Herbalizer Vaporizer Review (3 Years Later)

My Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

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My updated review of the Herbalizer vaporizer, originally reviewed in 2014.

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Stan Johnson says:

still too expensive

george petrofski says:

use a small amount of 2 part epoxy. any home improvement store will have it.

dEAGLE2123 says:

Mark Wahlberg! holy shit!

Brad Nimbus says:

Jesus, $50 for bags?

Just picked up a pack of 18″ x 26″ “turkey bags” for my volcano for $1.79. Works great!

ClimbingSlut says:

love the reviews here. I felt the need too put my 2 cents in. I’ve had the Herbie for 7 months now, use it daily, and I haven’t had one issue that your describing in this review. Is it possible you just got a faulty unit? I agree that with the price tag it should be a bit more “reliable” but as I said, no issues here….yet. I can also save you some $ by suggesting your get yourself some Turkey bags from the grocery store ( $2.00 for 6 bags) these can easily be retro fitted into the squeeze valve to create a brand new bag. my valves have not had any cracking issues, even with my clumsy badge retro fitting experiments….just an option for you. I like them because you can make a giant bag- suitable for 3 or more persons, or a smaller one person bag. thanks for all your reviews, it’s one reason I purchased the Herbie to begin with.

Linda Lauren says:

In essence what are you showing us is that this is not worth $600. I would never pay that kind of money for something that I had to constantly fuss with in order to use it.jmo. And I do love your videos because they teach a lot. Way to go!

Berry the Technoman says:

Great info thank you

SickSlickDick says:

5:05 the herbalizer looks like a dirty vanity basin

LazyStoner says:

Volcano still seems better.

Matthew Wyman says:

The bags are horrible… $10 per bag and mine get so super sticky after a week or two and start breaking after two months or so. I really wish they’d come out with ones worth buying, the unit is $$$ enough already!

The mess you see on the inside of your herbie (all the brown herb) can get blown out like that if the bowl gets loose while the fan is on. If the bowl isn’t closed tight, the fan will blow your herb out of it and on the inside of the unit like that. Otherwise I never have to clean that part. The brush is enough to get the bowl clean (or my finger).

I get my fan to never turn on by having it sit on top of my desktop computer, which has exhaust fans blowing on the bottom of my herbie. However, you’re totally right that the fan’s whine is super irritating.

Sage Ariya Ray-Morey says:

My god. I guess I will pass. For the price, these things should breath for you and clean themselves.

That Guy From Quebec says:

Nice video again Vape critic , and I thank you very much for did that second review, I was waiting for the one real bad haha..

I will be direct, and I hope that HERBALIZER company got a look one your video , if not ,I will send them anyway.
 I give you theses points :

***(BAGS) < >

***( the chamber magnet)< >

***(FAN is extremely loud) , < >

***(WHIP needs an upgrade) (that would be awesome since they say the worked at nasa , they can do a super clean whip )

Thanks again for that super nice video of this amazing Vaporizer.

My everyday vapes:firefly2 ,herbelizer

Florian Zieserl says:

your videos are so good man!
i would like to see a review from an dynavap product! that would be awesome

greeez from austria

gottadurrie?6 says:

you’ve gone stale..

chang jeffrey says:

use the sherlock bubbler! it’s pretty awesome

David Naoum says:

Thanks for making this video. I had my eye on this vape since your initial review and your list of problems sounds like things i’m glad i didn’t spend 800 bucks on. Volcano sounds like it’s still king.

stevo w says:

good day, I enjoy your reviews and look forward to latest notifications. I’ve also told many of my newer Vape fiends (R) haha to Sub. I have been Vaping since 2006…continuously recruiting my best buds to the best affordable vapor machines etc. Keep on Keepin ON ! Respect from the East Coast Canada XD

Gary Berdugo says:

That’s why I have the stream roller attachment! The bags and whip trash.

Hans Kanns says:

You can find the Halogen Bulb Heating System with the Aromed Vape and also with the Element Vape. I love my Aromed and use it for almost 7 years.

madsue11 says:

so it’s a great unit if you simply glue on the magnet, take off the lid, remove the cooling fan, trash the whip, and use Volcano bags? hahahaha Love you bud!!

dragon166666 says:

Glad I went with the vapexhale evo.

Yomom12388 says:

Shatner of vape reviewers

“This fan. is the. most. annoying. cooling fab. in the world.”

Spirit Wave says:

Assuming they’re working on the Herbalizer 2 (or such), I hope they address the issues you expressed.

They do have a “Chong’s Choice” version for only $399, which looks good (at least at a very quick glance), but that just saves some decent money, while still apparently having those same issues.

Highest quality vape with the highest quality tech (especially portable) is all I want. I assume the price point is where it gets challenging for vape makers to achieve that brilliant goal (even for a high priced desktop model).

Randy Nachoman Savage says:

I also own this thing, definitely has pros and cons. Great video though

Apple Head says:

Who else laughed when “Neptune” popped up? 😀

Keith James says:

I feel the volcano is a much better unit for about the same money, as far as the looks, quality of materials, like you don’t like the white plastic parts, I think it has to much plastic or at least to me all the plastic seems cheap, there are better quality plastic that can look better and feel better to the touch, and they could offer it in different colors as well if it’s going to continue to be made out of plastic.

Vape Dr. says:

The balloon valves are easily re-useable

Aaron Wilkes says:

I bought mine on Oct 27 2016 and it broke on New Years of this year. now I ain’t gone lie the durability on the herbalizer is ass but the vapor quality is second to none. When I had the volcano after a while the vapor quality would irritate and tickle my throat, for example 374 degrees on the herbalizer is like setting your volcano to 345 degrees

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Glad to see you coming back with second looks at these vapes. Really interesting. Also to be fair, if it doesn’t have the magnet and you have to hold it, while you’re already holding it to use the volcano bags, then not a con because you had to hold it for one or the other hahaha :P. That’s a really sad sentence to type for such an expensive vape.

timspellman47 says:

So if I ever decide to upgrade from my EQ I won’t be buying this one.

Mr Pankratz says:

“It’s not the end of the world, but it kind of is”…. Love the vids Bud!!

Ricky Brown says:

BALLOONS ❗what the hell❓Gee Whiz! I fill so stupid. I have so much to learn. HOW DO BALLOON MACHINES WORK?

Nicolaas Bosma says:

dude uve changed man

Sherie Panarello says:

Thank YOU Bud! You answered all my questions between this video and the last one.

mikokuijn says:

Nice Aeron.

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