BEST Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers – 9 Vape REVIEW SESH

In this mega dry herb vape sesh, I demo and review the 9 best cheap dry herb vapes. These vapes are cheap on the price and high in value. No junk here. Just great budget vapes!
Vape Links:
VapCap M:
Healthy Rips Fury 2:
Flowermate V5s:
Xvape Starry:
Boundless CF:
Flowermate NANO:
Xvape FOG:
Pax 2:

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Dark Rain says:

Love the video man. If I ever come to cali I would love to vape with you man. I am still using my Vapir N02 and Vapir Prima along with the Vapolution 3 and the S&B Plenty. I keep meaning to to get a new vape, but I get high and forget. Going to have to soon Vapir seems to be winding down and i won’t be able to get parts.

Ant Salas says:

Great video man thanks for the great input!

The Captain says:

Fucking hilarious and informative, what I needed to see. Cheers and subbed!

daily reacts & interviews says:

I need that scooper tool we’re can I get one sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tim Featherston says:

Which would be the best for getting a good high that also makes the weed last the longest? I’ve been wanting to get a dry herb vaporizer for a while, but I’ve been worried I won’t get as high from it as I do from smoking bowls out of my pipe or smoking a joint and that the battery will die really fast, any suggestions?

Dan The Man says:

I’ve been wanting to get a dab pen but I don’t trust the cartridges (pesticides and stuff) so would a dry herb vape be the best move?because I can’t always smoke

FluorideShouldn’tBeInOurWater It’s poison says:

My favorite reviewer by very wide margin.

Awaken says:

So what’s your pick up to date that goes above the pax3 or better for below price? For those who would want a step above the pax3 whats your pick? Also what’s your best pick around 300? Thank you

Jason Beetham says:

this is prob a stupid question lol but for the VapCap does it have to be a torch lighter or will a normal bic lighter work all the same?

Mr Love Finder says:

Are vape safe?

YungIceyWizard says:

You crushed it man!! New fan for sure

Auto Highwayman says:

Wow long heat up on the M. I usually get to click in 5 or 6 secs max with my Omni, but that is using the Cyclone tripke torch but keeping it at the base away from the tip. I typically get a 3 or 4 hit extraction from a full load. I need to get a decent single for those slower heat ups and even bigger hits. And how cool Troy. Over 100 likes (I just added mine) and 0 diislikes yet. Even if you get some, to have your video up this long and with that ratio shows how much people appreciate your videos and moresom yourself. Keep it up bro.

xVERSUSx says:

I got the fury 2 as my outdoor-vape
Its small
perfect 4 quick-use
Damn efficient
,,, and blows out big tasty clouds 4 its size
Good device ^^

Dzoinp says:

Test premium vaporizers pls

Harry H says:

How much does the vapcap smell? Could you smoke it inside and not have to worry afterwards?

Maxwell Lomuscio says:

telling it how it is, g pen is junk shit

Dominic Tesch says:

What is that tool you use to pick up flower from your grinder?

Mayell vera says:

“This high is going straight to my ass”

Bre Mims says:

thank you for editing out the coughing lol… i hate when smoking channels leave in the coughing and hacking

vimzibaiegh says:

When vaping if you take a couple of hits and stop can you turn it off and finish the bowl the next day or does the weed get ruined after the first session?

REM lag says:

Beautiful video explanatory as always, happy to see you in France, thank you for the translation!

Julien M says:

Hilarious and informative, loved it :’)

Shnawk says:

Hey Troy I was wondering about the stempod because I’d love to be able to use a mod to power my vape. How does it compare to the splinter or a higher end vape like the mighty in terms of vapor production and quality? I want to stop smoking but I also don’t want to have to deal with super long heat ups and proprietary batteries. Thank you!

Brandon Wogan says:

Do you have to finish the bowl with most vapes??

Kinder Schok says:

what do you think of the splinter?

GideonHiker says:

Troy I have a super specific question I hope your experience will help! I have a Tera and am thinking of either getting a water piece for it (per your enthusiasm for the combo), or a VapCap. Which would hit harder? Both would cost $60 (good quality bong from Sneaky Pete)

Thanks a ton for the great videos

GideonHiker says:

Where’s the scoop from again?

Ryan Recto says:

which vape would you say has the most bang for your buck

Matthew Pryor says:

To Troy or any knowledgable viewers:

I’m looking to replace smoking with vaping, and I enjoy medicating whenever I can. I am a student, who is looking to have a portable, small vape that I can use in public without drawing much attention to myself. I want to be able to vape almost all of the day (not that I always will be) on a single battery charge. I don’t care about vapor production, as long as it tastes good and gets me high. If the vape did dry herb and concentrates that would be a huge bonus Is there such a vape that suits all these needs? I have looked and looked, but almost all I have seen are either missing one or more features. This is a shot in the dark lol. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’ve just started watching your videos and I have to admit they are very well made, funny, and the most informative and honest out of any other reviewers. I have mad respect for the work you are putting in Troy. Thank you.

Spikey CSA says:

*After video, fals of chair.. xD

Matheus Ribeiro says:

Hey bro, i wanted to ask you few things about vapes if isnt too much trouble ^^, first thing is: which one would u recommend for a first time vape user: the Boundless CFX or the Fury 2? I am from Brazil so the prices here are a bit high but i got a promotion on CFX that i can buy for the same price of the Fury 2. The second question is about the smell of the boundless CFX and fury 2, i have a problem with my neighbors and i need a vape that exhale the mininum smell possible. I most likely believe you won’t have time to answer but if you do, which one of these 2 do you recommend? considering all the things above xD thank you in advance ! I begun to watch your videos today and i’m enjoying it very much, keep up the good work xD
PS: i notice you didnt put CFX in your video but i think it’s because his on another price level right? but if you could buy CFX for the same price of Fury 2 which one would you chose?

daily reacts & interviews says:

That first one was pure trash wat a waste of money in my opinion

Tom Jones says:

nice video bro. There is a lot of cheap vaporizers on amazon all for under $100, I think a lot of people would appreciate if you could do one about those (at least i would :P).

Thanks again for the video

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