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The DaVinci MIQRO in an incredibly small personal vaporizer that packs impressive performance into it’s diminutive size. While being truly palm sized it still offers 4 Smart Paths and Precision Temperature Control, a removable 18350 battery, an adjustable Pearl for thermal transfer and to tamp down the bowl, a removable Zirconium airpath, a built in stir tool, and multiple mouthpieces. Add to that the fact that the vapour is very tasty and not harsh even on the higher settings, the MIQRO is an easy one to choose for your night out or dog walk. Add to that the fact that it starts at $150USD, DaVinci might have a real winner on their hands with the MIQRO, but what sacrifices did they have to make to achieve this smaller size? How is the battery life and other important factors? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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Karec says:

i own an IQ i like it but has problems that i dont see solved on this small unit… the biggest one for me is air resistance and looks the same(?), the finish will chip easily (use the pouch), the space between the oven where the vapor path will get nasty and mess with the flavour if not properly clean and the vapor path got reduced so i guess will be harder to clean, 2 sessions to get there with a smaller bat… the IQ is small enough so why not do a new one…. i like the centred oven, new pearl, the price, good for a light user imo that storage can i must have one!!!!
Cheers Sneaky

TrapMalianteo TV says:

Bro Tengo una pregunta necesito ayuda me compré un vape nuevo entonces lo prendí y sin querer le deje el botón apretado para que salga el líquido y olía como a quemado entonces le heche líquido y sigue oliendo a quemado por que es??

Atilla Akarsu says:

Would you recommend this over a pax 3 for solo use? (Maybe the IQ as well)

Donna Moniz says:

Great review as always! Can you do a comparison with this and the pax 2?

JR Townsley says:

Are you going to carry and review the Prohibited In the 5th Degree vaporizer? It has so many accessories that it’s almost like the ultimate setup.

Christopher Russell says:

Love it. Q tips plus 91% alcohol are best for a quick clean.

Rishab Jain says:

I am confused between this and the basic vapcap

Keth Ix says:

This looks like a perfect present for my girlfriend.

yayayaokoksure says:

I vote PAx 3

John Nickel says:

Another amazing video. Great review, but I am curious how big the bowl actually is? I know you say “session,” but I don’t know what you mean. The regular IQ is about .30 grams. How big is this bowl?

bigneutron77 says:

Man the thumbnail pic looks like you’re reviewing some cologne or something

AnVom_1130 says:

Oh I like that

Breaks4Breaks says:

What is the smell like?

Ana Stacia says:

Firewood 5 review soon?

Ryan Oneal says:


Dek Gecana says:

Do you reckon it’s better than Argo?

Shane Rose says:

No glove no vape babe !!!

N R says:

Don’t eat the battery, Pete!

Hypolaristic says:

pax 3 vs miqro?

Andrea says:

the bluetooth on the IQ can be used to personalize the smart paths. it’s a great loss 🙁
but this is 100 times better than the pax

Gavin Gabriel says:

Looks kool But the way it gets hot so fast is a no no! What if your live in a hot climate then it would get even hotter! Plus for me the flavour chamber is what put the DaVinci IQ on another level from there rivals

Eric _ says:

Was that The Czar in the background?

luke tea says:

generic. these cost 60 quid. check out the storm spirit for example

HairyYellowBeast says:

hey Pete! how do we get u to review our vape? ^_^

Bob Mackelmore says:

Wow, it’s much smaller than I thought

Heather Stockwell says:

Its killin me!! Got my money ready! It’s September! Im so ready lol!

Will Kemler says:

the PAX 2 ROCKS, Very well made and its the same price….I can’t imagine the MIQRO being a better product, especially at the same price, this should be priced at $100 US, jmo

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