DynaVap OmniVap #1 Best Portable Vaporizer For Weed 2017

I love this vape! And I love to Review it! its right now my favorite one and has been for months and months… check out this awesome vape spot…

What do you think of that set up??

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Claes af Schmidt says:

Funny. That´s the two vaporizers I use as well. I also have a Fenix which is surpicingly good too. BUt I use a NonaVong with a Honey bubbler daily. Ordering a Oni TI XL at the end of this month. I love Dynavap and it seem like a good company and I look forward to see what the futer looks like. I knw they are designing a portale induction heater 🙂

Joseph Wileman says:

how come you don’t have the mp sitting right up against the body? I’ve had my omni over a year and never got reclaim on that part of the condenser, only the inside

scotspurs100 says:

Adding air only gives the illusion of bigger clouds as you are diluting the vapor. Your lungs can only absorb so much so by leaving the carb closed and NOT diluting the vapor do you get the STRONGEST effect from the Vapcap.

Zach Blair says:

R u using flower or concentrate???

Niandra says:

Just simmer in milk?

Martin Schmidt says:

I have a omnivong. Love it. But for at home i use a Sticky brick. It Hits with a strong punch. U should try it.

Kane Price says:

where did you get the black container ?

Big Mofo says:

Can you put that reclaim on new herb and revape the whole thing?

scotspurs100 says:

There shouldn’t be a gap between the body and the mouthpiece – this will stop the ommi condenser from working properly – you need to regularly lubricate the o-rings to prevent this.

dave matthews says:

Bet I’ve got one you e probably never even heads of and sadly it’s not available any more but check out vaporstar vid’s on here you’ll find something and I know you can get the same concept with a ground glass joint/bowl these days but again they’re not easy to find as even they are like 5 years old now but honestly I’ve had mine like 10 years now if not longer and I still find it better then anything else I’ve picked up over the years, I’m hoping my omnivong will beat it though and it should be waiting at home for me today

Allie Gill says:

Hey what lighter is that ?

Ana Stacia says:

Are these dynavap overrated ?

Jimi Schmidt says:

Love your vids mate! Whats that little stash jar you use called? Link?

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