Dynavap M | Quick Look & First Impressions | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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As I just did a thorough review of the entire Dynavap series, I wanted to give you a quick look at the brand new Dynavap M!

The Dynavap series is another killer vaporizer that doesn’t need a battery! The on-demand conduction/convection heating is provided by a butane lighter, or a regular lighters, or a candle, burning stick, stove element etc! The units are absolutely tiny but provide an amazing vapour experience. The best part about the series is that it comes with a huge variety of different models and prices.

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Brandon Holyfield says:

I have the Solo and love it but really want something on demand so I’m not spending 15 minutes finishing a bowl. How does this compare in vapor quality and does it get hot at the carb? Like you I’m a flavor slut and love the idea of green vapor hits every time.

Sameer Neriya says:

Are you sure the unit is not modular?

Jeffrey Sagmaquen says:

Got mine an hour ago….this thing packs a punch…slight learning curve…but I highly recommend trying it…for sure!!!

ripjohnnyc says:

hey Pete do you have any promo codes for your store?

Renan Moreira says:

hey Pete wussup, I’m from Brazil And Just bought This one, I paid only 36usd today morning in the website, please post the Full review

teyacapan says:

Can I soak the M in alcohol

Luz Azul says:

How does this compare to other models? In particular how does it compare to the OG Vapcap, the Omnivap, and the the TI Woody Models. Is the vapor hotter/cooler in the Dynavap M? How else does it vary?

N M says:

Sneaky Pete coming through with the first video for the m.

Alex Hand M says:

How much better performance do you get from the Omni? The price is like 400% of the M. I wonder how much the air adjustability makes a difference when you can change how much your finger covers the carb on the M, and other than the ability to change mouthpiece/body styles, it seems there’s no other difference.

madsue11 says:

I just got the M. It is my first Dynavap product and I am very happy with it! Seems to be a great value for the price and the smoothness and volume of vapor are up there. For the price ….. just do it.

Luz Azul says:

Also, How does the airflow of the M compare to the other models? Does the SS get hot at the mouthpiece? Does it get too hot to hold? Does it have any issues in your opinion?

elegantCommunist says:

wrong link in desc

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