Flam Flame Vaporizer 🤘🏾 💨 REVIEW!!!

Flam flame vaporizer review

get yours here: http://shop.lamart.ch/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=118&tracking=5a754dbfe20a8

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dan iel says:

Great review man, the link is kinda wrong though directing to the tubo instead of flam

Martin Schmidt says:

Waited for this. When is the tubo evic Review coming? 🙂

Jamie Richardson says:

It’s been 10 days since I ordered and it still hasn’t shipped. How long did everyone else wait? I’ve sent them an email but haven’t heard anything back from them.

Kurt Digglur says:

Nice review. Looks fun with a j hook.

Thibault Brier says:

Hi , i’ve just received the Flam and i don’t understand why i have to heat it very very long before it starts producing just a tiny amont of vapor. I use a torch lighter with a big flame. Have you got some tips to share please ? Thank you ! Keep it vapy !

Jamie Richardson says:

Mine is in the mail on it’s way to me now. Love that it’s interchangeable like a bowl and I can go from water device to dry whenever I want. Plus, you just can’t beat the price point, especially for something that isn’t mass produced. Can’t wait!!

Jude Jude says:

Yo my boy what kinda butane u use?

El Jefe says:

FLAM, Bam, Thank you ma’am!

Auto Highwayman says:

Easy bro word up! This looks so similar to the Elev8r in terms of what it provides. Do you prefer one to the other? Is one easier to dial in for consistent smooth vapor, without being too hot on occasion? Is the Flam easier to use, it looks like heat up time is way less?
Big thanks for any info, keep it up we love you bro!

Anthony Martinez says:

Damn homie, another great vid….love your stuff man

Gemini Unboxed says:

That looks cool af

Christopher Russell says:

Going to purchase. 🙂

Petepicsqi says:

Got mine on the strength of your original teaser, it is a supherb device. Good luck with your mission; right there with you.

Nevin White says:

Can you use concentrate/wax?

the beav says:

Yo my screen just fell apart. Are we not supposed to leave the screen in while heating the beads? Or am I heating it wrong with the flame too close? I dunno what to do?

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