b allodium says:

killer content

Erikisblind says:

Lol I’m feeling good, but just one more hit haha lit



Skyler Barnard says:

I was so caught off guard by the Polyphia playing in the background. Absolutely solid music choice. G.O.A.T has got me feeling all sorts of ways.

Nickolas Watts says:

Just curious, but why hide your face? Possible legal issues? If so, be advised LEO can find you by pictures of your finger prints.

LB says:

Finally , I’ve had the Lotus for 2 years , it’s my daily , i use nothing else anymore
I would love to see a bigger bowl
Other than that , it’s the best in my opinion , fuck batteries ,
Great vid Pete

Andrew Gillespie says:

Good video but not impressed with the pipe at all

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