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Eyedunno says:

I wonder if there are any plans to make one that runs on propane, for those of us who only use propane and propane accessories.

T says:

I had to return mine on warranty after it stopped igniting (it just hissed without heating up). I thought it was an internal problem. I got a new one on warranty and it worked fine but about a year later the same problem occurred and like what some other commenters are saying, the problem seems to be CHEAP BUTANE. Cheap butane will ruin this vape so be careful. When it does work though, it’s an INCREDIBLE vape

dEequalsMcSquared says:

well, you’re going for a different type of high. You probably enjoy the carcinogens effect that you get from actually smoking. That instant feeling in your head is actually from the poison you inhaled. However, for most people, its a very enjoyable part of smoking.

The Vape Critic says:


George Ulrich says:

Do not use Ronson in this vaporizer it is not premium butane Use Vector or Spark butane

RJ says:

I’ve got the old version of this. Bought it second hand and I’ve had absolutely no problems with it after about 2 years of fairly regular use. Easily the best vaporiser I’ve tried so far in this price range

Dennis Nikomanis says:

i’ve got my iolite for about 5 or 6 years now and it still works fine. the plastic part, that holds the heating chamber falls apart sometimes, but can easily be reassambled. i don’t even use super high quality butane. just what my local supermarket has on the shelf. i would recommend to clean it on a regular basis. if the threads get sticky from use, you can have a hard time unscrewing them. that may cause your plastic parts fall apart like mine 🙂

jordaii sandoval says:

Its flowers 🙂

Bart says:

I quite think it is a big deal to suck on a straw stuck into leaking butane, but that’s just me.

valveman12 says:

The Vape Critic
You make excellent reviews.
Have you reviewed the Black Widow Herb Vaporizer?
I just got mine and wow it maintains the flavour a lot longer than many of my more expensive vaporizers. Plus the build quality is excellent and the price is amazing.

erratic_calm says:

The IOLITE is sweet at first but falls apart over time. The plastic near the grill starts to melt after heavy use, the ignition stops working, and the top straw gets loose and falls off while you’re vaping. They also don’t reliably honor their warranty. Save your money and buy something better.

pot man says:

in Brandon Manitoba there’s a vape store called Bob’s vapor and they sell pretty cheap vaporizers

Kevin Galang says:

I’ve had an issue where my throat and lymph nodes become swollen, I saw a forum and other people have had the same issue happen to them. what could be causing it?

Higzy Teflon says:

Go ahead! Inhale that wonderful butane… it’s perfectly healthy

Durty Gage says:


Jer Szak says:

I have this and do not like it. He’s right about it needing 2 mins of heating before using, but the problem I have is it doesn’t feel as if you’re getting a solid drag. You’ll exhale looking for a cloud of vapor, a smell, something, but nothing.
And after a few minutes of this, absolutely no physical effects felt. Of course your materials are spent when you evaluate their condition, but you will sit baffled how you didn’t even notice while puffing tuff.
Mine sits in its box and will probably be gifted to my brother at some point, but why would I want to give him something that consumes materials without any benefit.
Stay away from this vaporizer, its a gimmick…..

The Vape Critic says:

hey the store I got mine from online ships internationally, if you go to it will take you to their site

The Vape Critic says:

they recommend Vector or Newport 5x filtered butane, i haven’t seen it in any local stores but u can get it online

MrNight2015 says:

This is a great product that does work as intended. With that said yes they do offer the WORST customer service ever. I bought three of these iolites at 250.00 a piece after 3 months of use they all went out.. What they don’t tell you is that the iolite is EXTREMLEY FRAGILE and any amount of trauma will break the “factory seal” inside which voids your warranty so don’t bump it drop it or move it too fast. So buyer beware.

Tamre Davidson says:

Your by the book, which I appreciate!!! I watched another one and the guy packed the tobacco in the heating chamber instead of the upper piece you put it in, which way is correct??? Thanks!! T.L.C.

elmariachi says:

to all the idiots that talk shit about this vaporizer 1- they clearly tell you to use premium butane so it’s your fault the ignitor stops working 2- vaporizers are not supposed to be dropped 3- most people saying they don’t get effects from this are using it wrong and probably have no experienci with vaping and what they’re missing is the oxygen withdrawal sintoms they get from smoking 4 – if you’re paying over 100 euros you’re getting robbed 5-in they website iolite clearly states their warranty only covers MANUFACTURING DEFECTS so yeah this has a decent price/quality ratio and stop blaming it for your ignorance

Struggling Ahn says:

This vape sucks…. i have one ive sent like 3 back to the manufacturer

Chargèro says:

“your herbs” lol

420protoman says:

worst product, worst customer servies… 100’s of iolite owners agree… it breaks down after about a month. total waste of money. they say it’s the type of butane u use… i call bullshit 100 percent . .u can read about this online i’m not the only one who says this.

headlightguy says:

mine works good great hand warmer in winter …….you pack herbs in the bottom and you only get 1 good session per fill …..this item is for snowboarding toke sessions you need the extension on it

Marcus Robinson says:

I had one of these. The mechanisms inside are really interesting, but it sucked and the clouds were possibly the weakest out of all vapes I’ve owned. For $200 you can do much much better.

Lettizia Seidler says:

where can I $ bight one.I live in Mexico city???

The Vape Critic says:

Magic-Flight Launch Box

Alec Hayton says:

What brand of butane do you use and where exactly do you get it?

The Vape Critic says:

hey bummer sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your unit, i’m not sure what could be wrong i would contact the manufacturer and see if it’s a defect covered under warranty

Philip Gabrych says:

the butane is not mixed with the vapor, it is expelled through another part of the vape and its completely safe, you can feel it even being expelled. Anyhow they break easily, ive had 1 before. wouldt recommend it.

sp4cepope says:

You mean like smoking with a butane lighter?

The Vape Critic says:

i think either way would work but packing in the upper piece first is i think what the manual says to do

The Vape Critic says:

yea they definitely have reliability issues

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