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Boundless Tera
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Sneaky Pete Predator V2
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14mm Female to 14mm Female Adapter
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The Boundless Tera is a big vape with an impressive feature set and matching performance.  The heating is mainly convection with a bit of conduction, and it produces massive amounts of vapour through either the plastic or glass mouthpiece, or the included 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter!  The air path is fully isolated from the electronics and the bowl is made from stainless steel, meaning you get rich and flavourful vapour without any colour from the materials.  The Tera features 2 x 2500mah 18650 batteries that are removable, a unique feature that enables limitless power when away from home, and a ton of vaping before you even need to think about recharging or changing the batteries.  The term ‘Mighty Killer’ gets thrown around a lot, I don’t think the Mighty is going anywhere, but the Tera presents a compelling alternative for a reasonable price!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!



Bear Scout says:

Im looking at this or the air 2 or argo and vivant incendio or is a electronic honey straw prefered for on the go wax

pumpum000 says:

have this piece for 2 month, it gets me high just like the first time i smoke good weed 3 years ago, highly recommend! best when paired with a water pipe or bubbler!

Moon says:

Yo Sneaky Pete, I just started researching all this stuff for medical usage. Can you go over what that glass piece (or pieces) is you use in your videos (the sphere thing and then there is a hose coming off it), or how to use it with different devices? Do you sell a kit that just has everything for a beginner?

MooliX says:

For those wondering: It goes into standby after 5 minutes. Also, you don’t have to 5-click.. you can long click instead – which puts it in standby.

TheHistorian1066 says:

Sorry hope this doesn’t annoy you lot, but I’m quite new to the whole. Smoking herb thing and just stumbled across your video. Could you maybe recommend a starter vaporiser and the best amount of herb a beginner should use?

Alex Pletcher says:

Wondering about the amount of water in the recycle… is it enough to recycle?

Jack30t says:

Someone should make a dual e-cig liquid/dry herb vaporizer for big clouds

Bjørn says:

I was going to buy this but it was going thru all it’s problems and I needed to replace my current vape. I ended up with the CFX, still wish the Tera was at v3 spec but oh well. I look forward to it in the future.

Brandon Albright says:

Imo Boundless has handled these issues very well. Im loving my Tera v3! Im gonna pay it forward to a friend with my v2 that doesn’t mind the Teflon

xVERSUSx says:

You must be tired of always gettin` asked the same stuff.
But….is it a cloud-monster like everybody says?

Shane Rose says:

I wish they would have made tha glass mouth piece longer ..In general it looks great but I can see getting alot hot harsh vape …

AllenStarkwell says:

Is this your last video without showing the face? X)

E0x says:

mighty pre-load capsule fit it ?

Pol Pot says:

what did you say, nineteen dogs around you?
make a pic or it is hard to belive.

Bruce Wayne says:

Great review as usual. I’m guessing the concentrate might actually work well because the temp can go higher than usual vaporizers.

madsue11 says:

Pete can you tell me how the vapor compared to the fury 2 as far as taste

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