Does Vaping Weed Smell?

Does vaping weed smell like smoking weed? Do vapes make your weed last longer? This an so many other frequently asked questions about vaping weed will be answered in this video!

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****All cannabis used in the video was acquired legally for recreational use under Colorado law. Intended for 21+ adults and medical Patients.*****

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Meditative Gamer says:

nice vleaf also this is the first video im watching from ur channel and its really good

Gifts On Sale says:

this guy goofy but really he is right on explains well

brian110487 says:

You’re so cute Arend you’re my dream guy wish you were mine i just smoked a slice in a week lol

king hippo says:

I use the boundless cfx and it never burns the flower and I get around 3 sessions on less than .5 grams and it’s under 100 on Amazon authentic

Cindy bonem says:

Do get the same pain relief from it, as you do from smoking it?

Mermaidreefer says:

lmao my parrot is the same way,,she needs attention while filming only

joshua morales says:

It smells

Daniel Poland says:

How do you know when the bud is done?

Irefuselol says:

I just started smoking weed because its now legal in Canada. I ordered some pre rolled joints from the government website (lol) and can already tell I dont like the effects of lighting and smoking weed. Its just not pleasant for my lungs. Im going to buy a dry flower vaporizer maybe Ill buy this one.

The weed I bought was a pure indica with 23% thc because I wanted to get the full effects and not buy some pussy shit. I smoked the whole joint myself and was incapacitated for hours. I had no idea weed was this strong. It was amazing but I couldnt do anything not even open my eyes I was so fucked up. It was one of the best experiences of my life though I am now going to try a whole bunch of different strains and see what I like.

king hippo says:

I wanted to know the difference between vaping flower which is what I do exclusively and vape pens with the oil. Besides one being easier to conceal obviously what I want to know is, is one puff of the oil stronger than one puff of vaped flower and how long should a half gram cart last me if I vape 1 to 2 times a week. And what’s the equivalent of a half gram cart to an 8th of flower

Sean Stow says:

Smoking avb taste like your smoking butthole……still gets you medicated. I smoke it when I run out and need something to medicate. Save money doing it

Jay Renolds says:

Yes its has a smell, but vaping it is much much less intrusive than smoking it. I can vape my bud outside then comeback in and my clothes don’t reek.
The least smell IMO is from vaping cannabis rosin mixed with PG/VG. The smell doesn’t linger much and if you have e-juice flavors its smells like the juice.

Fresh Prince says:

Edibles are awesome.

jrr krs says:

thc and cbd

jay V says:


Smack Tok says:

Does vaping oil cartridges smell

Tyu Ert says:

That is a damn weird dog

Ashley Valentine says:

“And he says hello with his tongue!”

Andres Blanco says:

dexter!!! lmaoo

Paul James says:

Get to the point cock stain

Nick Torok says:

4:14 take them runnimg, ,skateboarding, bicycling, right before doing the video. Like after you already have everything set up, you have taken a bong rip, and right before hitting the record button, go have them pull you on a skateboard.

I know its late but now is better than never, dog training video :

Ablaza ATM says:

I love your singing!!!!

Fine Kush says:

My friends all tell me that it won’t stink up ur room and shit, I’ve done it in my bathroom taking 20 min showers just for precautions. But I need to know if I vape in my room while someone comes in my room few mins later will they smell it?

John Ward says:

Bet your parents are proud stoned on YouTube queer loser can’t deal with reality

Danny Karim says:

What’s wrong with his tongue

Connie Cormier says:

omg loveeeeee the dogs…..beautiful!!!!!!

Spooky Ashley Christmas says:

First time i smoked weed me and my 2 friends and my friends mom were with me and we all got baked but of course i got the most baked by smoking 8 fucking pulls off of a weed pod for a juul dude it was insane but amazing i ate so much Cheetos too. My friend who smokes weed constantly only needs 3 pulls to get fucked up so imagine me just sitting there thinking im dreaming (legit the whole night i kept saying please dont say wake up ash or else ill wake up)

Santiago Sanin says:

What do you tell your hairstylist when you go in for a haircut?

bob Fred says:

Hi. Am I able to put the oil in a normal vape. Or do o need this vape here?

Kiana Archer says:

Which do you prefer out of this one and using the vaping weed oil?

InDroVidual says: has some pretty badass dry herb vapes

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