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Ericj Banas says:

Whoa. It looks like you get more vapor out of that thing than you do from the crafty or mighty. Do you think thats accurate? How does the intensity compare?

maginoth says:

will this work with hard / soft pressed hash too?

Pat Leaf says:

Thanks for the video.  Been on the fence for a long time with this one.  Looks like its going to work out 😉

Also keep up the good work.  I 100% rely on your vids when i buy vapes.  I can tell you vape a lot and really know what makes a vape good.

Thanks Man.  Doin gods work.

Tymoor Husain says:

So are you also inhaling the fumes from the lighter with this vape?  Like, is there airflow from the top surface that the lighter is heating, through the dry herb, that you are sucking in order to get the dry herb to vape?  Or is it closed off to the fumes somehow?

richard abraham says:

So why is this better than a vapor genie ?

Philip Scott Smith says:

@vapecritic Have you ever considered checking out the Vapman? I, as well as many others I am sure, would love to hear your take on this enginius peice of swiss craft:)

That's Me says:

What’s the difference between vape and smoke?

M123Dan says:

dig the reviews man, you should do some commentary stuff. there are alot of “weed tubers” accounts ive seen where they just smoke and talk about stuff, you seem like an interesting dude

stay high

Dov Tov says:

Another Timeless classic. Very enjoyable, I hope I know someone that has this baby I wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl.

Revolutionary says:

I don’t dig this style of vape personally, How can you blast your herbs with 1,500 degrees and expect your vape pipe thing to cool it to a very precise three hundred something degrees. I believe you when you say its truly vaporizing but it just seems like trying to cook eggs with a plasma cutter. 
Have you tried using this thing with hemp wick? I would be up to try that. Considering hemp wick burns at a MUCH lower temp

1up says:

I commented this but I think on an older video of yours I was watching..anyway you should do a review of the SToK R Series concentrate pen best concentrate pen I’ve ever used the website helps you find an authorized retailer too ThisThingRips.com I would love to see it because there are no reviews for it on YouTube or anywhere

Nicholas Albright says:

great review,
think you could do the Xmax v2/ storm?

Marcus says:

Dude can you do a review of the Magic Flight UFO? I wanna get one instead of the water pipe whip but I wanna see what you have to say about it.

epichazeltime says:

how many aprox. draws you can take from one half filled shot? It just came to me and im testing it :P. Also i would like to know how i recon that meterial is used? Do used material can be used into backing stuff?

Nicefail87 says:

So its basicly a modern Opium Pipe? NICE!

Masaharu Morimoto says:

Love my Lotus, I vape like… once a week at most, so this is perfect for me when I want to vape and fuck around with water vaping^^ Great product, almost a doomsday/apocalypse vape!

Ndasuunye says:

seems like a novelty vaporizer. I don’t like spending extra money on things like butane so it kind of turns me off. But It seems pretty nifty if you want to seem like your smoking on one of those old timey long tobacco pipes (throw my conical/bamboo hat on for this one lol) but want to vape instead. Don’t see how the firefly is sexier, when that thing is grey bulky and has a short mouthpiece. Personally I would buy the cap and the adaptar alone, fuck the pipe and put it on a bong and let the classics meet healthy alternative. The feeling of classic smoking where no actual smoking takes place.

Eyedunno says:

I got this a few days ago and combusted on my first bowl. 🙁 It works much better once you get it down, and it’s definitely possible to get incredible clouds, but with very little harshness. This’ll be what I bought it for, a vape for if I don’t have access to electricity, or if I don’t want to deal with warm-up time.

Mike Cornford says:

please do an updated review. you using the lotus cap with a water piece. also how does it compare to the firefly2? stay up bud

battery77 says:

Does this work with solid hash?

Musty pipes says:

Good review per usual. Just picked up this thing and there is no doubt. Taste is off the chain and clouds are awesome and thick. Personally i would think this would only be advanced if the user were not privy to this method of vaping. I have owned a mlfb and vapor genie and hammer pro, i was able to obtain a good solid draw after my 3rd pull of using it. Since forecast havs been cloudy with a strong blaze.

LB says:

Lotus Vs vapcap Which is better ?

Eyedunno says:

On my sixth session with the Lotus now. The demo in this video is no lie and no joke. The clouds of vapor you can get from a 7-8 second hit are unreal. Every time I do it, I swear I’ve combusted (like that unlucky first time), but nope, all vapor flavor and double-checking the bowl indicates, yep, vaped. Darkly vaped in a spot or two, but still brown.

The first time, I actually tamped the bowl a bit, and took one hit where I wasn’t keeping track of time, and I think one or both of those two things caused me to combust. Many vapes work well with some packing of material, but this is not one; you want it loose.

Anyway, as someone who preferred pipe smoking, this is a spectacular vape. The E-nano satisfies that to a degree (and is still my favorite vape out of the five that I have owned so far), but this literally is a pipe. 😛 People who insist on glass might prefer the glass Vapor Genie though (I’m thinking of buying an aluminum Vapor Genie {not the bat}, but I hear the bowl is much larger, which is actually a turn-off for me–I prefer a small chamber for a personal vape).

Mike Archer says:

What vaporizer is most similar to the vapor you get from this? Draw restriction, density, flavor, etc.

Raul G says:

Looks like vapman

Red Eye says:

my FAVORITE vape!! ( i also own mighty, pax 2, haze v3, Vapman) and this one hast best taste+efficiency

mos619 says:

You sounded either really tired or heavily medicated in this review lol

Biscuits4Lunch says:

Great review as always. Just picked up this vape a week or so ago and I love it. Flavor is great, super efficient and it rips with a water pipe.

t1337Dude says:

Nice review. I got this one awhile back, but eventually sold it. I recommend it too, but I actually found it rather difficult to use outside. I’ve taken it hiking with me and the slightest amount of wind or sunlight makes it way more confusing to figure out what the right vaporizing temperature is (especially if you’re trying to share it with someone who has little experience with the device). Also, might not a great party vaporizer, from my experience a lot of people are intimidated by the device (it was nerve-racking watching someone heat the bowl, considering someone has burned the nice wood finish on my cap once). Last complaint about it; it’s really not the best vaporizer for someone who wants to just chill and watch something on TV, it takes a decent amount of focus to milk hits out of the thing. But when you hit it right, it hits extremely well.

Romano says:

Great review as always.   Thankyou……. Now who sells these in Australia??? BTW bud what length is the stem? From what I have read there’s 2 sizes…. There’s a short (5.5″) and long (6.5″)

Revolutionary says:

Hey bud i never saw this video in my subscription feed. I see every video that the ppl im subbed to upload thanks to a chrome extension called subsciptions grid, so yours should have been there no matter what. I had to find this video by clicking on your channel.

The Vape Critic says:

☞ 2017 BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/best-portable/
☞ REVIEW PAGE: https://www.vapecritic.com/lotus/

Nick F says:

I love you Vape Critic

Red Eye says:

dont know why almost no one knows the Vapman… great vape. doesnt taste as good as the Lotus but its more portable and i use it more…

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Great review! Do you have any water pipes? Could have been interesting to see you try both native and with with water pipe but then again there are a lot of lotus videos on youtube. Keep it goin man!

Wolarski says:

will you test the VapCap?

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