Dreamwood vaporizer review

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ghostleader83 says:

Like the review bro . Thanks

john williams says:

Hi Early, I’m a 64 stoner in the UK, you make great reviews buddy, thanks for that.

GREENDREAM Vaporizer-CBD-Raucherzubehör says:

Greetings from Steffen my Brother the manufacturer of Dreamwood, sitting next to me! PS: we had a nice session “with you”!
Keep it up!

Berry the Technoman says:

Love you to !! having a Mighty (3 actually), Firefly 1 and 2, da vinci IQ, vapman, vaponic, vapcap onmi titanium, vapcap omni xl wood, sticky brick OG and jr my absolute favorites are the MIghty of course for a nice session great taste lovely vapor smooth. Sticky brick is my favorite butane vape at this moment. Love all butane vapes but once you master the sticky brick jr taste, effect and efficiency are top notch. One hit instant pleasure, put it aside and take your second hit whenever you are ready because no heat time and instant cooldown which is super no loss. Sometimes I hit low temp with the brick one or two small tasty hits and keep the rest product for the evening in the mighty or IQ with bubbler to heat at or above 185. nice high in the day aiming at taste and thc only @ 160-170 (great for taste) The learning curve for butane can be tricky buy like my homeboy said IQ isn’t easy either but once you master any unit things fall in place. Airflow is key the right speed differs for every unit and the IQ needs a nice slow draw give the small heater time to do it’s job. I love all vapes only the IQ kinda disappointed. Way too hot and not tasty vapor need a bubbler for that unit so I have the nectar collector for that but still it’s not great. Keep making more videos

Dreamwood Vaporizer says:

hey dude! thanks for the very nice review! if you want to finish a bowl faster….inhale faster load about 0,1-0,2g and set the flame small at first and set bigger till you get the vapor content you want! the thing is if you inhale too slow the diffusor intakes do not pull enough sideair to get a good venturi/circulation!
very nice education about butan btw dude
thumbs up we need to have a session one day!
stay high&safe

ps: wood type is padouk

Taylor painton says:

You said it lets medicate!!! My friend were you be at lmao haha dope review G

Heavy Drone Cult says:

Big up from Scotland bro!! I took your advice and got myself a Sticky Brick OG, great vaporiser! I don’t understand why anyone would use batteries, butane is so much quicker and more effective. Keep making the vids dude!

GREENDREAM Vaporizer-CBD-Raucherzubehör says:

Nice review! We love your style and you get some really nice clouds, whoow! The slow way is really efficient and long lasting with super nice clouds. We always say inhale how fast you prefer personally, it depends on the flamesize and the distance to the heat-intake what you get out, it is amazing! Wood is Padouk! Complete Butane Combustion means ther is nothing else than Carbondioxide and water coming in the hot air from the burned butane out of the jet nozzle. Stay vaped and lifted!

BubbGumpShrim says:

Airizer solo 2 review…

Superman8084 says:

Great review as always! Damn now it’s a toss up in between Dreamwood and Sticky Brick!

The Jester77 says:

Thanx for another REAL review!!!

madsue11 says:

Congrats on the 1k and thanks for another great review!

the beav says:

Sticky brick or Dreamwood?

G Shmoker says:

Day one dude right here, from firefly 1 to DreamWood.

Calam Transgression says:

Been there since 2015 from your first firefly OG used by Oxygojira love from Australia!!! I don’t use Instagram sorry bro come down and visit Australia with the worlds strongest weed 38-40% thc

janfo says:

can you do another comparison video between your favourite Vaporizers?

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