Best New Portable Vapes for 2019

The hottest new dry herb and concentrate vapes go head to head: Puffco Peak, RBT Splinter, DaVinci Miqro, Arizer ArGo, Sapphire by Storm, Sticky Brick’s The Runt and more! George and Delia from Vapefiend are joined by Carly from United Patients Alliance and Orson Boon from Positive Vibes podcast to put the best vaporizers on the planet to the test.


Z0mbieZed says:

God died in Vietnam

flo_worsnop says:

great video, thanks a lot!

Brian S says:

Smoke em’ if ya got em’!

~Pure Michigan~

SparkyMTB says:

How come you don’t have the Da Vinci mini on your VapeFiend website…?

Charles Butler says: is a new family operated website for high quality juices at low prices! Check us out!

Jan Peeters says:

Now put some crack in it.

Nick Bertoline says:

What about the Stempod…

Jack Moore says:

Video is took long

SparkyMTB says:

What happened to the original VapeFiend YouTube channel…??
I use to love watching you guys review stuff along time ago, then & I recently found this channel

Pistol Pete says:

Healthy Rips, Fury 2.

Mee Mee says:

That guys kinda cute huh. Nice outfit. 😉 ha


Iam only here looking for sub’s lols!!
Puff on

Auto Highwayman says:

Another amazing video George. Always really fun but hard for me to watch at same time. I have severe and unusual allergies and Im strangely intolerany to most vaporizers. I recently bought one of your 15 Splinter Z’s but I couldnt tolerate it at all. I sold it to a friend and just bought the Stealth MV1 from you to try. I had very high hopes for that one but unfortunately I can’t use it at all. Extremely bad reaction. I got the great deal you offered so I could sell on more easily if needed. You guys are too generous for my own good though lol, I see you are offering the promotion again, looks like I might need to wait a few weeks to try and sell my unit. I did really really like the MV1 as well, so disappointed again. My unit seems to be working great out of the box, I only did 2 crucubles with it bit that was enough to suffer so badly for 3 days, never again. I wasn’t too disappointed about not being able to tolerate the Z, actually it was almost a relief I found it a bit boggling. The MV1 I found much easier to pick up and get instant results, and the potency was surprisingly good as well. I wish there was soke way to predict how I will react to new vapes. I have no idea what governs it as it isnt to all devices and nothing to do with materials, but an actual immune type reaction to the specific device’s vapor output, which is effectively a different substancs between different vapes which my immune system randomly responds to differently. So I really cant see how I will ever find a decent portable I like which I can tolerate. I have my Omnivap but really wanted a battery powered one, ideally on demand as well.. Who knows if I can sell my Ghost easily in January I may see if I think there is a better bet but so hard to predict. Great stuff guys please keep it coming, respect!

Joey G Gonzalez says:

You forgot the best the Zeus Arc Gt. Is a beast

Blank Steve says:

Rename Runt to RunTo

Pete de pad says:

25 minutes? No thanks.

Argo, Fuck Yourself says:

u guys stoned af

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