How to use your clickatoke

A different perspective showing the click-a-toke pipe lighter or lighter pipe unit. 420 Technology at its best producing a new version of the lighter pipe combination, first the solopipe, then the 7pipe, and now the CLICKATOKE!


dukeboy3 says:

is it harsh?

Mark C M says:

Noisy, leaks smoke everywhere … totally fucked. Get an electric Cloupor/Cloutank instead … much more discreet than this cheap piece of shit.

Birch Webley says:

Didn’t want to leave on a bad note. It took a month but i got my stuff and it his shit is PERFECT for a quick discrete mobile toke. Hits awesome its really a great little tool

Justafrienddotcom says:

why did he just smoke dried brocolli…?

An Agent of Chaos says:

I don’t know about you, but that song happens to be fucking awesome when you’re stoned.

Vulgora says:

who calls out a bitch bitching a youtube video that dude above me /

jayp pop says:

Your using it wrong bud goes in the small chamber so it doesn’t catch fire

RestlessWicked says:

*Henri Brown, with an ” i “…
Sorry…! ^^

Nolimit4show says:

@ poorspartin117 

Ok, Raps not “fuckin cool” so what is hipster? EDM, Rock, House, Dubstep, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Funk, Jazz, Swing, Classical, YOUR FUCKING STUPID FACE! etc..

austin bacon says:

dumbest thing to smoke with

ANTOSHA Barbashov says:

he doesn’t know about grinder but he knows about clickandvape.. omg

xUaraz says:

This thing doesn’t light for me

badmandagga says:

shouldnt you adjust the flame and lower it sounds like its too high

fagnergsferreira says:

i have a equal pen-toke my make oil this oil is good to smooking wax brown?what is brown oi,….thank’s

Oskar Gruber says:

What’s that song called?

Ready2Run1 says:

nice piranha

GreatLifeJohn LGI says:

turn it upside down when u refill it

Nathan Smyth says:

no it wasnt he took most and blew a little out to show the camera the smokes density

Travis Anthony says:

they’re called scissors

Shawn Rakar says:

do you have to take the charcoal ball out?

Hayden Dewbre' says:


click atoke says:

No, you do not taste the lighter fluid. Thanks, ClickAToke

siox3 says:

but this is a torch lighter no? vaporize THC or burn al of weed?

Chrisisvids says:

i hope you know that youre not vaping, youre combusting your herb,

ShinyGFX says:

Its not a ghost inhale its a snap back inhale ghost is when you keep the smoke it long enough for it to disapear not have exhaling smoke so it was a fail snap back inhale.

Birch Webley says:

Click a toke took my money, never sent any product, and never returned my emails

greenemonster says:

I’m having a hard time getting mine to light. I keep putting in fuel but its still BARELY lighting. Am I refueling it wrong?

click atoke says: Thanks!

brendanfirst says:


stewart says:

who grinds there weed with a fucking pocket knife? on a nice wood table!

stewart says:

“your dumbass” Nice! you really got me there. Lol! now have some respect for wood you retard and go purchase a grinder little boy.

Ian Henri says:

just got a really easy way to get money from little kids hihihii thanks bro xD

mike says:

I think a bong is as complicated as it should get… I’ll stick to my papers, glass, and classic one hitters thank you very much

Nolimit4show says:

I have to say, I thought it was hilarious that you decided to slice/shank your weed with that knife.

RestlessWicked says:

One can clearly see that the old folks that invented smoking had it wrong. It’s not about ”enjoying your smoke”, it’s about FREAKING LIGHTSABERS!!

click atoke says:

You can absolutely adjust the flame to your preference. Thanks, ClickAToke

maverickmos101 says:

Does it actually vaporize it? Looks like a lotta smoke

ANONYMOUS Sexual/Content/NOT4kidsYOUTUBE says:

always room for a nother stupid docuhfag


what if it had bowls like a revolver, holy shit I just blew my own mind

fagnergsferreira says:

flavor is better! hi guy and oil what is?hash? no ,yes i can smooking or you smooking the oil i have a equal make mus

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