Iolite WISPR 2 Review: Test Driving The Butane Vaporizer!

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Today I thought I would review a vaporizer that’s a little bit different from the rest. I’m talking about the Iolite WISPR 2 – a battery-less portable vaporizer with a distinct and unusual look.

But is it any good? All is revealed in today’s Iolite WISPR 2 review!

Right from the first time I saw a picture of the WISPR 2 vaporizer online I knew that I wanted one. It just looks so stylish and unique that I had to try it and I was pleased to see that this thing looks just as awesome in real life as it does in the product shots.

The packaging is also really well done and included with the WISPR 2 vape are a bunch of nice accessories including a carry case, a great ‘quick start guide’ and probably my favorite of all – an Iolite herb grinding card that’s the size of a regular business card.

The herb grinding card can be discreetly placed inside of your wallet so that you can pull it out and use it to grind your herbs anywhere, anytime.

Beyond the asthetics though what makes the WISPR 2 truly different is that it’s powered not by batteries but by butane gas. And whilst I was initially I was a little concerned that it might make the device super smelly or funky tasting what I actually found was that it’s really not that invasive at all.

Probably the thing you’ll notice however the most is the loud hissing sound that this device makes making it not very good for stealth.

But overall I do think this is a kick ass portable vaporizer that’s perfect for certain situations like camping, festivals or just any time when you know you wont be near a power source anytime soon.

Overall I’m going to give the WISPR 2 a vape rating of 7/10.


John Stoner For Life 77 says:

when filling any butane devices you hold those upside-down and little shaking help to get more butane in

BlooDs Bailey says:

solid review bro, just liked subbed and clicked the bell, keep up the good work.

Daniel Lawrence says:

It’s the lazy ass stoner! I’ve email you before. I have the goat guide website.

Tell me something, are vaporisers as good as bongs for the average stoner?

Vaporizer Freak says:

Taking the WISPR 2 vape for a test drive…

MV says:

I like your videos. You should have 1000 times more views!

Enfurno says:

Your wispr still lighting?


I`ve dropped it 3 times and i think it burns now 2x more gas…

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